Wednesday Infographic: The Divorce-Industrial Complex


5 frightening statistics for men

If ever there was any doubt men are viewed as disposable meal tickets, these 5 facts will help clarify.

If men aren’t happy, they are expected to suck it up, man up, and stay in the marriage. But if women aren’t happy, they can walk out the door at anytime and are encouraged to do so. Thanks to lawyers and a legal system that pays for its luxury sedans and mansions with the blood sucked out of working men, the divorce industry has ballooned into a $50 billion a year travesty in America.

Moving on, female privilege makes an appearance on the chart as women win custody of children 4 out of 5 times. Still think women and society ultimately see you as anything but a sperm donor? In many states alimony payments can last long after the marriage has ended. Payments into the alimony system soared from $6 to $9 billion in a decade’s time. And, of course, there is the family court system’s other favorite form of indentured servitude. The average child support payment is $500 a month for 18 years. Invested instead on growth stock mutual funds rather than helping fuel consumerism, this turns into a small fortune over that same time period.

One can look at this two ways: marriage broke on its own as individualism took over, or marriage was broken on purpose by feminism.

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