Comment of the Week | June 5, 2016


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Comment of the Week | $5 Cash Winner

Commenter Jacob the Gentleman wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to Gungate: Always Press Record When Talking to the Media, he discusses not only recording journalists when doing interviews to keep them honest in case they decide to do one of their beloved hit pieces, but also touched on the fact that people consume WAY too much news in the U.S. This has made the country polarized and hyper-politicized. He also levels a comical attack on Katie Courva. (You can Google what Courva means in Slavic to see why we use that nickname for her).

My thought is a controversial person could have sting operations on journalists by recording their interviews and then exposing them if the journalist edits it like in your example.

I think our society would calm down immensely if everyone stopped watching the news so damn much. Like you said, nowadays all they do is manufacture outrage. Drop them like you would drop any other addiction and begin the healing process. I am a very mellow dude and I maintain my great mood by avoiding news outlets and Facebook garbage.

Finally, Katie Couric in that top pic looks like she’s possessed by a demon and about to eat your flesh off. What a truly unflattering picture.

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