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Commenter Riccardo, Rome wins Comment of the Week and gets $20! In response 7 Steps on the Road to Minimalism, he explained how downshifting helped him find freedom.

Personally, I found out minimalism a few years ago and have happily applied it to my life. My rule is simple: if I have never used it in the past year I throw it away. It’s the right not-too-extreme approach in my opinion, but it’s incredible how many things you realize have remained completely untouched in a closet for months and months. In the end, you really use the same couple things in your everyday life. Having everything in electronic devices also helps a lot with disposing of useless stuff.

After a couple of long backpacking trips you realize that you can very well live off one piece of luggage if you want. I recently renovated the place where I live and threw away lots of boxes of things.

I also disposed of 2/3 of the books I owned, which was a real sacrifice for me, because I have been raised with the idea that books are somehow sacred and it’s a taboo to throw them away. But in the end also books are things. What I know is that more stuff means more problems. Life is not what you have, but how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

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