Poll of the Week | May 24, 2016

Each Tuesday we pose a question to get feedback from you, our readers. Comments are welcomed. If your response does not conform to the answers presented or you would like to expand on your answer, leave a comment. Each poll opens on Tuesday and is closed the following Monday.

Last week’s poll reveals, by a large plurality men like women to have all the following traits, however a sweet personality (severely lacking with today’s masculinized fembot women) was a close runner up. The traits are: Doesn’t bitch, not fat, a pretty face, good in bed, and knows how to cook. Although, all of these traits individually were far behind a sweet personality statistically. If you possess all these, you are as good as platinum to men out there.

Ladies, men can overlook many faults or a lack of traditional, feminine qualities, but coming home to a ball busting woman is not one of them. Is it really that hard to be sweet in the 21st century?

This Week’s Poll

Results from Last Week’s Poll

Which is your favorite feminine trait?


WINNER: Can’t Choose Just One: 37.5%
Sweet Personality: 25%
Doesn’t Bitch: 11.5%
Nice Butt/Boobs: 8.7%
Not Fat: 6.7%
Pretty Face: 4.8%
Good in Bed: 2.9%
Knows How to Cook: 2.9%

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One comment

  • Voluntarily quit women (MGTOW). Ideally, I’d like to have a situation with a girl that just wants to bang once or twice a week with nothing else involved. My second choice would be an actual good, solid, happy and healthy relationship but we all know that’s hard to achieve these days. I’ve already spent a lot of time and money on girlfriends. I’m not willing to do it again unless I find a girl that meets all of my requirements so if something falls into my lap (no pun intended) I won’t turn it away but I’m not going to seek it out.


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