Weekend Reading | May 27, 2016


Here are some of the most politically incorrect, incisive, interesting, or original links from around the web for the weekend of May 27, 2016.


Huffington Post Shows Their Idea of “Diversity” Is Hiring Only Non-Black Women (and No Men!)

The executive editor of The Huffington Post, Liz Heron, has celebrated “diversity” at her workplace by tweeting a photo of 14 non-black women and no men at an editorial meeting. Aside from steadfastly refusing to have at least one African-American or male editor in the room (and creating a seating plan that keeps multiple Asian staff at the far end of the table), Heron sought fawning approval from the Twittersphere for her “inclusive” employment policies.

Fat Acceptance is the Leftist Elite’s Ultimate Cultural Doomsday Device

I’ve noticed a recent trend on ROK these past few weeks: the editors are reaching back into the vault and reminding us of some key tenets of not only game, but of nation building and societal maintenance. Of particular note is the series of common-sense articles posted regarding overweight women, and why right-thinking men should avoid them like the plague. But whenever I read an article here, I like to delve deeper down the rabbit hole.

Style Guidelines for Men

Style is something that should be simple and timeless. Something that when your grandchildren look back upon they will look on with respect not wonder. When grandchildren look upon pictures of their grandfather’s in their well pressed army uniform or in a nice suit at their wedding they feel a sense of pride. If they look back on their grandfather’s with long greasy hair, a ratty t-shirt, and jeans with holes in them they will feel something else, and that something else is not pride.


Barmeister: The Online Guide to Drinking

Cocktail recipes, drinking games, bar reviews, and more.


How to Defeat Censorship in Internet Ghettos

Alex Jones breaks down how Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are censoring those that the establishment disagrees with, as Infowars has shown time and time again.

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