Does Bill Clinton Have an Illegitmate Son?


Bill Clinton, a giant among slimy politicians

Just when you thought the Clintons were already knee-deep in scandals, yet another one has surfaced and is detailed in a book by consummate political insider Roger Stone entitled The Clintons’ War on Women. Stone, who has been involved in Washington politics and intimately tied to Presidents from Nixon to Bush raises this important question: Did Bill Clinton father a biracial son with a former black prostitute? Interestingly, his purported son, Danney Williams openly claims to be the son of Bill Clinton on his Twitter account.

There is definitely some resemblance between the supposed father and son. This particular story about Bill fathering a child with a working girl has been circulating since the late 1990s. It was buried by the media then, but has come to life again as speculation about Bill’s colorful sexual history has entered the 2016 election narrative, especially with Hillary’s claiming she’s “a warrior for women’s issues” and supporting Black Lives Matter. Williams is one black life that apparently does not matter to the Clinton crime family. Interestingly, Bill fathering a son with a black hooker is made believable by the fact he apparently had a taste for black women, as he is also connected with Deborah Matthews, former reporter at KARK-TV, and Lencola Sullivan, Miss Arkansas 1981, both attractive black women. Both are reported to have had affairs with Clinton.

His supposed black son, 27-year old Danney has had one minor run-ins with the law, but otherwise seems to be an upstanding citizen and the proud father of several children. So, if the story turns out to be true Clinton could be not only a deadbeat dad, but a deadbeat granddad. (Of course, he has never paid a dime of child support.) Danney started a Facebook page detailing his biography with photos of Clinton’s supposed grandchildren. He also wrote this on his Facebook bio page, which has nearly 8,000 likes:

My name is Danney Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States -Bill Clinton. He abandoned me at birth for political gain.

His Facebook page is full of photos which show Williams’ striking resemblance to Slick Willy. Perhaps what is most amazing is that Danney and his family have not disappeared as nearly 50 people closely associated with the Clintons did, who all died under mysterious circumstances, usually before they were about to reveal unflattering stories or information that could convict Bill or Hillary. These deaths comprise the so-called Clinton Body Count.

Williams recently posted this interesting story on his Facebook page, describing how Clinton supposedly bought the silence of a man who was about to out him on the hooker/illegitimate son scandal:

The story of me being Bill Clinton son went public in 1992 during Bill Clinton run for president by a man name Robert Say McIntosh, a well known community activist. He helped my mother gain a lot of publicity. He was doing such a great job getting my story out to the public, that Bill Clinton bribed him to stop by promising to grant his son Tommy a pardon. Tommy was arrested while trafficking 4.5 pounds of cocaine from California to Little Rock. Prosecuted as a major kingpin, Tommy was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison and fined $250,000. Robert McIntosh stop publicizing my story. After serving 4 years and 2 months, on January 21, 1993, one day after Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States, Tommy McIntosh walked out of Tucker Maximum Security Prison a free man. He was granted a controversial and unprecedented clemency!

There is documentation backing up Williams’ claim. A Google search on Robert “Say” McIntosh produces a host of colorful stories.


Like father like son? Danney does seem to resemble Bill

Interesting Backstory

Robert Morrow, a political researcher who has extensively researched the issue and co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women wrote this about the Danney Williams saga:

In Little Rock, low-income housing projects are only about 5 blocks away from the Governor’s Mansion. Bobbie Ann Williams– a Little Rock street hooker — says she and Bill did cocaine together, as well as having a foursome with 2 other prostitutes in the country cabin of Bill Clinton’s mother, while Clinton was serving as governor in 1983-1984. Williams claims Bill Clinton sired her son Danny in 1985, though Clinton– deadbeat dad that he is– never claimed or supported him. Bobbie Ann Williams passed lie detector tests authenticating [her] claims.

This is not the only story of Clinton having sex with any woman in sight. No fewer than four Arkansas State Troopers who were body guards for Clinton have testified to his sexual depravity. Troopers of the Year Larry Patterson and Roger Perry both signed affidavits claiming Clinton abused his power as governor, and that he would frequently meet up with women for quickies. Patterson told CNN about one of Clinton’s alleged quickies in front of an elementary school:

At Booker Elementary School, I saw the governor engaged in a sexual act with a female…we lied for him and helped him cheat on his wife, and he treated us like dogs.

Journalist David Brock reported that incident was just the tip of the iceberg for the modern day Caligula.

The troopers said their “official” duties included facilitating Clinton’s cheating on his wife. This meant that, on the state payroll and using state time, vehicles, and resources, they were instructed by Clinton on a regular basis to approach women and to solicit their telephone numbers for the governor; to drive him in state vehicles to rendezvous points and guard him during sexual encounters; to secure hotel rooms and other meeting places for sex; to lend Clinton their state cars so he could slip away and visit women unnoticed; to deliver gifts from Clinton to various women; and to help Clinton cover up his activities by keeping tabs on Hillary’s whereabouts and lying to Hillary about her husband’s whereabouts.

It is also claimed Clinton ran a harem as governor of Arkansas.

As the troopers described the situation, the scale of Clinton’s extramarital activities only increased after he won election to a second term. When Perry returned to security duty at the mansion in the late 1980s, other troopers regaled him with tales of Clinton’s affairs in the 1982-to-1987 period. During the last five years of Clinton’s governorship, while Patterson worked at the residence, he said he gained first-hand knowledge that Clinton was involved with a group of Little Rock women — regular mistresses or girlfriends — numbering about a half-dozen.

Indeed, the exposure of the Clinton sexcapades above, along with his continuing sexcapades once he got into the White House led to the Monica Lewinsky Disclosure, and that later led to his impeachment. To me, some of his sexual adventurism can be looked over, except abandoning his supposed son and the hypocrisy of claiming to be a great supporter of feminism and women’s rights while womanizing like there’s no tomorrow.

As revealing as all these stories are about Clinton’s character, the bigger picture is how much cover the media run for politicians. Without the internet, all this information would have been quietly shuffled away and Roger Stone’s book never heard of by most folks. There are so many other unflattering stories out there about the big political families on both sides of the aisle it is amazing how oblivious the American public has been, myself included, up until the last few years when this kind of information became widely available on the internet. It’s an amazing time to be alive to be privy to this kind of telling information about shameless politicians, once reserved for inner circles.

It seems politics never change, politicians are playing the same games and subject to the same depravity as in Greece and Rome, only in modern times media marionettes covered their asses and the sheeple believed the myth that politicians were great men and women – until the decentralization of news destroyed the false illusion.

The Danney Williams issue is one of the most interesting and most disturbing in the Clintons’ skeleton closet. If true, it instantly discredits them on just about every issue they have ever stood for on women’s rights and their touted moral superiority on racial issues. Worse, it exposes their history in the American political system as nothing more than shrewd game playing by two psychopaths who are in it for nothing more than personal gain and self aggrandizement. My suspicion is duplicitiousness like this is the norm, not the exception, in Washington.

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