Feminism Proves Freud’s Penis Envy Theory Correct


Feminism proves Freud’s Penis Envy theory correct

Sigmund Freud’s ideas on psychoanalysis, the id, ego, and superego as well as his ideas on primitive emotional and sexual forces dominating human psychology have largely been proven true by his nephew Edward Bernays. Bernays put Freud’s ideas to work for corporations and government, and the result has been an all-consuming culture of materialism and today, an elite-managed democracy. Both corporations and the government manipulate emotions rather than speaking to man’s intellect to maintain their power.

In addition, feminism has been proving Freud’s Penis Envy theory correct for half a century. Women have abandoned their feminine strengths and now pursue male avenues of personal fulfillment. In Anglo America, a society that has had a long history of difficult relations between the sexes, this has progressed to the point women are attempting to displace men from all avenues of the society. What is Penis Envy? According to Freud:

It is a stage during female psychosexual development, in which female adolescents experience anxiety upon realization that they do not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in a series of transitions toward a mature female sexuality and gender identity…it is sometimes used in contemporary culture to refer to women who are presumed to wish they were men.

What else is feminism than an attempt to turn women into men? John Smith of Quora puts it less tactfully but more honestly.

Since men often have more adult qualities, like being the bread winner in a family and essentially being a protector and provider (biological basis of attraction and male/female relationships) a woman feels like a child and inferior.

One of the most hilarious criticisms of the theory comes from feminists:

A significant number of feminists have been highly critical of penis envy theory as a concept and psychoanalysis as a discipline, arguing that the assumptions and approaches of the psychoanalytic project are profoundly patriarchal, anti-feminist, and misogynistic and represent women as broken or deficient men.

The hamster is really spinning the wheel to come up with that rationalization. What else is feminism but trying to turn women into broken or deficient men? Pretending there are not innate psychological, anatomical, and behavioral differences between the sexes is the height of insanity.


Feminism pushes the sexes to deny their innate sexual, behavioral, and anatomical differences ultimately resulting in an androgynous, sexless society

What Feminism Does to Society

Turning women into men (sans penis) as feminism wants to do is proving to have disastrous results for society. Women are increasingly being pushed into male spaces, and men are being told they cannot have male spaces any longer but dare not go into female “safe spaces.” Birth rates are tumbling such that societies that practice feminism are dying off, the family is being destroyed, and the sexes are becoming more feral in a sexual market that resembles the jungle. Feminism seeks rights and privileges but no responsibilities for women other than to become corporate drones that displace men from their jobs and roles in society, and importantly, reduce wages while increasing tax revenue.

It also teaches them the very important and respectable professions of mother and housewife are outdated and a product of evil men oppressing them. All these factors combine in an attack on traditional gender roles that have been an important part of the human species since it evolved, which boil down to the following:

Masculine roles are usually associated with strength, aggression, and dominance, while feminine roles are usually associated with childrearing, nurturing, and subordination.

Research proves both women and men are happier when they conform to this model, rather than the Western idea of trying to surpass human biology in a quest to realize Utopia. Interestingly, Spengler (who predicted the current malaise of Western culture in 1918) said Western man’s ultimate, unattainable goal – based on his Prime Symbol of Infinity – was turning himself into one of his machines, forgoing his biology. President Herbert Hoover quipped social engineers like Bernays were indeed turning men and women into happiness machines! And that was three-quarters of a century ago.

Marxists claim feminism is about achieving equality, but in reality it has these effects:

  • Turning women into taxpayers to add to the largesse of the system
  • Women dedicating their lives to an unloving corporation rather than a loving husband and family
  • Programming both men and women against their innate biological tendencies
  • Moving society towards androgyny; a sexless society
  • Ignoring and suppressing valid male issues
  • Seeking higher status for women via special rights and privileges
  • The rise of casual sex (and the Thousand-Cock Stare)
  • The decline of marriage
  • The decline of family
  • The rise of single parenting
  • Children being indoctrinated by the state rather than educated by their families
  • Rising numbers of fatherless children, leading to delinquency

Paul Gottfried, cultural critic has boiled all these bullet points down to this statement:

Feminism has been a social disaster that continues to take its toll on the family and has contributed to a descent by increasingly disconnected individuals into social chaos.

