Wind Farms Causing Bird Apocalypse


In the USA, under the Bald Eagle Protection Act, the felony killing of a bald eagle is punished by a fine of $250,000 and prison time. However, if you’re in the wind industry, you get a pass

Wind farms already chop 300,000 birds a year out of the sky with only 50,000 wind turbines installed in the US. A full 5 million wind turbines would be needed to meet our energy needs…so the number of birds killed would rise into the tens or hundreds of millions. Why is it the environmentalists are not raising hell over this?

If these birds were covered in oil, the media would make sure this Bald Eagle was in your face 24/7. Obvious bias like this towards the green movement and other leftist causes are part of the reason I had to leave the media and start writing for independent web sites, I just couldn’t take the BS anymore.

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