Managed Democracy and Inverted Totalitarianism


Our choices are already made for us before we get to the ballot box

Soaring political rhetoric constantly tells us we are lucky to live in a democracy, and someday soon, perhaps even tomorrow Utopia will be realized. If you actually analyze political speech it is laden with fantasy and well…bullshit.

While we still get to vote (for now) the candidates we get to choose from are bought and paid for like cheap hookers by elite moneyed interests. The more laws they enact and the more they “help” the more outlandish their promises seem, because in reality they are working for the elite who view We The People as the rabble. These terms are actually what the government of the United States of America operates under today.

Managed democracy: Governments are legitimated by elections that are free and fair but emptied of substantive meaning in their ability to change the state’s policies, motives, and goals.

In other words, the government has learned to control elections so that the people can exercise all their rights without truly changing public policy. While they follow basic democratic principles, there can be major deviations towards authoritarianism.

Under managed democracy, the electorate is prevented from having a significant impact on policies adopted by the state’s continuous use of propaganda techniques.

These constant propaganda techniques come from an increasingly out of touch legacy media. Whether we choose Demican or Republicrat, Coke or Pepsi, the end result is the same. This is why nothing ever changes. We technically get to exercise our right to vote, but the candidates are serving the people who finance them not the people who vote for them. This sort of managed democracy is accompanied by her evil twin sister, inverted totalitarianism.

Inverted Totalitarianism: A system where corporations have corrupted and subverted democracy and where economics trumps politics. In inverted totalitarianism, every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited to collapse as the citizenry is lulled and manipulated into surrendering their liberties and their participation in government through excess consumerism and sensationalism.


Corporations run the United States government, where there are managed elections that punctuate the tyranny

When Corporations and the Government Become A Cancer

John McMurtry calls this The Cancer Stage of Capitalism.

The air, soil and water cumulatively degrade; species become extinct at a spasm rate across continents; pollution cycles and volumes increase to endanger life-systems at all levels in cascade effects; a rising half of the world is destitute as inequality multiplies; the global food system produces more and more disabling and contaminated junk food without nutritional value; non-contagious diseases multiply to the world’s biggest killer with only symptom cures; the vocational future of the next generation collapses across the world while their bank debts rise; the global financial system has ceased to function for productive investment in life-goods; collective-interest agencies of governments and unions are stripped while for-profit state subsidies multiply; police state laws and methods advance while belligerent wars for corporate resources increase; the media are corporate ad vehicles and the academy is increasingly reduced to corporate functions; public sectors and services are non-stop defunded and privatized as tax evasion and transnational corporate funding and service by governments rise at the same time at every level.

In other words, unrestrained corporate greed (which even Adam Smith himself warned against) is cannibalizing humanity. It did this by first taking away humanity’s power to protect itself by buying its government.

Modern elections are about sewing further division, dividing the populace on wedge issues invented by the political class, enriching the 6 media corporations with political advertising, and tightening the grasp of the 10 corporations who control 90% of the products we buy.

There are a couple of options at this point, either the entire system collapses or humanity becomes perpetually enslaved by it. Most people know by now that voting makes absolutely no improvement in their lives. The question we should be asking ourselves should be what is the government going to do to us instead of what is the government going to do for us.

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