Why Focus Will Make You a Better Man


Focus is the best trait to have if you want to realize your fitness goals

By: Snow, The New Modern Man Contributor | Snow Training Systems

A lot of men out there have completely lost their ability to focus. They are constantly thinking about things that are completely irrelevant when it comes to self-improvement.

A lot of people view self-improvement in the motivation style. This is the least efficient way to perceive it. Self-improvement is about advancing and evolving. After all, how can we evolve if we are unfocused? The answer is that we can’t.

The motivational speakers that every one listens to do nothing to help you advance. They tell you to work hard and be positive. This is a decent message and there is some truth to it. The issue with this is that there is nothing of use. There is no actionable advice with that statement. This post will teach readers how to get more focused.

What is focus and why is it so important? Focus is what we pay attention to, it is important because what we pay attention to is what we get. If we focus on something, and are actions are congruent with our thoughts, then we will get what we want or at the very least come close.

What does this mean? It means that your actions have to match your desires? If you tell every one that you want to learn how to pick up girls, but you never approach, that is an in-congruent pattern. This is when the actions don’t match the thoughts. The same goes for the obese man who says he wants to lose weight, but can’t stop eating donuts and bon bons. He is obese because of his habits and because he is unfocused. So how can we become more focused in the gym and in general?


The following steps will help you get better results at the gym and in life

Action Plans

How to get focused for the gym

  • Pick an ideal body that you want:  Remember this is completely up to the individual.  It isn’t up to me whether the person wants to get shredded or get huge.
  • Make a plan to acquire it: Choose fat loss or muscle building: Once you pick a plan stick to it for a minimum of 6 months.  You might finish your cut in 3-4 months who knows, but 6 months is the right target.
  • Write down your results in the gym: Get a workout log, count calories with myfitnesspal or do a keto diet, both work with great efficiency, and do it consistently for a year
  • If you want to get ripped to get girls that is fine, just keep that in mind when you decide that working out is hard and you want to quit.

How to focus on diet

  • Pick 1 diet plan
  • Stick to it for 6 months minimum

People might be wondering how they can make this work. My answer is simple. Our attitude, mental approach along with the physical actions, will help us build the body we want. Focus on how building a better body will improve your life. Focus on how it will help you be more attractive to women. Focus on the respect you will get from your male friends. In fact, make your own list of benefits.

Action steps: Create a benefits list

Benefits list: Write down 5 benefits of improving your body. If you take the benefits list idea seriously and look over it everyday, you are sure to improve your physique and help you change your life. Mindset Shift: Getting in great shape will change my life. Anyone who disagrees with you is either:

1. Jealous
2. Has never seen a ripped guy with money and hot women

It is no coincidence that a lot of famous business men take great care of their bodies. They understand the benefits and they focus on what they want. Here is another idea. I picked up this idea from Jack Canfield’s Success Principles: Create an I want list.

Action exercise: Write down 30 things that you want

When doing this you will notice that right around number 20 you will run out of ideas, this is completely normal. Just remember that the purpose of this exercise is to help people become used to thinking about what they want. Most people only think about what they’re afraid of or what they don’t want. Then they wonder why they can’t get better results. Back to my last post about the gladiators, they only focused on what they wanted. They were never concerned with what they didn’t want or what they couldn’t have. If your girlfriend broke up with you, quit dwelling on it, and get in the gym to improve your body.

If fat focus on doing this:

  • Count your calories everyday
  • Take no longer than 45 seconds rest
  • Super set as many movements as possible
  • Push the prowler or run sprints

If you are skinny and looking to build muscle focus on doing this:

  • Learn basic technique on squats, bench, dead-lifts, chin ups, power cleans, and dips
  • Do calf raises: Most skinny guys have even worse calves
  • Eat red meat and rice with each meal
  • Eat peanut butter with bananas: Open up a banana take tablespoons of peanut butter, and put it on the banana
  • No supplements
  • Forget about your abs for a minimum of 1 year

Most skinny guys are inefficient in the gym, and they have the wrong focus. If they focus on what I just outlined for them they will improve their physiques. Skinny guys also rarely eat enough red meat. For the vegans out there, I don’t work with vegans so no I won’t adjust the plan. I focus on working with those who allow themselves to eat red meats. Skinny guys biggest challenge is usually their appetite. Learning technique on squats, dead-lifts, bench and power cleans will help them to develop a solid foundation of muscle.

After the first two years of training, they can then focus on bringing up their arms and focus on isolating muscles. 10 sets of 10 power cleans will improve someones physique a lot more than 10 sets of 10 bicep curls. The problem with that is that people will focus on how hard the 10 sets of 10 is, instead of focusing on how that will help them advance with their physique goals.

This brings me back to the whole theme of this post. Which is that men need to learn how to focus. You might think you know how to focus. My question to you would then be. Are you a millionaire that is ripped, has women throwing themselves at him, and every one in the country wants to do business with?

If that isn’t you, then you haven’t mastered focus. All of us can improve our focus, including me.


Focus, along with an action plan will turn you into a stronger man


  1. What we focus on is what we will get: Focus on the results you want instead of how hard it will be to get the results.  Don’t get lost in the details.  If you focus on ways to improve and advance and are congruent with your actions, then you will advance
  2. Be congruent with your thoughts and actions:  If you aren’t getting what you want out of life it is because your actions aren’t congruent with your words, thoughts, dreams.  In rare cases, people just pick the wrong system.  But, for the most part people just don’t take enough action and they quit too easily.
  3.  Pick fat loss or muscle gain not both:  A lot of people think that we can lose fat and build muscle at the same time, except for rare occasions this isn’t the case.  Stick with fat loss phases for a minimum of 6 months.  Bulk slowly for 1-2 years at a time.

There is a lot of action steps in this post. I did this on purpose in order to provide the reader/viewer with useful information that they can apply to their lives immediately.

I don’t make many guarantees, but whoever follows the action plans that I wrote out in detail, will improve their lives.

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