MSM Reporting Like Being School Gossip, But with a Paycheck

RE: The failed RooshV ambush by the legacy media. No more comments, we have a winner.

From the Chateau Heartiste comments section.

One thing about reporters: as much as movies portray them as “hard bitten, cynics” they are really just soft, insecure folks—way more than average. Most get into reporting because it’s like being the school gossip, but with a paycheck (albeit a low one) and the opportunity to ruin someone’s reputation across a wider field.

Turning questions on them individually is a great tactic. His time limit was great too (he got that from his game techniques and how presidents handle the press). However, Roosh should have gone a few steps further:

1. Video taped them from his point of view—their facial reactions during his speech would have influenced how people watching would have taken their questions (w.g. a chick with a bitch face on asking a sarcastic question would lose credibility, etc.). In other words, a second video going simultaneously with the first.

2. Required the press that, in order to ask a question that he would answer, the reporter had to step front and center, speak into a microphone, and give their full name, and the news agency/publication they work for. Each and every time.

Gossips hate being put under fire, because it forces them to qualify what their sources are, which are usually spurious or nonexistent.

This process would have taken longer, but it would have further toned down the fire on Roosh, as most would have chickened out and turned their snark-filled questions into more serious ones. And would have made them instantly more sympathetic to Roosh’s righteous anger having his family doxxed. And made them slow down and consider what they would ask.

Guys, one thing I cannot stress: if you are EVER interviewed by a reporter, even a local paper, pull out your smart phone, turn on your voice recorder, and tell the reporter(s) “I’m recording this interview. Do you consent?” If they don’t, refuse the interview and stop talking. When they do relent, save that recording FOREVER.

Can’t tell you how I know this rape!

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