Can’t Lose Weight? Fat Head Reveals Another Tentacle of the Establishment


Tom Naughton ate burgers but skipped the fries for 30 days and lost weight; he reveals the obesity epidemic is due to a high carb American diet

Fat Head by Tom Naughton was filmed in response to Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me in which Spurlock predictably gained weight after eating 5,000 calories a day at McDonald’s.

Tom Naughton responded by eating fast food daily and losing weight. He didn’t eat salads, either. Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese were a big part of his diet. It’s all about the choices we make. But, there’s much more to it than that.

In Fat Head, we learn such interesting tidbits as how the Food Pyramid has been screwed around with by, you guessed it, the Corporate-Government Complex for 40 years. It recommends people eat the equivalent of a cup and a half of sugar a day in carbohydrates, when the normal about of sugar in the entire human bloodstream is one teaspoon.

Carbohydrates and sugar keep insulin elevated which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. The film explains the connection between insulin and weight loss in detail.

The Corporate-Government Complex also told people to avoid fat. But food has to nutritionally be made up of something to be called food, so when fat is removed in come carbohydrates, which are complex sugar molecules. The relationship is inversely proportional; this means when fat goes up carbohydrates go down, and when carbohydrates go up fat goes down.

Fat Head details this devastating account of how replacing fat in the human diet with carbohydrates has led to the obesity epidemic in America.

But, it’s even worse than that. Everything we have been told about fat and cholesterol causing heart disease is wrong, too. This clip from Fat Head illustrates how insane removing a crucial part of the human diet has been. Without fat and cholesterol in our bodies, we would be dead.

Junk Science

The heart disease scare can be traced back to junk science in the 1950s. Ansel Keyes sold out science and the American public when he published the Lipid Hypothesis, which threw out data that didn’t fit his flawed hypothesis. The Lipid Hypothesis is what the fat scare was based on. After it was published, we suddenly needed lowfat everything, when in fact fat has been a crucial part of the human diet since we evolved.

George Mann, M.D. who worked with Harvard Researchers in Framingham, MA studying cholesterol and the Lipid Hypothesis had this to say about it:

[The Lipid Hypothesis is] the greatest scientific scam of this century, perhaps of any century.

I would argue the Lipid Hypothesis and the damage it has wrought is only a symptom of a larger problem.

We have seen the spread of misinformation like this happen time and time again with the economic corruption of science in the West. Not seen in Fat Head but covered here at TNMM, data that don’t fit the man-made global warming alarm are also tossed aside. The Global Warming Carbon Tax Scam is, in a way, related to the Lipid Hypothesis in that unscrupulous scientists and corporations use the government to promote and force their views on the public. This promulgates scientific frauds on the American public to the detriment of public health and in the case of the global warming scam, the fraud could destroy economic and personal freedom.

The government brought us record levels of obesity and soaring numbers of heart attacks by tinkering with the American diet. As Naughton points out, not eating fat can also be connected to depression, which is convenient for the Medical-Pharmaceutical Complex. It can then sell you drugs like Lipitor for heart disease and Zoloft for depression. Lipitor is a dangerous statin drug and Zoloft is a dangerous SSRI. (More on the connection between SSRIs and mass shootings in a future article.)

Fat Head is Recommended Viewing. I personally struggled with weight loss for several years, not understanding why all the diets I had been told to use were failing. But as Dr. Mary Eades points out in Fat Head:

You didn’t fail, the diet failed.

After receiving a course correction and the right information that Naughton presents in Fat Head, I went from 264 lbs to an athletic 180 lbs.

Films like this enlighten me, but they also make me angry to realize that the entire American population is considered to be nothing but lab rats to do experiments on by our government. Fat Head was a life-changing film for me. Hopefully it will be for you or someone you know who is struggling against the diet promoted by the American government for two generations.

In short, we’ve been fed a load of bologna.

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  • I couldn’t agree more with this article. I just wish you’d post links to your sources to make fact checking easier for sticklers like me.

    Also: what do you think of the paleo diet? Have you ever tried it? Thanks for being a voice of reason in a world of fat, stupid assholes.


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