Barbell Fat Loss


Barbells are good not only for building muscle, but losing fat

By: Snow, The New Modern Man Diet and Fitness Guru | Snow Training Systems

What if I told you you could do a short workout with just a barbell and some 10-25 lbs on each side and torch body fat? The average Joe is unaware of this fat loss tool. But it is definitely something most people would be interested in.

Barbell complexes are where it’s at. These complexes are great for burning extra calories and getting rid of body fat. Think of this tool as a way of taking your fat loss game to the next level. Barbell complexes are used by NFL players, UFC fighters and more. They are used by these athletes because they get results. If they didn’t get results these people wouldn’t be doing them.

So, how can these barbell complexes can get done?

To start, get a barbell and add either 10 lb plates on each side or a 25 lb plate on each side. If you can use the 25’s you’re a badass! The way to perform these is to do 5-8 exercises back to back without rest. If one time through the complex is too easy then do it twice, or even three times if you are tough. Pick 5-8 exercises. Here is an example.

Sample complex:

  • 7 dead-lifts
  • 7 bent over rows
  • 7 hang cleans
  • 7 front squats
  • 7 bicep curls

That is the complex I used as a finisher yesterday. It was tough but my muscles were on fire and it worked my lungs hard. I could tell that weakness was leaving my body just because I did this. It is something that most people can’t relate to. They only train for aesthetics. I train for aesthetics as well, but the main reason is to destroy any weakness I may have. I aim to eliminate weakness and grow my strength in every area. Only this time, unlike power lifters I am obsessed in increasing my strength in the higher rep rangers, the 6-12 rep range.

These barbell complexes are useful for anyone including power lifters. This will increase muscle mass all over the body.

The complex that I wrote in this post targets every muscle except the calves. These aren’t easy, your forearms will be on fire and you will want to quit. That is the precise moment when you need to push through it and advance to a new level. For the people who say they want progress I challenge you to complete a 2 barbell complexes this week. If you can do that I will know that you are serious about building muscle. They’re even better for power lifters because power lifters usually prefer training with barbells.

They also don’t take much time to complete. It may feel like it takes 30 minutes but really it takes 10-15 minutes tops. If you have a barbell at home they can be done at home. These can also be used when the lifter is looking to put on size. Barbell complexes serve every purpose. Women may only need to use a barbell with no weight to get a benefit from this. Just remember to pick 5-8 exercises, start with 5 at first.


Weight loss can be accomplished through weight training

For the Tough Guys

If you think you’re a tough guy, here is what I call the death complex.

Death Complex:

  • 6 Snatches
  • 6 Full Cleans
  • 6 Thrusters
  • 6 bent over rows
  • 6 deadlifts
  • 6 Back squats
  • 6 tricep extensions
  • 6 bicep curls

Whoever can complete that complex truly has earned and deserves respect. That complex can be used by anyone who wants faster results. Contrary to what others think, you can get faster results if you do more work. These can be programmed on a cardio day, rest day, or after a regular workout. To start I would recommend picking 5 exercises like I showed in the first sample, and doing them at the end of your regular workout.

Anyone can do these barbell complexes, people who are bulking and want to keep fat off of their bodies or people who are working to get shredded for summer.

The point is that these are a valuable tool to get in great shape and have a great physique. A lot of bodybuilders have great physiques but their physical conditioning and lung capacity needs work. This style of conditioning helps shred fat, build muscle and keep bodybuilders functional. Just remember that they are hard work. Here is something that people can do.

Action Step:

  • Do barbell complexes after a regular training session 3 times per week
  • Do barbell complexes twice per week as cardio on a separate day or later in the day

These barbell complexes work great at everything you can imagine. Remember that you aren’t invincible even the toughest people in the world have trouble completing 5 rounds of this. Shoot for being able to complete 3 rounds at first. If that gets too easy, then go 2-3 times in a row through the whole complex without taking a break. This is really difficult but it will get the metabolism going and it will improve your level of conditioning which will help you tolerate more work over a long period of time.

Improved conditioning can help any athlete, man, bodybuilder. Back in the day we could do more work without getting tired. Now, fatigue has turned a lot of people into whiners. “No you’re not hurt, you’re tired because your conditioning sucks.” I can remember my football coaches vividly telling me this. Back in the day I didn’t see why conditioning was useful, but now I completely understand the use for it.


Persevering involves more than just training, diet is also important

Not a Magic Pill


  1.  Barbell Complexes are to be done after training: This is done to maximize fat burning, a barbell complex is a series of barbell exercises done back to back without putting the bar down.  Barbell complexes won’t help you get shredded if your diet sucks.
  2.  Barbell complexes can be done as cardio on a separate day: While I would prefer my readers to do barbell complexes after regular workouts, these can be done on a separate day.  To do these on a separate day, simply do a couple of warm up sets with just the bar before adding weight to the normal complex.  Complete 3-5 rounds.  If one time through is too easy, do the complex 2-3 times.
  3. Barbell Complexes Improve Your Level of Conditioning: Since the lifter never puts the bar down, he is working metabolic conditioning, which will lead to more calories burned after working out.  Since he isn’t resting there is an anaerobic effect as well.  This will help the lifter with tolerating more work in the future.

In conclusion, barbell complexes aren’t a magic pill. What they are is a great tool that can be used for improved fat loss, better conditioning, and more muscle. They will help with speeding up the metabolism, but, they won’t fix a bad diet. Keep that in mind before you decide to blame barbell complexes for your lack of fat loss. No one will lose fat doing these if their diet is ineffective.

How do you know if your diet is ineffective? Are you losing body fat? Are you keeping muscle? Are you hungry all of the time? If you’re not losing body fat you are probably consuming too many calories. There are some rare exceptions, but, most men out there aren’t special unique snowflakes, they too can lose fat if they follow and execute a simple effective process.

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  • charlessledge001

    Been using barbell complexes for while. Use them with my clients they are very effective especially as a finisher.


  • Randy Couture’s 8×8 has been around for quite a bit. Very simple moves, but the test is to do 3,4,5 rounds with a minute rest between rounds. Plenty of guys in my time supplementing their time on the mat and in the squat rack with this training scheme. Awesome that you reformulated this and are bringing this back to the public eye.


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