The 10 Laws of Hypergamy


The 10 Laws of Hypergamy will help protect you from the risks of dealing with women

In addition to Game which is a topic regularly discussed across the manosphere, there is another option for men to use to their advantage when dealing with women. It’s called hypergamy, and works almost effortlessly outside the borders of The Matrix since all women have hypergamous instincts. What is hypergamy?

Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of [women] marrying someone who is wealthier or of higher caste or social status.

Translation: You are a tasty morsel of a meal ticket to women outside the borders of Anglo-America and Western Europe.

In short, in societies that don’t cuck Beta resource providers with a social welfare state, hardworking Western men still have a lot of bargaining power with women and can often find better sexual and life partners since cultural constraints on female sexuality are still in place. Unlike in Anglo-America and Western Europe, Western men are not looked upon with scorn in much of the rest of the world. In fact, we are seen as the Gold Standard in many a culture and nation.

Since feminism and social engineering have all but destroyed hypergamy as an option for average working men in Anglo America, the best option for the man who wishes to make hypergamy work in his favor is to expatriate to a location in which he still retains his rightful, respected social status as a productive, useful member of society. He can then use this as a bargaining chip with women, who are genetically coded to seek out men of higher status than themselves.

For the man who wishes to make hypergamy work for him, here are the 10 Laws of Hypergamy.


Your success in using hypergamy to your benefit depends on learning hard truths about women

The Laws

10. Even though it will seem like the women you meet abroad are interested in you as a person, always remember they are just like any other women you meet. Women the world over love male utility and not men. Like women at home, women abroad are interested in your social status and resources you bring to the table. The deal is, as a man your bargaining power has not been stripped from you by a social welfare state in much of the world as is the case in a gynocentric America and Europe.

So, while you will have a veritable cornucopia of women abroad who are ready to do your bidding and will seem like they love you, dissimulation comes naturally to the female sex so buyer beware. Women are innately cunning and deceptive, and a man must not let himself be fooled into placing himself into a bad financial or legal position with his new hypergamous love interest.

9. You must not take the woman you meet abroad out of her native culture. Women are like water in many ways, they fit the cultural container which they’re placed into. Taking your new love out of her native culture will no doubt be a huge mistake.

As soon as she is exposed to the hemlock that is misandry and Cultural Marxism in America everything you love about her will die. She will adapt to America’s toxic culture, and your entire purpose will have been defeated. She must remain in the patriarchal culture she grew up in, and you must stay with her.

8. Remember that women often monkey branch. Here’s how monkey branching works. The metaphor goes like this. A woman clings to a man just as a monkey clings to a branch on a tree as long as he is useful in some way. She will then let go and reach out for a new branch when she has located a bigger, better meal ticket to exploit. Thus, the term monkey branching.

Abroad, a woman will be interested in you initially because you represent a ready made opportunity for her to raise her social or financial status. But, if she meets friends of yours who have higher status she will often “monkey branch” and swing across and become property of the other man.

Bottom line, just because she “loves”you now doesn’t mean she won’t love a richer guy later.

7. Long distance relationships are strongly discouraged. Women are experts at deception. Often, women will have a man who provides them with resources while having another that provides them with sexual satisfaction.  Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks still applies.

The trick is, to never become the Beta Bucks guy as so many clueless Western men do when they find a foreign girl that fucks them a few times. Here in the Caribbean, this Beta Bucks provider often is a gringo and the lady will have a “Papi Chulo” on the side fucking her when the gringo is not around.

Remember, women are not loyal and this especially true when they are unattended.

6. Beware the Green Card seeker. While this is not as big of a risk as some make it out to be, there are women who will play along and “simulate” a relationship with you until you take her home to your country.

I have seldom run into this problem, as most foreign women only want a man who can provide them utility value and have no desire to leave their family and friends behind to go live in the West. Yet another myth America has been able to promulgate is that the entire world wants to live inside its borders. This is simply not true.

However, if you do happen across a green card seeker, once she finds out you are staying in her country for the long haul, you will be disposed of. She is doing you a favor, as you don’t need her in your life anyway.

5. Pros are not recommended for LTRs. There are generally two types of women in cultures where hypergamy still works: whores and the best girl you will ever find. There’s very little in the middle when it comes to this rule in my experience.

Whores can be great fun to screw around with and hang out with, but they make poor long term prospects and are bad financial investments. Western men often confuse whores with good women, simply because even whores treat men with respect in many cultures.

It pays to hold out, date around, and learn what different types of women are available before jumping into a relationship if an LTR is your goal. Which brings us to our next point.

4. Play the field. You will likely have more options than you have ever had in your life by virtue of your social status, especially if you are from America or Western Europe. Do not settle for the first piece of ass that comes along. Out of pure thirst, many men will take the first piece of tail that comes their way.

My recommendation would be to go through at least half a dozen women to gain experience with them and to be able to judge the characters of different women better, once the rose-colored glasses effect subsides a bit.

