And You Thought Slavery Ended in 1865


Beyond the sex act, men have absolutely no reproductive rights and few legal rights

American politicians love to self-righteously pat themselves on the back, play the race card, and genuflect before audiences about the horrors of slavery. Oh, what backwards times those were. Surely the lessons have been learned after thousands of years of slavery worldwide, and we will never subject another human being to work under threat of imprisonment or other indignities.

As is the case with almost anything a politician says, the harsh truth shows just the opposite. Indeed, slavery was legally abolished in 1865, but it has been resurrected in the family court system. Men are being forced, by the teeth of the legal system to make wealth transfer payments to women despite the fact that in the 21st century the system tells each and every female to be a Strong, Independent Woman™ who Don’t Need a Man™.

Evidence shows quite the opposite. Women do need a man, and they especially need his child support check to clear every month. Meantime, he is reduced from father to sperm donor by the legal system and the woman who gets custody of the child if the relationship or the marriage doesn’t work out. The National Fatherhood Initiative report exposes the big business child support has become:

From 2001-2012, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports a whopping increase of 50 percent in child support collections from $21 billion to $31.6 billion.

Men are being tossed overboard from society, even though 4 out of 5 divorces are initiated by or caused by women. After all, what woman needs the inconvenience a man represents (with his needs for food, love, and sex) when the fruits of his labor can be forcibly extracted and delivered by Big Daddy Government?


The family court system frequently turns men into servants

Definition of Slavery

Let’s look at some definitions of slavery to see if they fit the definition and if being forced to make a payment that averages $400-500 a month, with no accountability on the part of the mother to show that the funds are being spent exclusively for the benefit of the child does indeed enslave a man. Here’s the first definition:

A condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.

To make a payment as large as the average child support payment and pay for all the other increasing costs of living, a man must work very hard  for employers and a society that does not remunerate him with a role as father nor does it appreciate him. It only desires the benefit of his labor. That’s one definition. Here are a few others.

  1. The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
  2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp. in being forced into work
  3. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

As we will see, women have absolute power over men in the court system. A man’s life, liberty and fortune are subject to forfeiture by an oppressive, legalistic system. He is forced to work, coming up with his monthly child support payment no matter what, even if it is for work done in harsh conditions and/or law pay. Here is yet another definition.

Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans allowing them to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. While a person is enslaved, the owner is entitled to the productivity of the slave’s labor, without any remuneration.

Being forced to pay a woman in order to stay out of jail means men are in effect property owned by the state, as men are bought by the court system and sold by women into bondage, and of course men cannot withdraw from the arrangement. The owner, the state, entitles itself to the productivity of the slave’s labor for 18 years, forcing payments to be made to a totally unaccountable “mother.”


Women have the right to choose, therefore men must be given the right to choose in the interest of equality

Legal Abortion: Men’s Right to “Choose”

One of the conditions of slavery is a party cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. It’s is an interesting condition to elaborate on. Men in the United States have no legal rights to withdraw from being fathers after conception, even though women can physically abort their child anytime they choose. This means women have all the power. In effect, all a woman has to do is find an idiot who makes a good salary to impregnate her, then she gets a guaranteed income for 18 years.

At the very least, to give men the rights granted to slaves in 1865 – to unilaterally withdraw from the arrangement – American lawmakers need to follow the model recently proposed by the Swedish, reported by the Daily Mail. Interestingly, this idea came from liberals:

Expectant fathers in Sweden should have the right to ‘legally abort’ their unborn child up until the 18th week of pregnancy, the youth wing of the country’s Liberal Party has proposed. Swedish Liberal Youth argues that men should be given an equal say in whether or not they wish to become a parent, and be granted the option to cut any lawful responsibilities. The suggested ‘legal abortion’ would be irreversible and would see the man renounce all parental duties and rights to see the child once it has been born.

Men are currently given no say in whether or not they wish to become a parent after the sex act. Once again we see bias against men in society, while women play the victim card to their benefit.


Statistically, women are more likely to become deadbeats than men

Deadbeat Moms

The phrase Deadbeat Dads is a popular one on the left and in the media. But we never hear the term Deadbeat Moms, even though women have a higher percentage of child support defaults (i.e. not paying) than men.

  • 32% of custodial fathers did not receive child support payments
  • 25% of custodial mothers did not receive child support payments

The statistics get even more interesting. Mothers default more often even though they are statistically not forced to pay as much as fathers by the court system.

  • The average due to custodial mothers is $4,800 annually
  • The average due to custodial fathers is $4,100 annually

So, even though women do not have to pay as much child support as men do, they become deadbeats more often. The media never discuss this, nor do lawmakers. Also, thanks to a gynocentric court system that displays the opposite of “equality” leftists and feminists claim to hold so dear:

  • 84% of the time women get custody
  • 16% of the time men get custody

If equality was truly a desired outcome, rather than women continuing to enjoy all legal rights and privileges men would get custody 50% of the time, or both parties would co-parent (as is done in Iceland) and neither would be forced by the legal system to make payments to the other.


Men need to be more than sperm donors in the eyes of the law

Nothing More than Sperm Donors

Male utility is often cited as the only use women have for men in the modern age. In the long darkness before man became civilized, men were not given roles in society. After giving men roles in society, civilization flourished. By banishing fathers from the matriarchal kingdom, we have regressed, not progressed as a society.

