We Are Living Though a Socialist Revolution


Freedom to Fascism: it’s occurring before our very eyes

We are living through a socialist revolution. The planned Long March through Western Institutions is coming to fruition and the nationalists have waited perhaps too long to awaken from their slumber to save us. No, there aren’t soldiers with red berets marching in the street, but nonetheless a matriarchal, socialist society is unfolding before our very eyes.

The socialist goal of placing the world’s cultures and ethnicities into an ethnic blender is becoming stunningly obvious with the Muslim invasion of Europe and the open-borders policies of both Europe and the United States. White people are being subjected to genocide in service of this plan, and are being scapegoated as the root of the world’s ills in a type of racial Bolshevism.

Interestingly, a full 75% of the immigrants and their children who are in the U.S. are there legally. The heavily promoted “illegal immigration” problem is really window dressing to disguise the aims of creating a totalitarian police state. Instead of solving the problem, politicians milk it to impose increasingly tyrannical measures on the citizens of the U.S. while giving those in the country illegally virtual carte blanche. World cultural hegemony is the planned future:

In Marxist philosophy, the term cultural hegemony describes the domination of a culturally diverse society by the ruling class, who manipulate the culture of that society — the beliefs, explanations, perceptions, values, and mores — so that their ruling-class worldview becomes the worldview that is imposed and accepted as the cultural norm; rather than as artificial social constructs that benefit only the ruling class.

It is coming into plain focus that Donald Trump is upsetting the globalists’ agenda for merging the U.S. into a North American Union, which would thereby gut the Constitution and end the nation’s sovereignty. The North American Union would be a shotgun marriage of Canada, the United States, and Mexico into one of the “kingdoms” of the New World Order.

It’s why this presidential campaign is so important, and why Cruz and Rubio have slowly revealed themselves not to be the conservatives they claim to be when put under pressure by their paymasters to knock Trump out of the campaign. In truth, Cruz is a planted candidate, a tool of the Bush machine who will complete the dissolution of the United States if he is elected. Rubio destroyed any political future he might have had by unleashing a series of junior high school attacks on Trump which backfired. Mittens Romney’s attacks also backfired because people are finally seeing the Establishment for what it is, a group of Socialists and RINOs dedicated to serving the interests of corporations rather than nations.

Even though I was skeptical of Trump at first, if the elite are already making the heavy handed moves they are now to eliminate him, there is a very good chance he will not make it through his first term in office. In my opinion, factions in the U.S. government have already overseen the assassination of JFK and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan among many other treasonous acts. This is what researcher Gregory Burnham had to say about the last time a President attempted to make drastic changes to the system:

People would think [JFK] had no enemies. He was so popular, he smiled, he appeared happy. Everyone loved him worldwide. But what people don’t seem to understand is behind the scenes he was making changes, and he was making them decisively, and he was taking some very, very daring steps. He was committed to pull out of Vietnam by October, he had signed a document NSAM 263 to that effect. A thousand troops home by Christmas, and all personnel home by 1965. But that wasn’t very good for the military-industrial complex. His [plan for] abolishing the Central Intelligence Agency, pulling their teeth, calling them to task, back to why they were originally created by Truman. Their original mandate by law is only to coordinate intelligence, not to create the Bay of Pigs. NSAM 55 told the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the CIA can no longer do that, and any military operation has to come directly from them to the President, period. That kind of a document really causes problems.

JFK also planned to take on the corrupt Federal Reserve system. By challenging such powerful interests, he signed his own death warrant in my opinion.

The globalist agenda for the next Presidential cycle is as follows: End the U.S. self-interest in trade agreements thereby gutting wages and destroying the already weakened middle class; the capstone will be the passage of a global warming agreement that will provide the foundation for global taxation and global government. (When a body has the authority to tax the entire world, it is a de facto world government.)

It seems the leftists who are helping push the U.S. into a socialist world order will stop at nothing to force everyone else to bow down to their view of the world. The strong will be forced to serve the weak in this plan. The individual will be subjugated to service of the socialist collective.


Marx and Engels: Western Europe and the U.S. are currently in the midst of a socialist revolution

Move On to Communism

Dr. Evil (George Soros) funded Moveon.org has been taking credit for the riots in Chicago that forced Trump to cancel his campaign rally. This type of violence in an election cycle is something we have not seen since the 1968 Democratic convention.

The corrupt legacy media, predictably, has been blaming Trump for the violence rather than the mobs in the street. I have a feeling if a bunch of Tea Party conservatives crashed a Billary rally forcing her to cancel it, the media would be singing quite a different tune. Ted Cruz has revealed his true character by defending the leftist protestors, attacking Donald Trump instead of their violence. It is a time when agendas are laid bare by the actions of each of the candidates rather than words.

If nothing else, this spectacle confirms historian Oswald Spengler’s prediction about economic interests permeating and corrupting the entire political structure. Even a candidate like Ted Cruz who previously seemed like a good choice revealed himself to be another tool of the Establishment. Roger Stone details more about Tricky Ted in this recent piece.

The leftists and globalists have finally shown us what they really want: everyone in the world to bow the knee to their socialist, totalitarian, politically correct agenda…or else. Call it the death of freedom and individuality, because that’s exactly what it is. They are the true fascists, not a right-wing boogerman promulgated by the legacy media.

Nationalists, traditionalists, and other conservatives cannot win by constantly playing defense as they have been doing for the past 50 years.

Resistance is futile. (Or is it?)

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