Anglo Culture: A Critique


Social Justice Warriors reflect the deep-seated male hatred inherent in Anglo culture

I think the author of the web site “Anglobitch” KShatriya is on to something with his Critique of Anglo-Saxon Culture.

He touches on something very important in these excerpts from that article, especially since militant, third-wave feminism has become such a problem it threatens to destroy not only Anglo culture, but the Anglo people.

We hear a lot about the evil “Angry White Male” in Anglo media. But the “Angry White Male” phenomenon didn’t just appear in a vacuum or because Anglo men like being pissed off. Something is driving their anger.

My own studies of conservative continental philosophy reveal that the cracks in Anglophone civilizations owe a great deal to a flawed cultural template. An ineffectual education system, low levels of political participation, angry alienation among males, a falling birth rate and a dangerous youth are usually seen as universal phenomena, hazards of Post-modern life. There is seldom any acknowledgement that they are specific to Anglophone societies or that Anglo Saxon culture may itself contribute to them.

He then touches on how problems presented by modern liberalism destroying the foundations of Western society are exacerbated in Anglo culture more so than in the rest of Europe because of the overbearing nature of Anglo females making for a society where people do not get along well.

When liberalism is practiced in an Anglo Saxon context, anarchy tends to ensue. Why is this? In Holland or German speaking countries, anarchy is constrained by a strong, informal consensus that censors needless self-indulgence. Anglo Saxon cultures lack any such informal constraints; the social fabric is naturally thinner.

Later, KShatriya accurately points out something I have noticed my entire life. Anglo women do not like men, in contrast to the women of other cultures I have spent time in from Asia to Latin America who merely seem indifferent to men.

Julius Evola has written that Anglo Saxon culture spontaneously promotes poor relations between the sexes and misandry in general due to its underlying Puritanism. This gives women the notion that the world “owes” them something (a living, an explanation) along with the idea that men are beasts of burden for their edification and amusement. Anglo Saxon women fundamentally do not like men.

Yet, the more women run all over men in Anglo-America, the more men bend over backward to White Knight for them.

In Welfare, Housing and Health Anglo-Saxon women are offered enormously preferential treatment by sheer dint of their sex. This inequality now even extends to education, where examinations have been deliberately adjusted to ensure female supremacy. Men’s oppression and ill-treatment is now so routine in Anglophone societies it has become [invisible]…paradoxically, this does not seem to have improved the lot of female happiness or well-being.

You need look no further than rabid Social Justice Warriors for evidence of how deeply unhappy Anglo women are.


Men are viewed as evil oppressors in Anglo society

I believe the next observation touches on K-selection strategies that perhaps drove Anglo women to extremes of selfishness, when resources were very scarce during their evolution in colder climates of the world.

Henry Miller and D.H. Lawrence are but two Anglophone writers with a deep distaste for their own culture. This reproach hinges on the unhealthy relations prevailing between the sexes. Anglophone women view all relations with men as a process of sexual barter. English or American women are conditioned to only offer love on promise of economic reward. To put it simply, Anglo Saxon women are profoundly selfish. Because of this, they are deeply unfulfilled as women or as human beings.

This selective pressure made Anglo women supremely avaricious as compared to females of other races; that female disposition led Anglo society to world domination but is now ripping it to shreds because there is nowhere else to take Anglo women on the hedonic treadmill. Anglo men have already conquered the entire world for them and are being disposed of having lived out their usefulness. At least, that is my take.

I actually observed the following behavior with women I knew and grew up with.

As with women, Anglo Saxon youth seem to become unreachable around puberty. But while in the case of women this is due to their new-found sexual status in a Puritanical context.

The result a Puritanical, sexually repressed culture has in generating the levels of male alienation we are seeing today with mass a MGTOW movement do indeed have undesirable outcomes.

On the other hand, something has to be done if Anglo Saxon civilization is not to collapse under Welfare claims, crime, male self-exclusion and falling birthrates.

Could the virus of militant feminism that started in Anglo-America and is now spreading to sister cultures in the larger scheme of Western Civilization (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) be traced back to a fundamental, biologically and psychologically-based hostility Anglo women have towards men?

In any case, the West has its hands full trying to get this genie back into the fucking bottle. My guess is it won’t happen until the West has completely collapsed and men have stopped begging politicians to make their problems go away, instead taking matters into their own hands.

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