There has been some kickback to this model of female privilege and superiority, however. Check out what some people are saying about a family court system that enslaves men. Daniela Carrigo posted this comment on the National Fatherhood Initiave’s page:

As a woman it infuriates me that dads’ sites always start with ‘respect the child’s mom’ and mom’s sites never mention dad. Dad sites say ‘pay child support’ or ‘be fiscally responsible for your child’ and mom sites, not so much – like -never. You want to protect marriage? Make giving dads custody and making moms pay child support the NORM. All studies show moms start divorce proceedings or, in the majority of births today, never marry dad – why, alimony is on its way out but child support is tax free and GUARANTEED. Cut off the free cow and women (as one I know) will stop raising kids dad free with free money. Get a damn job and stop expecting money from the man you keep the child from! You should be able to earn enough to not need child support OR you don’t DESERVE THE CHILD!!!!

Indeed, there is rarely if ever any question of accountability on the part of the mother. Men are blamed for the sex act, while women are not blamed for spreading their legs. Also, women make fun of men, as you would expect from a predator, in a way that seems to be subconsciously saying you fooled with me the predator, foolish male, and you got eaten.

This interesting discussion was posted at Yahoo! Answers.

Think about it, the man has his monthly income taken away from him. Not to mention he can go to jail for not paying this fine. This utterly DESTROYS any motivation the man may have to work harder/improve his performance or start a business for example, what’s the point if his hard-earned money is just stolen from him?

Meanwhile, the woman is free to mess around w/ other guys w/ the money she receives for free from her former victim. The financial needs of the child are almost always a small fraction of what she receives, and so she is free to spend the extra money on purses/shoes/jewelry, etc.

The saddest part is, the man is denied of seeing his child either by the woman or the Gov’t, despite any attempts he may try to make contact. Even worse is when the woman trains the kid to hate his dad by calling him a “deadbeat” or a “loser”, when in fact this is usually further from the truth (MOST fathers will not abandon their kid).

Child support is nothing but slavery. The fact that a few careless/manipulative women can exploit the system to deny honest men contact with their children WHILE stealing 50-60% of their hard-earned income is just wrong.

The discussion continues with this response:

I totally agree with you. That’s why more men are foregoing the marriage and staying single. I can tell you that if my wife and I divorced I would never get remarried. Divorces are slanted against men. Women are so vindictive when it comes to revenge that they can’t see how their actions are hurting men and their own kids. If the courts were a lot more fair and the lawyers a lot less greedy then men would not be so afraid of the marriage contract or the results of some woman with dollar bills in her eyes.

Men are waking up to the fact that any dealing with an Anglo American women puts their entire life in jeopardy. Rather than an accident, this outcome the aim of the social engineers who designed the system: make sex and reproduction so risky for men they will not reproduce, which will lead to population control. That’s the idea in theory. In reality, it means that good, hardworking, law-abiding men are not reproducing because of the hell the legal system has created, but thugs and bad boys are reproducing because they are often in trouble with the law anyway and don’t give a damn. Statistics bear this out: Criminals have an average of 3.0 children, while the average for the rest of the population is 1.75 children (2.1 for American Hispanics).

The penalty for slaves who don’t pay once they are indentured by a state that meddles in family matters is discussed below, from the same Yahoo! Answers board.

If you come up short on child support you immediately get a warrant issued. The best solution I’ve seen for a more equitable solution for child support would be for the custodial parent to provide receipts to CSA and checks issued as valid reimbursements (just like a FSA account), any money not used out of that month gets returned. This will separate the good responsible parents from the not so responsible parents, unaccountable money leads to fraud and theft.

The stories of this waste of child support money are numerous among men I know. In one case, a friend of mine is forced to make $1,500 in child support payments each month. However, his kids go around in raggedy clothing while mommy dearest drives an Escalade and always looks like she just walked out of the mall.


The figurative ball and chain still exists in Anglo America’s family court system

Slavery Still Exists

As these facts show, slavery literally still exists for men of all colors in the United States of America. If women are to be empowered, they must not be given a legal crutch with which they can support their past bad choices, including choosing fathers they could not reasonably have expected to stay with until the children they create together are raised. We have discussed definitions of slavery. Here is a term women need to learn, as it comes with the territory of an empowered individual:

Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

To be empowered, women must also become accountable. Uncle Sugar is an enabler of bad choices for women, and his enabling must be stopped. Men are already being held legally accountable for their actions, however men do not get the same privileges women do. There are four ways to rectify this injustice:

  • Men need to have reproductive rights which are on par with those of women. My body, my choice needs to have the legal equivalent of Me Being Enslaved, My choice. Men must be given the right to a legal abortion if women are given the rights to a physical abortion. This will force women to be prudent about reproductive decisions.
  • Gynocentrism in the courts must be eliminated, and fathers must be given custody half the time; or adopt a model in which custody is shared and no forced payments are created by the court system.
  • Men must be legally recognized as more than sperm donors and check-writers, abandoning the no fault divorce system and returning to a model in which fault must be proven to get a divorce.
  • Or, even better, the government needs to stay out of familial matters between two adults and let them sort out the matters for themselves.

The current legal system makes men totally disposable rather than stakeholders in the family and society. Many of us feel this is by design of social engineers and Marxists rather than any real concern about women’s rights. The true goal is to reduce mothers and fathers to squabbling factions who wage war on each other in the court system. It also reduces population as it makes reproduction a huge legal risk for men, and in effect turns men into slaves.

Leaving the family in the hands of a corrupt government is destroying it. As George Orwell put it: The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians. Authoritarians have created Big Daddy Government, a Big Daddy that has removed real fathers from society and enslaved them. Libertarians are trying, unfruitfully, to get the government out of our families.

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