It’s the classic political tactic of divide and conquer. After social chaos is created, isolated, disconnected individuals are much easier for a state to manage than people who are members of strong, cohesive families.


Feminism encourages women to forego their natural strengths

Foregoing Femininity for Feminism

Feminism encourages women to forgo “oppressive” roles that actually play to their strengths in society: roles like wife, mother, and nurturer. There is perhaps no better illustration of Penis Envy than women labeling as outdated and oppressive the strengths their biology – and notably their vaginas – give them. Feminists want to be just like men instead of just like women.

The most famous case of women emulating men started in the 1960s with feminists burning their bras. Rather than prove Penis Envy wrong, behavior like this actually screams I want to go around with out a bra just like men, saggy breasts be damned!

Next up came I want to have a career and a job, just like men! However, in a cruel, corporate managed world that demands more and more from its employees for less and less reward, some women are beginning to realize that becoming a corporate bootlicker wasn’t such a good deal after all. After all, tending to their children (rather than having them raised by a nanny), baking cakes, watching soap operas, and vacuuming will not lead to the vortex of hell as feminism warns. (As an aside, in Latin America women laugh at the idea of household chores and activities like these for women being oppressive.)

Feminism, which paints women as eternal victims and men as eternal oppressors suggests women do indeed have an inferiority complex, which Freud showed stems from the realization women are anatomically “deficient” during what he called the Phallic Stage. And now, with the advance of modern technology, women can have a penis sewn on. Anglo-America’s weird concept of trying to reinvent biology and sexuality has led to such crises as the Great Transgenders and Toilets Debate.


Is sex a primitive, outdated concept and do men need to be neutered so they can be more like women?


Ultimately, feminism is a Trojan Horse used by Cultural Marxists to effectively neuter society. The goal of Marxism is a sexless society in which men are feminized and women are masculinized. Achieving equality really means achieving no sex at all: no penis, no vagina, no intercourse. Just sexless, corporate, taxpaying pods with no biology. In the minds of the damaged, evil individuals pushing this agenda, no sex and no gender will lead to a Utopia on earth.

A Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called The Outcast dealt with this concept. The episode focuses around the J’naii, and the echoes of the sexless society feminism seeks are chilling.

According to their official doctrine, the J’naii had evolved beyond gender and thus view the idea of male/female sexuality as primitive. Those among the J’naii who view themselves as possessing gender are ridiculed, outcast, and forced to undergo “psychotectic therapy” – a form of therapy meant to remediate gender-specificity [essentially neutering people] and allow acceptance back into J’naii society. Soren [who feels like a woman] is essentially put on trial where she passionately defends herself and expresses her outrage at what their society does to those who are different. J’naii diplomats force Soren to undergo this therapy, citing reformed citizens’ newfound happiness and desire to be normal.

It is reasonable to think, given the path society is now taking that people who have normal sexual urges and who believe in traditional gender roles will someday be sent to re-education camps in a similar way to the plot laid out in The Outcast.

Just look at how society already condemns traditional gender roles and excommunicates people who believe women should be subservient to men and that men should lead society. How dare you say a thing like that! When, for the vast majority of human history those sentiments would have been considered completely normal. This is the danger with slow, steady social engineering that uses feminism and the useful idiots that subscribe to it as one of many tools in a toolbox of social engineering. People are slowly indoctrinated into a completely new belief system without realizing how manipulated they have become.

Will the day come that men are forcibly neutered? Men have already been figuratively neutered in the West by cultural engineering schemes that force them to behave more like nice girls instead of rowdy boys, so they can be “normal” like females who quietly and calmly follow orders and do not question authority. Taking the next logical step towards an androgynous society sounds like the path to hell, not heaven.

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