The Quick and Dirty 7-Step Guide to Game


A quick and dirty guide to picking up chicks, condensed into 7 steps

Volumes have been written on Game and pick-up artistry since the inception of the web. It takes time to sift through all the wisdom and develop a strategy for bedding women. Those reams of writing and countless tips, while containing a cornucopia of knowledge for the Red Pill man can take a lot of time and determination to develop into a workable strategy. Much of this information can be condensed into a Quick and Dirty 7-Step Guide to memorize when out on the prowl.

Before proceeding, know that no method is 100% foolproof. Go into pickup artistry with the mindset of an apprentice. Most men (except naturals) do not have success right away. The biggest stumbling block is becoming discouraged by failure, regressing to adherence to political correctness and what females say they want from men. Take all that information and throw it into the trash. The real world does not operate the way society’s myths say it does.

A woman simply is, a man must become. Becoming a man who is successful with women takes a lot of work, especially in an r-selected sexual market. Salesmen are often told they will be told “no” by prospective clients 99 times out of 100, but the 1% of people who say “yes” will make their fortunes. Wolves, when hunting, only score a kill 1 out of 5 times. Do salesmen give up and go crawl in the corner and give up? Do wolves starve because most hunts end in failure? Certainly not. Similarly, lions on the savannah only enjoy a successful hunt 1 out of 5 times. In today’s sexual jungle in Anglo America a man must either hone his hunting skills, do without or leave a degenerating nation for greener pastures.

Here are 7 Quick and Dirty PUA steps for the newly minted poon hunter who has decided to proceed into the jungle that is today’s sexual market.


Practice makes perfect, don’t expect success right away when honing your skills

The Steps

Before heading out: Sartorial choices are extremely important. The old maxim the clothes make the man are words to live by, especially when hunting women. If you look like every other douche in the bar or club, you are not going to stand out. The importance of peacocking can’t be overstated – but dress in a way that makes you stand out without becoming a parody of yourself. Personally, I like to dress up in white. A nice white dress shirt, white pants, nice white shoes, and white fedora with just a little silver and black jewelry/bling. Men who are dressed in white get noticed, in my experience. Clothing color is not as important as communicating a sense of style and getting noticed. Hair style and weight are also important to your success. Find a style that looks good and stay in shape physically. Go on a diet if necessary.

7. Pick a girl. The hunt begins. Like a hunter out on the savannah, you are a figurative lion looking for his next romantic meal. Leave self-doubt at the door. If introverted, it may help if you have a few drinks before cold approaching so as to loosen up socially, but do not become a stumble bum before approaching. Wingmen are a major confidence booster and also help get a man into a social mood. If the girl you approach turns out to be undesirable, i.e. she has that “far-away look” but once you see her up close you lose interest, a wingman also makes a convenient way to abort the mission and refocus on a new girl. I have to go over here, my friend needs something.

Once you have isolated a sexy girl, it’s time to swoop in. Before swooping in, pick out some foible about her (large nose, large ears, weird clothing, etc.) and keep her faults mind – the girl you are approaching is not perfect, she is not a princess, she is just another girl. Taking her off the pedestal in your mind helps boost confidence, and helps you shake off any failure you might have.

6. Approach with a cocky but humorous attitude and a 1,000 watt smile. The importance of smiling while playing the mating game is underrated. It communicates self-confidence, and women will subconsciously think, wow this guy really has it going on if he’s that happy. Remember: Abundance mentality and you are the prize! Approach with a witty, backhanded compliment. One possibility is: Wow, that’s a nice dress. My mom has one just like it. The idea is to give her a compliment that’s a bit of an insult, but with plausible deniability. This move dethrones her psychologically from being Little Miss Princess to just another girl. Do not expect her to show interest after dropping a backhanded compliment, in fact the bitch shields will probably be set at maximum if you are in Anglo America. (Abroad, women haven’t yet been taught to hate men, so the approach is slightly different.)

5. Neg. Expect her to shit test you after you have dropped the backhanded compliment. She will insult you, challenge your masculinity, tease or taunt you. Have witty, short answers to her insults ready to go. Do not back off from the original, witty remark or comment you made. Neg her, which means to once again verbally knock her down a few notches. (Important: This must be done in a humorous, self-confident way!) Tailor your negs to the Sexual Market Value of the girl you are approaching. For 6s to 8s, generic negs will do. Here are a few example negs to sarcastically drop when responding to teases, taunts and insults:

  • Wow, you are very modest.
  • You are certainly above it all aren’t you.
  • Yikes, you are judgmental.
  • Um, you are the happiest person I’ve met today.
  • You are straight-laced, etc.

