Living Expenses Abroad Are Less Than a U.S. Child Support Payment


A life in the tropics does not cost as much as you might think

Ever dreamed of living in the tropics? It may surprise you to found out it costs less for a man to live a comfortable life abroad than the average child support payment. This is yet another piece of evidence which points to the grave risks Anglo American women pose to the average man’s finances. He can literally be enslaved for 18 years per child or worse, enslaved for life with alimony payments if he marries her.

I know it costs less because I have been living on $450 a month in the Dominican Republic for 6 months. Here is a breakdown of my monthly expenses:

  • Rent: $200
  • Utilities: $0 (included with rent)
  • Internet: $27 for High-Speed MiFi
  • Food: $200
  • Gas for cooking: $10
  • Skype for calls: $3

That monthly budget breakdown is a testament to the power of minimalism. Throw in $500 to buy a decent motorcycle, $10 a year for insurance and $3-5 a week for gas and you have wheels, although most places in Latin America are conducive to walking and indeed walking is excellent exercise. Buses and guaguas will also take you anywhere on the island dirt cheap.

The average child support payment back in the United States will run you around $500 a month. Insane? Yes.


Living a simple life is a strange concept to materialists


A simple life free of constant shopping and eating out is a strange concept to those who have swallowed the Kool-Aid of the propaganda ministers in the media and government. Judging one’s success in life by who has the most toys has come to define the entire culture of Anglo America.

Understandably, a lot of people criticized me before I left. “Oh, but it must be dangerous there.” That, or they would try to insinuate people are not civilized or are somehow backwards because they don’t live their lives in pursuit of stuff. Or, to the horror of über-materialistic Americans, “They have poor people there!” In reality, there is a lot of richness in the poor neighborhood and a lot of poverty in the rich neighborhood based on my life experience.

To the chagrin of the doubters, the standard of living I enjoy now is quite comparable to the apartment I was paying $600 a month for (with nothing included!) back in the States except now my rent with utilities included is a third of that. Yes, I have running water, electricity, high-speed Internet and indoor plumbing.

There are American-style supermarkets within walking distance of the house I rent, and I have always felt safe here. That said, one cannot be stupid and wander drunk and alone down a dark alley at 3:00 AM if he does not wish for trouble. But one has that same danger in any city in America.

People tend to have a warped view of reality when it comes to Latin America. Thanks to constant media propaganda, Latinos are often views as criminals or drug dealers of some type. This is not the case, as anyone who has spent time here can tell you. There certainly are drug dealers and miscreants here, but you can also find those types of people in any city in America.


Freedom is a very important concept to most Red Pill men; true freedom not sloganeering


Living a simpler life has freed up my time to work on creative projects like this blog. I also have a lot of time to enjoy lounging around at the beach, drinking, and chasing the pretty women here. I feel more at peace. Not only that, but thanks to a society that does not insulate women from poor life choices with government bennies, I have a fantastic Latina girlfriend who cooks, cleans, and happily does all the things women in Anglo America used to do before feminism told them it was oppression. (Women here laugh at household chores being considered oppression.)

All in all, on $450 a month I am afforded an overall quality of life that I consider superior to what I was offered in the States even though there I was making $50,000 a year. The $450 figure is for basic living, I allow a couple hundred dollars more  for clothing, drinking, and other recreation.

Still, a great life comes out to only slightly more than I was paying for my apartment alone before. And that figure includes everything it takes for a man to be happy and free. There is no police and surveillance state as of yet crushing people under its heel as there are where people’s activities and conduct are monitored 24 hours a day. Getting tickets is unheard of and the police are not the militarized, jack-booted storm trooper types America is gravitating towards.

The economy here is definitely freer than back home. Instead of corporate goliaths owning everything, most stores, shops and restaurants are mom ‘n pop owned and operated. This makes for a much more personal interaction and I enjoy patronizing people who I know, rather than the profits from my transactions being shifted up a giant pyramid to help buy some nameless, faceless CEO’s fifth Ferrari.


Women are a product of their culture, a degenerate culture produces degenerate women; in many countries society is much more traditional


In closing, I can think of no other word than “ridiculous” to describe what the relations between the sexes have become in the 21st century. Rather than couples enjoying their lives together and enjoying the children they create together, much like everything else a child has been reduced to another economic transaction. It is as sad as it is tragic, and is a testament to a culture that worships materialism and consumerism over all else.

A child with the wrong woman winds up being an economic transaction that will cost a man more than his entire existence would have if he left The Anglo American Matrix. And that’s just for a child support payment! Not including the other high costs of living in Anglo America.

That is definitely food for thought, especially when corporations talk of globalization and outsourcing. Maybe single men in America should consider outsourcing their lives, too. I am getting a far better deal with not only the cost of living but the superior quality of non-feminized women, too.

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  • Really? Child support is laso based in child care. The lesser you spend with the child, the greater the money you have to give.


  • How long do you think it will take for western culture to poison Latin America?


  • Solid post.
    I left England for SEA in 2006. Best move I ever made. I teach, ride motorbikes, run marathons, write blogs, speak the lingo and enjoy feminine women all while living a life of minimalism.
    All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  • charlessledge001

    I forgot to ask do you get many tourists where you live from Western countries?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Where I am, most of the tourists are European and there aren’t as many of them as other areas on the island. I always cringe, literally cringe when I hear some shrieking Anglo chicks around. Once a man gets used to women who are culturally conditioned to be sweet and feminine, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to hear and see Anglo chicks around.

      I was in a discoteca one night last fall and some gringas came in, they were showing out like they were the shiz but all they ended up doing was running me, my crew, and all the locals off. Haha.


  • charlessledge001

    Sounds awesome. I think the reason America pushes the other countries are so bad/dangerous is like a fat bitchy wife telling her husband how young women are all whores and annoying. She knows they are one thousand times better than her but she needs her husband to keep believing the myth she pushes so she can continue to parasite off him. If they slaves ever get wind of how great freedom is they may not be comfortable with being slaves anymore. And as far as being dangerous have they ever been to Detroit or Phoenix or hell any major city in America lol.


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