Weekend Reading | April 29, 2016


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of April 29, 2016.


70 Health and Wellness Tips

There are many people out there who would lose a lot of money if you were healthy or don’t want you healthy for other reasons. This includes the government, your doctors, and the medical establishment as a whole. Governments fear strong and smart populaces as strong and smart populaces don’t tolerate bullshit very long. Hence America has a very corrupt government because it’s population is neither strong nor smart. Likewise a healthy populace presents another problem. Factor that in with many want to reduce the world’s population and it’s a wonder we haven’t been told to ingest anti-freeze by the government and medical establishment (at least not yet).

What the Heck Are Critical Thinking Skills Anyway

“Critical thinking” or “critical thinking skills” come up in two common scenarios. One, when a leftist defends their worthless liberal arts degree, claiming it provides them with the rare and enviable skill of “critical thinking.” And…two, when liberal arts professors defend their bogus fields of study by claiming the “#1 thing employers look for in college graduates is critical thinking!”

Why Do SJWs Like Game of Thrones When It Stands for Everything They’re Against?

As the new season of the HBO series Game of Thrones got underway, I noticed that all of the Social Justice Warriors on my social media were really excited about the new season. It seems like an odd fit given that Game of Thrones seems to stand for almost the exact opposite of what SJWs profess to believe. What does their fondness for the series tell us about their real beliefs?


How Your Insecurity is Bought and Sold

In the 1920s, women didn’t smoke. Or if they did, they were severely judged for it. It was taboo. Like graduating from college or getting elected to Congress, people believed women should leave the smoking to men. Honey, you might hurt yourself. Or burn your beautiful hair.This posed a problem for the tobacco industry.

Decline of the West

Winter is Coming Part I – What is a SHTF Event

When people think of prepping or planning for SHTF, there is a stupid, popular tendency to just assume these are morons who have spent too many hours playing Fallout on their PC and are just LARPING their (((end of days))) fantasies. This is inaccurate. SHTF events occur every year in several places around the globe. They also occur in scales of calamity. Prepping on at least some level is a wise and beneficial decision I would recommend to all of you.

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  • charlessledge001

    Hey thanks for the shoutout. Like these lists always looking for good articles to read without having to comb through tons of sites, though I still often do lol.


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