5 Signs You Are a Walking Wallet

Women have evolved to extract resources from men

Women have evolved to extract resources from men

In my going on 4 decades on this planet, I have dated and bedded a lot of women, especially after I learned the Red Pill truth about them. However, in darker days I was nothing but a walking wallet to women. After having been stewed and basted in a gynocentric Anglo American culture and school system which encourages men to be weak, approval seeking Betas, and having the disfortune of my father dying when I was 12 of a heart attack from being overworked, thereby being forced to learn about women and the world on my own, I was ripe for the picking for Predatory Females.

Generally speaking, they hung around until my money ran out. This happened time and time again, yet I could not see what was happening to me. I would deny it, and resolve to work harder, run faster on that treadmill, and make even more money. After all, that’s what marketing and indoctrination teaches men. They have to make themselves into a wealthy prize, then offer themselves up as a meal ticket to be consumed by the first female that will have them.

That’s all a load of bull. As I have discovered, women want a strong man who is not a weak Beta. One that will stand up to them, one that will not allow himself to be taken advantage of, and most importantly, one who knows how to firmly say no. Here are 5 things I learned after studying why I was being used by women, then making changes to the way I deal with them. These are changes which serve me will to this day.


Taking women on expensive dates is the wrong tactic, no matter what they say

The List

5. You often buy drinks for women. Never, ever buy a drink for a women. Not only does it waste your money but nothing says (figuratively) slip a $100 out of my wallet, I’m a thirsty Beta more than buying a drink for a woman. Better to have a cocky, funny come back when she asks. Like: But wouldn’t you like to buy a handsome guy like me a drink? Or, I would but I just got out of prison and I’m broke. The object is to deflect her request and substitute something that’s either entertaining, challenges her in a humorous way, or both.

4. You always pay for dates. At my worst, as a broke freshman in college I took a girl with a kid out for a $75 dinner to show what a nice, understanding guy I was. After all, I thought, it wasn’t her fault that mean old guy that got her pregnant just ran off and left her. I now cringe at having just typed that. What did she do? Did she invite me in her apartment on the bad part of town for a night cap and a piece of action? No, I was sent home as soon as she had extracted the money from my wallet. Lesson learned.

Be bold and be funny, but do not pay for anything. This idea goes back to the cardinal rule: Alpha fux, Beta bux. Say it once. Say it 10 times. Say it 100 times until it sticks in your long-term memory. Women let Alpha bad boys wear them out until they come out walking funny from the bedroom, but once her limbic brian (the residence of the infamous Rationalization Hamster) has zeroed in on you as a nice guy Beta, she will perform every mental gymnastic known to mankind to extricate the maximum payout from you while giving you little, to most likely zero vaginal or oral return.

3. You take women shopping. Idiocy. There is no other way to put this. Women love to shop and buy useless crap. If you let her get you into the mall or department store, good luck, buddy. Refuse to go, and again do it in a cocky, funny way. Tell her you are not one of her girlfriends. Again, as counterintuitive as this seems, women do not respect men who have to resort to buying them things to get into their panties. Being a walking wallet screams I am a man who is not valuable enough to women to get sex just for who I am. I have to buy them tokens of appreciation and hope for the best. Wrong tactic. Bad move. Stay out of the store, and keep your money in your wallet.

2. Women only seem interested when you have cash. We all know the fair weather friend, those who just magically pop up out of the blue when we have money, status, or power, and everything is coming up roses. They just love us to death until our back turns and/or storm clouds gather in our lives. Well, women always operate this way. They are the fair weather friend you have sex with. If you are a Beta, she will give you loving until your bank account runs dry. However, if you are Alpha, she will hold your hand through even the worst storms of life, and give you sexual delights most men dare not dream of even when you are broke.

If you have money and have a girl or girls, cut off the money supply and see how long they stay around. If a girl is really into you, she will stay no matter what. If you are the human equivalent of a toiletry item in her mind, she will flush you down as the drain soon as you cut her off. It’s a simple as that.

1. You are financially insolvent, and don’t know why. So, you make a decent salary but you are always broke. Let’s take a look. This is most likely because you have bought into the Great Marketing Machine’s line that you will be attractive to women if you buy this, this, this, and that. You need a nice car. You need $100 cologne. You need to have designer furniture and the latest flat screen and other tech gadgets. Ask yourself…are you buying these things for yourself or because deep down, psychologically you think you will be more valuable to women by virtue of having these things? If you are a true badass, women will come to you no matter what you own.

Beyond living a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption so as to try and raise your social status to women, many men’s money seems to draw legs and walk out of their wallets whenever women are around. If a woman is calling you cheap, it’s because she has targeted you to pay for things and sees you as a Beta meal ticket. If she swoons after you tell her get that other guy to buy you something, you’ll know she sees you as an Alpha.

Men are often broke or go bankrupt without knowing why. This is how skilled women are at extracting money and other resources from them. As soon as these men are dumped, having been consumed by the female, they suddenly notice their financial situation has improved 100%. The fact women drive 4 out of 5 purchasing decisions (marketers call the American economy the She-conomy because of this) confirms their spendthrift, recklessly wasteful and materialistic mentalities.

If you don’t have money despite working hard, be sure to take a long, hard look at your finances to determine if it is not in fact women, or trying to look good to women that is causing your malaise.


Women respect a man who respects himself


In short, women take advantage and men let them. It is the psychological weakness of the good guy women thrive on. They consider themselves entitled to money and shiny things because they are all princesses and damsels, and hold the keys to the Golden Vagina. All their talk about not needing a man is just parroting lines they’ve learned through their manipulation by feminists, and in no way means they will not take advantage of men at every opportunity, then laugh at you behind your back for being such a putz.

As always, look out for number one. It may be a difficult change, but women will either 1) come to respect you as a man who respects himself, or 2) they’re financial predators you didn’t need in your life in the first place. Never being or becoming a walking wallet is one of the most important Game and money tips a man can learn.

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