White Men Must Be Stopped Says Salon Magazine


The White Male is the new Lucifer for the irreligious Left

First off, I know web sites often produce controversial articles simply out of the fact that controversy generates clicks, and clicks generate fist-fights in the comments sections, which drives visitors to a site, and this thereby produces revenue. So, when the media stir the proverbial pot, sometimes you just have to take it with a grain of salt. That’s my view, as one of the hated people this Salon article is directed against. It’s good to take the high road, when possible. But, replace “white men” with any other ethnicity, gender, or identity and if this dreck had been published by a mainstream magazine, I think we all know the media and the race hustlers would be up in arms over it.

What you are witnessing is really Racial Bolshevism, as one of the more astute commentators on the Salon web site, Jack Burroughs, pointed out.

They did it! Salon has finally explicitly stated in a headline the master principle–perhaps the *only* principle–of the Progressive Discourse:  saving the world by “stopping” white men, whatever that means.

He further, accurately, I might add, related the current scapegoating of the evil white male to the scapegoating of the bourgeois during Stalin’s reign in Russia.

That’s why contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

That doesn’t mean that they’re *planning* to kill you. That’s not how mind control works. They think they’re just “seeking justice” for non-whites. But of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason–namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated. Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.

After all, the only way to truly “stop white men” is to kill them. Right? Because if you don’t kill them, then they can always keep right on acting white, and doing white things, in that white way that you hate so much. But if you just kill them, then the problem of whiteness is permanently solved. And then the world will be saved! See how that works?

This is what is coming in America and Western Europe, I feel by design of an unholy alliance of corporate and government elites. Henceforth this will be referred to as the corporate-government complex. This is why immigrants have been allowed to flood into both continents.

I have nothing personal against immigrants, but when the demographics of nations are so rapidly changed, there are going to be problems. Especially when one group of people is singled out and scapegoated as the root cause of all the ills in the world. It destroys the unity of each of the nations where these changes are occurring, and provides further fodder for the media to continue to scapegoat the white man. For as he becomes a stranger in his own lands he’ll increasingly resist the changes that are being foisted upon him. And, even more deviously, the planners of the new world government know that as he rises up to fight the coming tyranny he’ll be (falsely) blamed for resisting “progress” because he wants to keep everyone else down!

By cloaking themselves in “anti-racism” the anti-racists have actually turned themselves into everything they are supposed to be against. They aren’t seeking equality of all groups, they’re seeking the subjugation of one group, based on a supposed Superior Virtue of the Oppressed that Bertrand Russell warned us about. It’s morally appalling.

It’s becoming increasingly clear as pieces of the puzzle fall into place that what is being done is part of a master plan: Create chaos in Western Civilization, then impose a tyrannical government to calm the chaos. Better still, if those unruly and feisty white males are targeted and eliminated in a neo-Bolshevik Revolution. For when the world’s superpower America and the world powers in Western Europe fall under the tentacles of a new world tyranny, the rest of the world’s nations will also fall, like so many dominoes.

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  • I agree with your article. However George Soros is a white man himself. Bill Gates and other billionaires are white men. I think that the Leftists are against Rightwing white men. They are against Reagan and Trump. They are against ordinary white people. For example Homer Simpson is portrayed as being stupid even though he is loyal to his family. Surely his family loyalty is worth more than a degree or a wonderful career. The Leftists are against Rightwing white men and ordinary people. They say that they care about the poor. Then they destroy the economy. Ordinary people end up on welfare which denies them their dignity. The Left wants to destroy the family especially the family of ordinary people. They want easy divorce and abortion-on-demand. Many children grow up without a father. There is a higher rate of out-of-wedlock births amongst African- American people. The Left talks about racism while they destroy African-American families. There is a higher abortion rate among African-American women. The Left is dangerous to African-Americans. The Rightwing politics wants to keep families together. The Right is much better for African-Americans.


  • I hope that I am not the only person who noticed what I am about to describe. It started in the late 1990s on US television. TV explicitly turned anti-White man. Even before the end of the series “E.R.” I noticed it so much that E.R.’s final season or 2 felt “in my face”, although it was lauded by critics. ER, if you are old enough to remember, began with two lead characters that were White males, played by George Clooney and Anthony Edwards. By the end of the show, the “heros” were all women and minority men, and the butts of the jokes and the antagonists were…. you guessed it! White Men.

    Around the same time the advertisements turned against White Men as well. White males were the objects of the jokes, and women/minorities played the authorities in the ads. It rapidly escalated to ubiquity. A classic example is All State insurance, a company I would sooner see go bankrupt than patronize. The “heroic black male” became their spokesman, and if it stopped there then I would say “who cares?” But then they created an ad campaign in which the black male voice came from the mouths of white women and even young white girls, to criticize other people. Who were these others, criticized by the white women with black man voices? You guessed it – the evil White Male!.

    This media frenzy to create advertisement that demonizes or ridicules white men, and serves up minorities and women as the adults in the room, the voices of reason, became universal so quickly that it seems as if it couldn’t have been coincidence. As long ago as the mid 2000s I started to feel surprised if I ever saw a television ad featuring a White Male as the voice of reason or authority. And this of course was true without exception across national television. I recall actually counting one year, the number of ad campaigns on TV, that didn’t denigrate White Males. The number was 3.

    America – plantation for White Males indeed.


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  • Jewish plans to mongrelize the white nations

    “This is what is coming in America and Western Europe, I feel by design of an unholy alliance of corporate and government elites”
    “It’s becoming increasingly clear as pieces of the puzzle fall into place that what is being done is part of a master plan: Create chaos in Western Civilization, then impose a tyrannical government to calm the chaos.”

    The real plan is race mongrelization:
    – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

    – The Barcelona Declaration. Euro Mediterranean – EU’s dirty secret.

    – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.

    – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’, But no one dared to tell you

    Mongrelization egyptian style:
    – March of the Titans. The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp

    – Race: John R. Baker

    – The Intelligence Problem [Race and IQ]

    – Repressive Tolerance, by Herbert Marcuse (1965)

    – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Click to access protocols.pdf

    Click to access The_Protocols_of_the_Learned_Elders_of_Zion.pdf

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