No Paper Money Equals Slavery

The Washington Post, home of RooshV libeler (in my opinion) Caitlin Dewey recently ran this piece of shit article on how we need to go after “big money” and eliminate the $100 bill.


The anonymity of cash safeguards freedom

The article fails to mention that most money is already electronic. Less than 3% of the American money supply is in paper. But, your masters want to take away even that small percentage of paper money from you. This is, to anyone with a brain and who has been paying attention, the first step towards putting all money on a chip, and then implanting that chip subcutaneously into your skin using an RFID chip. Aaron Russo, well-connected Hollywood film director and producer, candidate for Nevada governor, and confidant of one of the Rockefellers, touched on this in one of his final interviews a decade ago:

And the whole agenda is…everybody has an RFID chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips — there’ll be no more cash. And this is given me straight from Rockefeller himself; this is what they want to accomplish.

And all money will be in your chips. And so, instead of having cash, any time you have money in your chip, they can take out whatever they want to take out whenever they want to. If they say “you owe us this much money in taxes,” they just deduct it out of your chip, digitally.

Total control. And, if you’re like me or you, and you’re protesting what they’re doing, they can just turn off your chip. And you have nothing. You can’t buy food. You can’t do anything. It’s total control of the people.

Zeitgeist, recommended viewing for TNMM readers, also documented this as early as 2007.

In 2005, Congress under the pretense of immigration control and the so called war on terrorism, passed the Real ID act, under which it is projected by May 2008, you will be required to carry around a Federal Identification card which includes on it a scannable bar code with you personal information. [Editor’s note: Check the back of your Driver’s License. It has this bar code on it.] However this barcode is only an intermediary step, before the card is equipped with a VeriChip RFID tracking Module, which will use radio frequencies to track your every move on the planet. If this sounds foreign to you, please note that the RFID tracking chip is already in all new American passports. And the final step is the implanted chip, which many people have already been manipulated into accepting under different pretenses.

The most incredible aspect of all: These totalitarian elements will not be forced upon the people, the people will demand them, for the social manipulation of society through the generation of fear and division has completely detached human from their sense of power and reality. A process, which has been going on for centuries if not millennia…


It will be a dark day when this dream of the Globalists is realized

Getting Everyone Chipped

Continuing the media’s all-time favorite strategy of running a fear campaign, the article says this about another large denomination, the 500 euro note:

The fact that — as Sands points out — in certain circles the 500 euro note is known as the “Bin Laden” confirms the arguments against it. Sands’ extensive analysis is totally convincing on the linkage between high denomination notes and crime.

There is also a linkage between high denomination notes and living in a free society and not a tyranny. Even the “mainstream” Financial Times admits this. That article correctly points out:

The anonymity of cash helps to free people from their governments and some criminality is a price worth paying for liberty.

Willie-Lord Valve Whittaker has the top-rated response to the Washington Post claim.

It’s not about large denomination bills, it’s about CASH – period. Doing away with the $100 bill is the camel’s nose. Then it’s the $50, then the $20… and then everyone uses electronic money, which is eminently [traceable.] Buy a pack of smokes, it’ll go into your medical file – ditto for a six pack. Better lay off that chocolate cream pie, too…and don’t even *think* about buying a gun or some ammo. And criminals, who, after all, are *criminals*, won’t give a damn either way – they’ll hack the electronic financial system to an even greater extent than they’ve hacked it already, and a million dollars in e-money moves faster, hides more easily, and weighs a helluva lot less than a million bucks worth of hundred- (or fifty-, or twenty-) dollar bills. It’s about *control*. It’s about hands in your pocket besides your own. Is it 1776 yet? Fast approaching…

And Andylit also knows the time of day.

The comments here by the drooling masses would be funny if they were not so terrifying. The real purpose of this idiotic proposal is to monitor and track transactions by the general public. Force transactions through the debit/credit system instead of untraceable cash.

The next step would be to remove $50’s, then $20’s, because heck, everyone has a debit card.

The notion that forcing criminals to use $50’s instead of $100’s is going to somehow impede their activities is absolutely absurd. Remove that argument and you have no valid reason for this proposal.

When the government can track everything you do, every penny you spend, can turn on and turn off your chip at will thus controlling whether or not you can have ANY money at all, and eventually deduct fines and fees for every imagined purpose from your account at will, full-blown slavery will have been realized in the once great United States of America.

The poor souls that allow this to happen will be missing those $100 bills someday, I promise you.

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