For 9s and 10s, stronger, in-her-face negs must be used because these women are constantly approached by men and are used to the Game. The ability to drop quality negs will increase with experience and observing the reactions of women as you drop them.

4. Make her laugh. Remember: cocky, funny. Be an asshole. Make fun of others as you people watch (women love men who criticize others, as odd as this will be if you are a nice person). Making fun of others also displays narcissism, which is one trait women love (no matter what they tell you!) in men. Also, do not talk too much! Talking too much sends Beta male signals to her limbic brain. Law 4 from the 48 Laws of Power is vital: Always Say Less Than Necessary. Let her initiate the topics of discussion, then respond in an aloof, humorous manner with as few words as possible.

3. Initiate kino. Kino is light touching intended to put her in the mood. It also communicates dominance. Betas will not initiate touching as they’re too shy. But, tonight you are an Alpha! Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it. For instance: start by touching her arm to emphasize a point in your conversation. When she says something uncool, pat her on the back and shake your head. This progresses to hugging, a hand on her leg, dancing or touch that is a bit more intimate if she is receptive. Otherwise, drop her and look for another girl, as avoiding the development of one-itis is crucial. Betas make the mistake of having a scarcity mentality. Remember, she is only a girl. In late kino, the goal is to have her sitting on your lap, kissing you, having her head on your shoulder or lap, or giving you fellatio in a dark corner.

2. Make her chase you. Women chase what recedes. Do not turn into a pile of jelly or become a Beta who talks too much or clings to her after she has shown interest. Give the impression you are not an easy man to tame. Once she is responding to you, corny role reversal jokes like Don’t think you can take me back to your apartment and take advantage, I’m not that easy! not only subconsciously communicate you are a man who is sought after by other women, but get her rationalization hamster thinking about sex at the same time. By toying with her emotions, you can turn her into putty in your hands. While executing step 2, push-pull her: Seem uninterested one minute, then interested the next.

Women communicate using emotion, and do not respond to men who use logic. Emotion is the language of love: First, aloofness when approaching, then cocky funny, then strong and unbending to her shit tests, later remaining a mystery by not saying too much, followed by light touching to give her tingles, finishing by making her chase you once she has emotionally invested in the pick-up approach. Next up is the happiest part, the close.

1. Close. If you have executed the previous steps properly, luring her into a romantic tryst should be easy at this point. If she agrees, do not go all Beta. She’ll back off. Remain aloof, cool, calm, and collected. Remain the strong, confident jerk that sparked her interest. Be assertive and instruct her as to where you both are headed. Do not ask her what she wants to do! That’s a fatal mistake. Lead, and she will follow. If you have done your job properly, she will follow you back and you’ll wake up with her in your arms the next morning after a wild night rolling in the hay.


Most of today’s women are not worth the investment entailed by a relationship

Pump and Dumps

Beyond enjoying sexual closes with hot girls, here are a few tips to keep you safe in today’s legalistic, male-hating culture. Quite frankly, most women you are meet in today’s degenerate culture are only good for having fun. Don’t get sucked into a relationship because 99 times out of 100 it is going to cost you much more than it is worth.

Psychologically, women will expect some sort of recompense for rewarding you with sex. Don’t fall into the trap. You are the Alpha that gives her a good time sexually, not the Beta who pays her bills until he goes bankrupt. Also, remember the importance of not getting a girl pregnant in today’s culture of male slavery/child support. This could be the ultimate disaster for your finances and freedom.

The basics listed above are a simplified introduction to pickup up chicks and getting laid. You can fine-tune your hunting skills based on your experiences, the social environment of the city you live in, and what gives you the most success. Some men will have better physical attributes than others, and will not have to work as hard because of it. Others will be better at negs and humor than they are with physical attractiveness. Appearance, while important, is not as important as attitude.

There are a lot of ways the 7 steps can be personalized to suit the individual practicing them. Just as every hunter must be gently guided as he begins his first hunt, every aspiring pick-up artist must be pointed in the right direction, free to make mistakes and learn from his own experiences while adhering to a set of generalities such as these. Forget the indoctrination you’ve been given, these are the realities of dating in the 21st century.

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  • Good Article. I got one question: Could You tell me the name of the girl number 3?
    (The blonde one).
    Greetings from Germany


  • charlessledge001

    Great article. Something that I start trying to consciously do more is smiling when I meet girls. Not a giant tooth filled “cheese” type of smile but more of a cocky grin. That are understanding how much women love being teased when done with a good attitude. Luckily for me touch is something I have always done naturally and was responsible for much of my early success before I consciously knew what I was doing.


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