Weekend Reading | May 13, 2016


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of May 13, 2016.


7 Examples of the “Puss Pass” In Action

Following up last week’s article where four innocent men were coerced into giving false confessions and then imprisoned for over a decade for a crime the prosecutor knew they didn’t commit, this week we are going to look at the other side of the law. Specifically, the puss pass, and what happens when it is effectively used. Here are a few cases of this powerful “get out of jail free” card:

How Advertising Shows the Decline of American Culture

Commercials are a convenient window into the culture. Even when commercials don’t exactly reflect the culture, they still speak to what the culture aspires to. Unfortunately, a comparison of the commercials of today with those of the past reveals that our culture has degenerated in several areas.

Good Girls, Bad Girls

In her SMV Peak years, “F you society, I won’t be the good girl you want me to be!” is the message she adopts insofar as it serves her sexual strategy’s immediate interests. The conflict comes when she needs to temper this sentiment with a need to settle into a motherhood role and compromise it just enough to present the appearance of being a prudent choice for long term commitment.


The 33 Genius Three-Ingredient Recipes

If you are looking for some New recipes, some new ideas that will make you happy, than you are on the right place. These 33 easy and amazing food recipes will make you happy and you will enjoy in your food. All you need to do is to chose one of this food ideas and try it, or you can try all of them.


CNN Pundits React to Trump Winning Nebraska & W. Virginia

Jake Tapper and Dana Bash look like they are worried about a Tsunami that might hit their city.

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