5 Stages of Red Pill Realization


The reluctance to take women off the pedestal is strong in some men, no matter what women do to them

I’ve noticed a strong resistance by Beta males, especially in Anglo-America to take the Red Pill. In one case a good friend of mine is being divorce raped by his wife, a wife he has faithfully stood by for over 20 years. He is a great guy and the ladies find him handsome, so it pains me to see this happening to him. However, he wouldn’t even listen to any of my suggestions as to why she first cheated on him and then ran to court looking for cash and prizes.

I know another guy who willingly lets his wife cheat on him even though he is supposedly a “macho” guy. (He is a Hispanic guy married to an Anglo woman, a testament that even men from masculine cultures become supplicating Betas or Omegas once they have been stewed in toxic, feminized Anglo culture long enough.)

Their choice to remain naïve and supplicating is typical of many men I have met when they are confronted with facts that refute the Anglo-American Pedestalization Indoctrination they have received.


The five stages of becoming Red Pill aware

The Stages

Based on my observation of men and their behavior, I came up with 5 stages they roughly fit into one sunny afternoon while I was riding around the countryside on my motorcycle. I think my friend is somewhere between 1 and 2 on this scale, and the other guy remains at 1.

  1. Sensing a problem exists.
  2. Admitting women aren’t the angels men are told they are.
  3. Learning about Red Pill philosophy.
  4. Making concrete changes in dealing with women; men putting their self-interests over those of women. (Very hard to do for most men.)
  5. Becoming a pussy-slaying asshole.

I think many men in America are stuck on Stage 1. They feel something isn’t quite right about the cultural myth they have been indoctrinated with, but are reluctant to question the narrative because of the nuclear backlash that would come from man-hating feminists and their ilk.

To save the West, we must guide men towards the truth of the Red Pill philosophy. However, we must do so gently. Trying to force them will not work. Not all men will realize, some will oppose us. A Winston Churchill quote reinforces this fact.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

I drop a few lines on my friend now and again. I sincerely hope he will learn some of the truth about women before he is taken advantage of on the dating market. In this way, I am trying to be my brother’s keeper. All Red Pill men should be that way towards our Blue Pill brethren. We can guide them…not all men will take the pill. But we can still save a lot of male lives from being consumed by a system that hates and disrepects them. This will also help our cause when the time comes for nonviolent civil disobedience. Libertarian John Stossel has discussed this on his Fox Business show:

When the state’s rules are wrong, we should ignore them through selective civil disobedience. Let’s rebuild America without permission.

If we do not look out for each other this way, we are doomed to live in a socialist matriarchy where each sex becomes increasingly androgynous: men behave like women and women behave like men. That matriarchal vision of humanity leaves us looking a lot like an Ant Farm. Beyond Stage 5 in the realization process men need to not just bang lots of chicks, they need re-take control of their society, or be sentenced to live out life as little more than worker ants eternally searching for the queen the vast majority of them never find.

Refusing to submit to the demands of a money hungry tax farm that exploits men is the first step in fighting the socialist matriarchy.

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One comment

  • I would point out I only so much can be blamed on so much on Anglo Culture. North West Euros are genetically predisposed to altruism to women and out group members. Digit ratios which measure androgen levels show these populations and ethnic groups are the most egalitarian. What type of Hispanic was your friend? White Iberian, meztizo, castiza, mulatto or Indio? When Anglo genes disappeare feminism will too.


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