Eye Candy of the Week | June 5, 2016

Poolside with a real beauty from the Far East. Here’s our Eye Candy of the Week for June 5, 2016.



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  • I agree on the makeup. When I was living in Japan I generally wasn’t attracted to young women because I couldn’t see them. They all had clown faces on. I once dated a 40 year old woman who never wore makeup and she was tasty. Ah, Japan.
    Now I live in a country where women don’t age so well and where makeup is less popular. I’m dating a 25 year old.


  • Very nice but I don’t like the airbrushing. My girl looks a bit like that but, up close in good light, she has little pimples on her shoulders. Fine black hairs on her back and below her navel. A few tiny bruises on her legs. She doesn’t have any cellulite or unsightly folds but if photos show that on other girls, all the better. I’m talking about real-life imperfections in hot chicks, not aesthetic abominations.
    Am I alone in this preference? And, does this sexual orientation bring me to the front of the line for government employment?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Incidentally, I agree about airbrushing and digital photo manipulation. I like imperfections too. The sin qua non of a truly beautiful girl is if she passes the “no makeup” test. If I am still attracted to her when she washes off her war paint, or better yet usually doesn’t wear it, she’s a keeper. The pic of her by the pool is why I chose her for this week’s Eye Candy. Very nice.


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