Comment of the Week | May 29, 2016


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Comment of the Week | $5 Cash Winner

Commenter Nikolai Vladivostok wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to The Hedonic Treadmill Explains Why You Can’t Buy a Woman’s Love he replied with a classic role reversal tactic that can be used on women when they are trying to extract resources or pointless consumer items.

When dating one should rarely give a woman anything. Exceptions made for much older men with younger women. No exception for whores – just stick to the fee as negotiated plus moderate tip if deserved.

What you give a girlfriend is the inherent goodness of your company, conversation and sexy time. If that’s not enough for her then you need to find someone else. I once had a girl who complained I never did anything special for her. As the relationship was in its autumn anyway I trollishly experimented by saying, ‘I feel the same way. How come you never get me flowers or chocolates? Not once!’ She was quite confused.

You know, now that I think of it, I can neither remember that girl’s name or what she looked like.

How many men think to put princess on the spot when she is demanding flowers, chocolates, and other tokens from her servant? The answer: Not enough men think of it. Women often act like they’re masters and men are slaves in relationships. They typically do not like it when the slave pulls out a role reversal like this. If she coos with glee after being challenged in this manner, then stops asking you for gifts, you’ll know she sees you as an Alpha male, and not a Beta she can take advantage of financially. If she gives you the fire and brimstone treatment, you’ll know you are not anything more to her than a Beta meal ticket.

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