3 Months In, And I Don’t Want to Come Home

I started traveling internationally a few years ago. In that short time, I started to notice things that stuck in my mind. As Oliver Wendell Homes said, “A mind that has been stretched by a new idea can never go back to its old dimensions.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that our feminized, materialistic, overworked culture is destroying itself.

Every time I went home to the United States, I would find that I was:

  • Lonely
  • Working too much
  • Increasingly paranoid, due to the growing police and surveillance state
  • Much less free
  • Having compulsions to overeat and to shop
  • Despised for being a white male

However, each time I would buy a plane ticket to virtually any other locale, I would find that I was:

  • Never lonely
  • Getting by on much less money (thus, no need to overwork)
  • More relaxed
  • Enjoying much more freedom
  • Much more active
  • Respected for being a white male

So, when by boss (most likely due to pressure from our corporate overlords after yet another merger) became even more belligerent and condescending than he usually was, I decided to run off the plantation.

I’m three months in to living abroad, and I have realized I will fight with everything in me to NOT come back to Anglo-America.

One of the most important features of my new life is the fact my chances of having a lasting relationship and children with a woman who hasn’t ridden the cock carousel have vastly increased. In fact, I’ve been dating not one but TWO virgins, aged 19 and 24.

The women here are much more respectable, too. Just last week, my girl and her sister came over to my place and VOLUNTARILY started washing all my clothes, cooking, and cleaning my place. This kind of treatment shows respect for me and I then respect them right back by doing something nice for them. I don’t know why this type of work is considered oppression in Anglo-America. I even asked these girls if they feel oppressed by doing this type of work and they were like: “Estas loco?!” or “Are you crazy?!” I jumped in and helped of course but the sentiment means the world to me.

Women have families here, often large families…and that’s their career. Unlike in Anglo-America where they spend their lives earning worthless certifications and stamps to become another cog in the corporate wheel, disposed of at the whim of an asshole boss.

There are other quality of life points that have solidified by desire to seek refuge from the increasingly tyrannical corporate-government complex that is aggrandizing power in the United States.

Half my life has already been taken away from me with the false promises of the edumacation system and the corporate mill. I want at least part of my life to serve my interests. And that’s what I have been enjoying ever since leaving the United States.

By the way, this is my new backyard, where it stays 85° F year-round. I always hated winter.


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