Hello World

Greetings, rational thinkers, status quo challengers, and traditional men.

I’ve enjoyed writing as well as challenging conventional thinking my entire life. So, I’ll get started.

A lot has been made of refugees coming to Western nations in recent weeks and months. Well, what if I told you I was also a refugee, running FROM a Western nation.

To put it simply: I feel the United States and Western Europe are turning into abject tyrannies, by design, and I am fleeing from those regimes. I am not alone in my sentiments.

Just the other day I met a lady from Madrid, Spain who relocated to this sunny tropical island I now call home. I was astonished to find, after only a few minutes of conversation that her reasons for leaving Europe were amazingly similar to my reasons for leaving the U.S. She sees a tyranny arising in Europe just as I see one arising in the US. She went on to say she thinks the “War on Terror” is being stoked by Western powers in the Middle East an pretext to take people’s rights and liberties away one at a time. Again, I totally agreed. I’ve also talked to Russian, German and French people who expatriated here who say the same thing. All of this without any leading questions from me.

Now, if these views are as common as they are among obviously intelligent and often wealthy people (one of these people I mentioned above just bought a $330,000 condo here,) why is it anytime you bring this up back home, that people’s rights and liberties might under attack by a government-corporate elite, you are labeled a nut by sheeple who believe anything an authority figure tells them?

Perhaps some people will never see the big picture. Perhaps many are just awakening to what is going on. Just a few short years ago I personally would have been amongst the ranks of the myopic. That is, until I had an awakening, an awakening those in the manosphere might call my “Red Pill” awakening. Here’s how it happened.

From having been a liberal right after completing 20+ years of indoctrination in the public school system through the epiphanies I had through my late 20s and early 30s that led me to become a libertarian-conservative, I slowly began to realize everything I had been force-fed from K-12 on through State University had a bias against me. As a white male, I realized much of what I had been taught was leading me to self-destruction.

The ideals of feminism, for one, were leading to the breakup of the family, the growth of a massive welfare state, and the alienation of men from society. As the current situation stands, if you are a man, the American government wants your tax money, and child support and alimony payments, and doesn’t really give a damn about your vote or your well-being because it has the support of women and minorities.

I was frightened to wake up and discover the government, which up until that time I viewed as benevolent and working for the common good, might just be aggrandizing its own power at my expense. That fear has now turned into anger, and I feel that anger is now spreading throughout the populace as anti-government and anti-establishment sentiment. In other words, what Chateau Heartiste calls the Trumpening.

However, it’s not just the government at fault. Government works together with corporate elites to aggrandize their own power in an unholy alliance that leads to the individual having less control over his own life. The ultimate goal, I fear, is complete control over peoples’ lives from cradle to grave. This is not a life worth living, in my opinion.

So there you have it, the cliffs notes of the philosophical beginning for this humble outpost. In the words of Howard Beale, “I’m mad and hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” The pushback has already begun. I only hope to make my own humble contribution in trying to right the ship of State and to correct the path future generations will take.

I’ll be posting from around the world, from wherever I happen to be at the time. My preference is some place warm, tropical, and most importantly, where there’s still a modicum of freedom to be found.

I hope men of all backgrounds will join me on this venture, and help create a NEW modern man. (The old modern man is NOT working out.)

Until next time,


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  • I left the “Land of the free” some time ago and now in E.E.; was in Russia and during the course of my time there, there was more encroachment of “Western Values” i.e. junk food, meaningless movies, and to top it all off-the professional bitch attitudes of the 20 and 30-somethings. They wanted me to kiss their ass and put them on a pedestal.
    As for E.E., there is a slow progression of Westernization and we both know where that will lead. Have read reports, blogs, etc. and wonder where to go next since the social cancer is spreading.

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