Rubio Wants 1984 and Trump Wants Obamacare II


Trump wants Obamacare 2: The Sequel, Rubio wants to fulfill Orwell’s dystopian vision, and Cruz praises Jesus while cheating

There are two important ideas I took away from the ABC News presidential debate conducted last Saturday.

You can view the entire dog and pony show here.

  1. Marco Rubio was trying to sound tough on immigration, but he really revealed another part of the Corporate-Government Complex’s War on You. Rubio once again said we need an Orwellian visa tracking system to make sure people don’t overstay when they come to America. This will be in addition to other Draconian Police State measures at the border which always end up punishing people who follow the law more than people who break it. But, a database that tracks every entry and when someone’s “time runs out” we take Draconian measures to expel them or fine them? I realize conservatives probably love this idea as they continue to wall themselves into the police state, but my concern is what happens when this measure spreads all over the world? What if people are fleeing oppression and tyranny in their homeland, as I am by running away from the United States? We then won’t be able to escape our human farm any longer.
  2. Donald Trump once again says he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare. I get repealing it, but replacing it???? What the fuck? As I have warned you before, Trump may not be the knight in shining armor he appears to be. He increasingly seems to be a closeted liberal masquerading as a conservative to get elected. (How quickly people forget Hope and Change 2008.)

All in all, it seems that there will be less freedom and more government control after the next election, whether it be from Republicans trying to run your personal life or Democrats trying to run your financial life.

I am not hearing a lot of talk from the conservatives about how much government will be forced out of people’s personal lives and how liberties will be restored. We already know what we will get with Uncle Bernie the Commie and the Evil Witch of the North, Billary Clinton, and that is more overbearing government.

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