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Commenter The Old West wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to Can a Woman Love a Man? he offers some wise insights:

It’s important to consider something, though:

Is love necessary in a marriage in order for a civilized society to exist?

Think about it. If there’s love between a married couple, the family unit as a whole will be much stronger, which results in better raising of the children. Without the cohesion that love between the husband and wife brings, the children would naturally notice the rift in the family. It might not be to the extreme of a couple who wants to get divorced but chooses to remain married in order to responsibly raise the children in an intact household, but wouldn’t it be similar?

This then raises another question to think about: what’s the difference between caring about your spouse and loving your spouse?

Personally, I think the term “love” as been co-opted today to mean more than it actually should. Either that or there’s a term that’s missing altogether. The head over heels in love type doesn’t last. I don’t think it lasts for anyone.

But the genuine caring for the well-being of your spouse, I think that does last. Or at least, it can. However, no one ever seems to think of love this way today. I don’t know if people used to or not, but I sure know they don’t today.

Women leave their marriages because they claim they “don’t love their husband anymore”

I think all of this bullshit is because society only considers the head over heels type of love as being love. With the massive amount of propaganda propagating this, women see no reason to stay with their husband when that inevitably wears off. There’s no sense of integrity or honor in this stunted definition of love.

Consequently, it has the added, unexpected effect of destroying the genuine caring for your spouse and your family that real love actually is. This is simply because women see no problem in completely abandoning their family (regardless of if there are kids or not) as soon as they no longer feel the head over heels sort of love.

This is a huge problem in today’s society. People today aren’t encouraged to ever actually care about anyone. People today see no reason to want to help others succeed. At least not in the Western world.

My last ex-girlfriend was from China. The love we had was more along the lines of what I consider real love. But because the Western garbage is spreading all around the globe, the Chinese are beginning to view love increasingly as the head over heels kind, rather than the commitment to building each other up kind.

Ultimately, this contributed to our relationship ending, among other things.

The Old West knows that marriages are historically about much, much, more than the fickle emotion of love. Only in the declining Western world have we subscribed to the illusion that male-female relations are about head over heels love rather than practical love. Marriages are about interdependence, building one another up, creating a stable next generation, while giving men what they want, sex, in exchange for what women want, security and stuff.

Adults now concern themselves more with making themselves happy than doing what’s best for society. Stanford economist Thomas Sowell sums it up this way:

Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades [and even beyond that] has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good.

What sounded good led us to decline, and the probable dissolution of Western society.

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One comment

  • “If there’s love between a married couple, the family unit as a whole will be much stronger, which results in better raising of the children.”

    A strong family union means a strong society. That goes against the interest of private business. No union, of any kind, family or labor, should be allowed in such economy. No bargaining power for health care, education, etc. should be permitted. If we get separated, we become vulnerable for exploitation. Our children will not get education. We can derive cheap labor and long working hours from such a society.

    You can see money is the root cause of all these problems. Remove money, and create money-less economy (MLE). MLE is the only economy that obeys the laws of nature. There is no need for money to run an economy. It is possible to run the exact same economy that we have now in the exact same way without any kind of money. Take a look at the MLE chapter at


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