Male Majority in Sweden Irks Feminists


Feminists are upset that men are now living as long as women do in some countries, challenging the demographic majority females enjoy

Feminists are aghast at surprising new statistics revealing the male population now exceeds the female population in Sweden in certain age groups. Even worse, to them, the male surplus is only expected to grow in the coming decades.

Male population gains have happened as a result of a two-pronged effect of the massive influx of military-aged “refugees” flowing into the country, and gains in men’s health as males are finally achieving life expectancies on par with females. Despite a natural birth rate of 105 males to every 100 females born, because of biases against men in society which cause men to die in larger numbers and live shorter lives, women have traditionally outnumbered men in Europe and the rest of the world. The findings, reported by Daily Mail, reflect the results of better male health and men shifting away from dangerous industrial jobs, in which they are disproportionately injured and die.

Experts say men, particularly in western Europe, are living healthier lives than their fathers, drinking and smoking less, and benefiting from better treatment of heart disease. In wealthy countries, men have moved away from mining and other dangerous occupations to safer white-collar jobs.

Still, well over 90% of industrial deaths are male – showing the push for “equality” is only in areas of society that provide exclusive benefit to women, i.e. all reward and no risk, rather than any desire to help share the risks of society with men. Also, combat deaths are still over 99% male, showing another bias against men. Tellingly, women were upset after the sinking of the Costa Concordia in Italy because they were not afforded the privilege of exiting to a life raft before men were. The misandrist mentality that women are somehow “better” than men still pervades Western culture.

To many, men making gains in longevity is a terrible nightmare. Of course, Valerie Hudson, speaking to the left-leaning Daily Mail from the safety of her perch at Texas A&M University, had this solipsistic comment to make:

Are people thinking about whether this could undermine the gains that have been made by Swedish women over the last 150 years? This is one of the most dramatic alterations of demography over such a short period of time that I’ve ever seen.

Right away, we have the insinuation that population gains by men are a bad thing, showing the misandry inherent in Anglo culture. Hudson may be terrified to find out the gains by men are expected to accelerate in the coming decades. Already, in the age 15 to 19 group, there are 108 boys for every 100 girls. The imbalance may grow to as high as 115 boys for every 100 girls this year when the impact of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” is reflected in population statistics. By 2050, statistics say the imbalance could be even higher.

Rather than celebrating the gains for men, misandrist Western governments display their stereotypical, sexist view of men as rapists and other sorts of miscreants with their comments. The Western predilection of “exploit the penis, protect the vagina” comes into play with this this insinuation from Thomas Sobotka of the Vienna Institute of Demography.

[Women] could also face an increased risk of harassment from frustrated males struggling to find a mate.

Insane leftist policies mean that asking a woman out on a date has become “harassment.”


Sweden is only the first EU nation in which males are becoming the majority; other nations will soon follow

Men Are Undesirable to Feminist Governments

Western governments are up in arms because any progress by men is bad in their minds. Even if that progress is due to the fact liberal “diversity” policies have been so successful, combined with the fact men are no longer dropping like flies because they have been feminized. Swedish demographer Lena Lundkvist insinuates men need to be somehow exterminated or forced into deadlier jobs to make sure women remain the majority in other countries where men will soon outnumber women.

In some countries, the mortality rate for men is still very high. If men change their behavior, things are going to move quickly in those countries, too.

In the rest of the 28-member Soviet…er…European Union the proportion of men is also increasing steadily. Perhaps more than anything, men outnumbering women would represent a shift in the balance of power in elections, especially close ones. For that reason, feminists and their White Knights are formulating ways to keep men down because men are supposed to be subservient to women in the 21st century.

Jacqui True, feminist at Monash University in Australia suggests dealing with men’s progress by further emasculating men, as male traits such as “aggression” and “hierarchies” are undesirable to society that wishes for women to dominate men.

How many men there are in a population matters less than how much a society is shaped by “hyper-masculine” gender characteristics such as aggression and hierarchies where males are preferred.

True said nothing criticizing policies of Western governments that institute hierarchies where females are preferred, nor did she criticize “hyper-feminine” gender characteristics, revealing another bias. In other words, men are better off dead to Western governments than they are upsetting Utopian, feminist schemes by being alive. The thought never occurs these demographic changes have been brought on by their own policies of open-door immigration and the feminization of men.

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  • They can’t even conceal the fact that more men need to literally die, like grave-yard dead, just to ease their minds a little bit about some quibbling social issue.


  • heres a way to fix it, import slavic women esp from war torn ukraine. Since eastern europe has more women then men, think veitnam,philipines and brazil have that too?

    women will complain either way, “not enough good men, where are all the men”…..import men…..”omg too many men”


  • Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s the secret dream of every woman. Little did they know that the shades incur real life beatings, horrific gang rape, torture, genocide, beheadings and real life ‘misogyny’. That’s why I love women. So willing to do themselves in. Give ’em enough rope…


  • I thought ugly Swedish women wanted to let virile male migrants in for that very reason. Ah, always complaining.
    It might also work to female interests because the proportion of men dropping out will be counterbalanced by a increasing total number of men, thus providing a permanent solution.
    But . . .


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