3. Adapt to the culture you are in. Rather than bringing the nihilism, anti-religiousness and materialism of Anglo America with you, adapt to the culture you are in. Abroad, the good girls often still attend church (this is a good thing) and often are very family-oriented.

They often enjoy traditional feminine activities like cooking and cleaning. Do not stop them from doing this, and do not try to Westernize them. You left all that feminist bullshit behind for a reason, right?

2.  Maintain frame and Game at all times. Foreign women get tired of clingy and needy Beta males, too. Do not become soft and Beta just because a woman has submitted to you and hypergamy has netted you a new lease on life. If you want to keep her, you still must maintain an aloof attitude.

Also, foreign women can require a firm attitude as many will start to shit test men who are not of strong character.

In short, stand up and be a man. Don’t let the cultural indoctrination you received in the West keep you from assuming a more dominant role with your new love interest.

1. Remember you are the prize and keep your self interest paramount at all times. The same rule applies with hypergamy that applies with Game. Keep in mind the sacrifices you’ve already made just in order to have this kind of selection of prime pussy available to you.

Look out for number one at all times. Do what you want to do with your life, not what she wants. Merely inform her of your decision after it has been made.

This one is difficult for most men, but your have to put your self-interest over that of your woman. Failure to do this will get you burned every time. Never, ever expect loyalty from a female as it is not in their nature to be loyal.


Utilizing hypergamy arguably makes society more civilized than Pick Up Artistry

What to Expect When Using Hypergamy

Hypergamy can be a wonderful thing.

A relationship based on hypergamy feels more natural to the average man since it is natural for women to submit to men who are dominant and/or good resource providers. This has been the case throughout the evolution of our species.

Women who see you as someone to “date up” or “marry up” to will treat you totally different than women who have their lifestyles financed by Big Daddy Government and have been socially conditioned to heap scorn upon you, as is the case in the modern West.

Even with an average salary and average wealth, Western men will find they enjoy high social and financial status among literally 90-95% of the world’s population. That’s pretty much any woman living outside the borders of The Matrix.

Remember, women’s hypergamous instincts are not going away and you did not create hypergamy, all you can do is take advantage of it. Hypergamy can bring you opportunities with women you never expected to have but you have to leave Western culture to take advantage, and be cautious and calculating as you do so.

Learning Game is also a good idea as it will amplify the effects of exploiting hypergamy.

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  • Why didn’t I learned this in my twenties.I was the sweet giving loving loyal,selfless and generous man and got burned to death by women.That destroyed my life and destroyed me.


  • While finding the observations accurate, cannot help wonder how was the sample of subjects selected?

    A few year back, likely ten, the NBC show “Today” was touting a survey which showed the average number of sex partners females had had was something like six, whereas men had thirteen on average.

    Of course, the speculation by the females on the showed centered around how this proved women were more moral than men, then a mathematician pointed out his was an average of both sexes, making it impossible the average was different for either gender. Someone was lying

    As to what was the real average never did find out but after subjecting a sampling of females to something like a lie detectors test found women break down into three groups.

    Women with 0 to 1 sex partners account for about a third, 2 to 10 account for another third, and 11 to infinite account for the last third

    The whole thirds part maybe faulty memory to, or it was presented as a rough estimate by those presenting the data, It is the way I remember it.

    The point being, how is it possible to include the group, what ever the percentage, of those who have have sex with 0 to 1 in your data sample of women, as to what women are like?


  • Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing like yours these days.
    I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!


  • At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming again to read further news.


  • Some good tips here. I am from feminist leftist Germany and I have seen white guys here in South East Asia who are so Beta and needy, they cant even score here, or if they do, they get married right away and take the girl back home.


  • You forgot to mention Australia. This place is a feminazi hell hole! I checked out on it a while ago and have never been happier. Women abroad are so different to the degenerate pieces of garbage here that it’s like a completely different species.


  • “You must not take the woman you meet abroad out of her native culture. As soon as she is exposed to the hemlock that is misandry and Cultural Marxism in America everything you love about her will die.”
    Wait, are you saying it’s the actual experience of yours or a speculation of possible outcome? Did the beautifully sweet Cambodian girl from the comic Be Like Dirk turn into a hateful monster when taken to USA? Please enlighten me about your real life experience in this field. I say it respectfully, eager to learn from your experience. Cheers!


    • wait…if you actually have to ask that question….then your very naive.


      • Yeah, however the degree of the Americanization of the girl brought to USA is what makes it worth or worthless.
        Someone said that women are like water – taking shape of the vessel they are contained in. Will she mimic the culture? exceed it? Or retain best parts of both: home culture and USA? Or will she try to be even more green haired, tattooed, pierced, damaged, promiscuous than locals? Thank you for your opinions, esp. those speaking from experience and not only theory 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  • worth noting girls that are into foreign or western men are going to be more americanized then their fellow country women. Tradional women pick local men and look down on western men and their values, so keep that in mind that we are getting american-lite or american 2.0 girls.


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