Compartmentalization And “Conspiracy Theories”


Webster Tarpley offers his own explanation of what happened on 9/11

Recently, an article was published on Return of Kings titled “Do You Believe the Official 9/11 story?” It asks if there are plausible reasons to not believe the U.S. government’s official account of the events of that tragic day, then goes on to point out many of the arguments presented in the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth documentary.

The documentary is available on YouTube and is worth studying. Well over 2,000 architects and engineers are calling into question the government’s official account of what happened. This is the story of the year, if not of the decade, and yet I’ll bet most of you never heard of this documentary and movement before. The concerns raised by the architects and engineers focus on these facts:

  • Steel skyscapers don’t collapse – Collapses have never been recorded of steel skyscrapers even after the buildings have been thoroughly gutted by fire.
  • Towers One, Two, and (most crucially) Seven fell at free-fall speed. This is impossible due to the laws of physics unless the supporting beams are cut by explosives.
  • Evidence of Thermite and other Explosives used at the site – The evidence, the mountain of rubble left behind, was swept up and sent off to China immediately after the incident. An investigation was never conducted.

Some people refuse to believe the hypothesis of a false flag is even plausible; that the benevolent U.S. Government would ever do such a thing. I will say this: How convenient it has been for Western governments that 9/11 happened. If the U.S. Government was not directly involved, which I highly doubt, my guess is the mostly Saudi hijackers were used as cat’s paws to facilitate the pretext to the burgeoning tyranny we are witnessing in Western nations. In any case, the number one argument used to refute the hypothesis of a government false flag on 9/11 is the fact such a conspiracy would be almost impossible to cover up because of the thousands of people that would have to be involved. But what if all the people involved, except those calling the shots, didn’t know what they were working on and why they were working on it?

Compartmentalization of information is a method of information security that has been around since the days of Ancient Greece. It has been used when The Powers That Be didn’t want anyone to find out about what they were doing. It’s the practice of Need to Know information still widely used in the militaries of the world. It was used to successfully keep the secret of Greek Fire dating back to 672 BC. Here’s the definition of Greek Fire from Wikipedia.

Greek fire was an incendiary weapon developed c. 672 and used by the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. The Byzantines typically used it in naval battles to great effect, as it could continue burning while floating on water. It provided a technological advantage and was responsible for many key Byzantine military victories, most notably the salvation of Constantinople from two Arab sieges, thus securing the Empire’s survival.

The formula was obviously a secret the Eastern Roman government didn’t want to get out. So, it’s ingredients and instructions on how to make it were compartmentalized, in much the same way the Manhattan Project was compartmentalized a couple of millennia later to construct the world’s first nuclear weapon – without the parties working on it knowing what they were building or why.

An example of compartmentalization was the Manhattan Project. Personnel at Oak Ridge constructed and operated centrifuges to isolate Uranium-235 from naturally occurring uranium, but most did not know what, exactly, they were doing. Those that did know, did not know why they were doing it. Parts of the weapon were separately designed by teams who did not know how the parts interacted.

If compartmentalization of information can be used to construct a nuclear bomb without the parties involved knowing what they’re doing or why, surely a couple of buildings can be brought down and another one partly blown up without the parties involved knowing what they’re doing or why. The big task, the demolition of Towers One, Two, and Seven, could be divided into many smaller tasks, performed by people who also didn’t know what they were doing or why.

Compartmentalization of information can also lead to what we saw on 9/11 with at least 46 military drills being flipped “live” on and around that fateful day, and pointed out in Synthetic Terrorism: Made in USA by Professor Webster Tarpley. Each of the essential, covert acts of 9/11 were broken up into smaller tasks, a military drill was designed for each element of the attack. Then the drill, already in progress as a “practice” scenario, goes live.

This is a comprehensive listing of the 46 drills of 9/11, and it stands as a devious masterpiece of the military-industrial-globalist complex. At least 23 of these drills were ongoing at the time the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. Some of those drills included, and keep in mind, these were only supposed to be drills but have eerie similarities to the events of 9/11:

  • Simulated plane crash into high-rise government building; satellite imaging
  • Two AWACS aircraft from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma sent to Washington, DC and Florida; surveillance of capital and President during coup
  • NORAD live-fly hijacking and air defense (Served as multiplication,  diversion, and confusion operations to the other hijackings)
  • NORAD annual readiness drill, full “battle staff” levels to test readiness
  • FBI readiness exercise in Monterey, CA diverting anti-terror, special operations agents, and heavy equipment away from Boston, DC and NYC

These are some of the most essential that I could find on the list. Even with very little imagination it’s easy to see that by breaking any task up into smaller, “bite-size” portions, one can take a seemingly impossible task and turn it into reality. And only those at the top, making the decisions, will know what the true goal is, while their minions carefully execute the details, oblivious to what they’re actually doing.

Just the testimony of the architects and engineers alone is enough to raise serious questions about the incident. But combine that with 46 military drills that resemble to the events of 9/11, half of which were ongoing at the time of the incident with the government’s actions since then, which have done nothing but force people to trade ten freedoms for one security and opened up even more Muslim immigration to Europe and the United States, and I think we have a case here.

I posit it is plausible Western governments have knowingly been creating false flags in order to aggrandize power and cause the people to call for their own enslavement. 9/11 was certainly the biggest and most elaborate of the false flags. Since then, we’ve seen other plausible but smaller false flags, most recently in San Bernardino, after which the government immediately calls for the next item on their list: Gutting, severely weakening, or completely undermining the Second Amendment. When will people stand up and start demanding answers?

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