Our Choices Are Limited in Life


Social engineering and social control are pervasive in Anglo America

“You live in a free country.” I constantly hear this, but I have never felt free.

Everything we do is controlled in some way, even from a young age. Freedom of choice in America has been reduced to what consumer products one will buy, where we will go eat out, which ball game we’ll watch, and which car and home we’ll strap themselves into decades of debt for. (Mortgage literally means until death.)

All the important decisions have already been made for us, like these:

Age 5-18. Your choices are to go to school and get indoctrinated by the state education system or your parents will be arrested. You are trained to follow instructions closely, to identify resistance to groupthink and make those people social outcasts, and that school administration (much as government administration later in life) are all-seeing and all-knowing. They have all the answers in life.

Bertrand Russell, a Fabian Socialist, wrote about this philosophy which originated at Prussian University in Berlin in the 1800s, and has since become the M.O. for our modern education system:

Education should aim at destroying free will so that pupils thus schooled, will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished…Influences of the home are obstructive; and in order to condition students, verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective…

Cultural Marxism has been successful in breaking up the family and curbing these dreadful “influences of the home” which basically says mom and dad do not matter. Russell continues:

It is for a future scientist to make these maxims precise and to discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

Age 18-25. Your choices are to go to college and get some more indoctrination or take a low-paying wage slave job flipping burgers or serving coffee. Or, sell drugs and go to jail or get shot. At college, you will accrue $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt (on average) that will ensure your compliance to whatever employer becomes your master after graduation. A Master’s Degree is now required for even the most menial jobs.

As a young man, you will be sitting alongside beautiful young women while attending these mostly worthless (in real life) classes, but you will not be able to approach them as college campuses are increasingly becoming anti-male. In addition, the YouGoGrrl and careerism ideologies mean you are persona non grata. You are the male oppressor! Dr. Helen Smith details this issue in her book Men on Strike:

The “women are victims” and “men are perpetrators” dogma of many progressive instructors [is] a perfect storm driving male students away from college campuses.

You are also at risk of false rape accusations, which carry little to no consequences for the female but could land you in hot water. Smith continues:

Deans at institutions including Yale, Stanford, and Brandeis Universities and the Universities of Georgia and of Oklahoma are already rushing to change their disciplinary procedures to meet the Education Department’s decree. Now, on campuses throughout the country, we face the prospect of academic committees — armed with vague definitions of sexual assault, low standards of proof, and official sanction for the notion that sex under the influence is, ipso facto assault or rape — deciding the fate of students accused of a serious crime.

Just as in Animal Farm, it is two legs good, four legs bad.

The new regulations should be seen for what they really are. They are not enlightened new procedures for protecting students from crime. They are a declaration of martial law against men, justified by an imaginary emergency, and a betrayal of the Title IX equity law.

Age 25-65. The Police State will now keep your ass in line in the off hours when you aren’t working 50-60 hours a week. (Salaries are wonderful things aren’t they, especially since you are no longer protected by the 40 hour work week labor laws when you get a salary!)

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute elaborates on growing authoritarianism:

We have indeed reached a crossroads. History may show that from this point forward, we will have left behind any semblance of constitutional government and entered into a militaristic state where all citizens are suspects and security trumps freedom.

Certainly, this is a time when government officials operate off their own inscrutable, self-serving playbook with little in the way of checks and balances, while American citizens are subjected to all manner of indignities and violations with little hope of defending themselves. We have moved beyond the era of representative government and entered a new age, let’s call it the age of authoritarianism.

And Psychology Today elaborates on the overworked, under pleasured life of the corporate cog:

The daily stress of American life is not your garden variety stress – deadlines and annoying in-laws. It is something more fundamental. It is how we live today. We log long hours at work with the fear of losing our jobs through downsizing hanging over our heads. Then we fight rush hour traffic to get home in time to be super parents, putting dinner on the table, helping our kids with their homework, and checking in with friends and family members we feel we have neglected because we are so overwhelmed. Some days, we’re so tired we just want to sit in a corner and cry. And so we get fatter. And sicker.

(About 10 years into this lifestyle, increasingly loathed and targeted for being an evil white male I checked out and ran off to the Caribbean to try something new. I do not want to come back.)

Age 65+. Hope like hell Social Security lasts long enough to allow you to stop working before you die. Since the money paid into the Social Security trust fund was misappropriated by our government, put in the general fund and spent, the entire program is now living on borrowed time.

That is a rough outline of the plan your corporate and government masters have laid out for you. It’s up to you to find a way out.


The law was made for one thing alone, for the exploitation of those who don’t understand it, or are prevented by naked misery from obeying it. -Bertolt Brecht

P.S. George Carlin helps sum up how many choices we get to make. 16 Corporations control nearly everything you buy and everything you get to see in the media. He elaborates on choices in this classic interview.

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  • That was one of George Carlin’s BEST monologues ever! I remember seeing it before my mom died, and I showed it to her. I told her that the language was rough, but it was (and is) 100% TRUTH. She agreed…


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