10,000 Millionaires Flee France


Demographers say France could be majority Muslim in a couple of generations

The wealthiest citizens of France are fleeing the land of Liberté, égalité, fraternité  as the country becomes demographically unrecognizable in some cities, terror attacks increase, and tensions between Muslims and Christians increase. The number of people fleeing England, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden is also on the rise.

France was at the top of the list of millionaire outmigration in 2015. Religious tensions between Christians and Muslims mean the trends will most likely continue if not accelerate. Other groups that aren’t millionaires are also leaving the country in increasing numbers. (Here in my corner of Latin America, there is practically an entire colony of French expatriates who have moved into one of the towns nearby me.)

Muammar Gaddafi, the once “Supreme Leader” of Libya, accurately foresaw the Muslim demographic conquest of Europe.

There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50+ million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

Indeed, the demographics of France bear this out:

  • 30% of children under age 20 are Muslim
  • In Nice, Marseilles, and Paris 45% of children are Muslim
  • By 2027, 1 in 5 Frenchmen will be Muslim
  • In two generations, France will be majority Muslim

Europe and the United States are seeing their Caucasian populations dying off and being replaced, thanks in large part to radical feminism which has rendered Caucasian women statistically sterile. The Caucasian fertility rate in all Western nations remains well below the 2.1 required to demographically sustain a culture.

The future belongs to those who are “of the book” according to even the most secular of demographers. Religion of any kind, Muslim, Christian or other, tends to keep families intact and groups who are religious produce more children than secular groups, who are statistically dying off.

The world is changing, the West is fading fast. There is no doubt the demographic decline in Europe (and the U.S.) was largely caused by feminism and secularization. Those two things destroyed the Western family and threaten to destroy the entirety of Western civilization.

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  • VictimOfCivilization

    Hello, Relámpago Furioso, you and many other people who think similarly say that secularization is a big factor in the West’s decline. I’d like to have a fruitful discussion on the subject. This is important stuff and I believe the world needs some creative and insightful debate of the subject, instead of recycling the same ideas over and over again, as it often happens on the web. In other words, I’m not saying that neomasculinity ideals are meaningless or lack justification, but that the typical discussion always revolves around the same old ideas.

    I understand that religion plays an important role on the psyche of the masses. In fact, there are scientific studies that suggest that religion is hardwired into our brains. My hypothesis is that the minds of religious people can’t really be secularized even if we tried. They will only adopt a new religion (liberalism and other ideologies) to replace the old one. I’d say that it is important to point this out in order to emphasize the importance of feeding the right set of ideals to the masses (more generally, the people who conform the vital force of civilization), for the sake of the entity that we value the most (in my case, the species. I’m a big fan of eugenics and such).

    Adding to my last point, I think that Christianity (let alone liberalism) is a bad choice of religion, for it values things that are harmful to the species, such as being condescending to the weak.

    I like the idea of engineering a new religion that serves noble purposes. It doesn’t need to come in the form of a religion, though. It only needs to fulfill the same purpose (Think liberalism).

    However, I can’t see how the whole religion thing applies to my particular case. Although I was raised Mormon, I’m an atheist. I’ve tried everything but it seems to me that my mind simply doesn’t mix well with blind faith. Yes, I have ideals that I feel very strongly about and that I’m increasingly becoming fanatical about (such as truth and the health/genetic quality of the human species and its evolution to higher life forms), but they have come only after thoughtful and deep introspection, as opposed to the ideals of other people, whom I perceive to believe things “just because”.

    I don’t know…Maybe I’m missing something? Maybe the way the masses believe things is similar to my own, at their own level?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Interesting that you bring this up. I have been thinking there is a move to indoctrinate the masses with a new religion of the state, engineered by the power structure. (And interestingly, for some of those who have eschewed traditional religions the religion of global warming has taken its place.)

      Even though the left would ultimately like to remove religion from society completely, in reality they will only make the masses worship the government as the savior of mankind. It is a very dangerous place for the world to be headed. I hope to do an article on this soon.


      • But if the majority are going to be Muslims and they have such a radical ideology of the sexes, does that mean, that they are going to become a country that supports Islam?


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