Homosexuality Up, Heterosexuality Down


The number of people experimenting with gay sex is rising, however the number reporting being exclusively gay remains extremely low

The number of men and women who admit to having gay sex has doubled over the past generation according to research released by academics from San Diego State University, while the number of people reporting they’re exclusively gay remains a tiny fraction of the population. The statistics break down like this:

  • An increase from 3.6% to 8.7% for women reporting at least one same sex partner
  • An increase from 4.5% to 8.2% for men reporting at least one same sex partner
  • Only 1.7% of men say they exclusively have homosexual sex
  • Only 0.9% of women say they exclusively have homosexual sex

Americans views on sexuality are also shifting as the media push a staunchly pro-gay agenda. In the last two generations, a tectonic shift has occurred:

  • 11% reported believing homosexuality was not wrong at all 40 years ago
  • 49% reported believing homosexuality was not wrong at all today

Brooke Wells, a social psychologist at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies gleefully made these proclamations:

People over time are reporting more same-sex sexual experiences than ever before. More and more young people today are sort of rejecting those very strict labels of gay, straight, or bisexual and saying, “I’m fluid or queer.”

The study also supports research previously reported by researchers in England that women’s sexuality is more “fluid” than male sexuality, and shows that in the past harems centered around Alpha males were likely quite common. Harems still form around movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, whose well known entourage of females confirms this idea.


The risks of pursuing women in Anglo America have never been higher

Heterosexuals Marginalized

Meantime, normal male sexual behavior continues to be marginalized with newly invented terms like “stare rape” and other sorts of questionable phrasiology. Straight men especially are consistently stereotyped and labeled everything from perverts to predators to oppressors in modern day America, but are not allowed to offer any criticism of women. Nor are these men allowed to defend themselves or their sexual preferences. A blog called The Frisky questioned why women have been taught to fear heterosexual men by cultural messaging. Rachel White, author of the blog wrote:

When I stopped to think about it, I realized that my actions were being dictated by cultural messages that had been imbued in me since childhood. Deeply embedded in my unconscious was the notion that all men are potential predators. That there is something inherently creepy to being born male. Logically, I don’t buy this. Painting all men as potential predators makes guys feel bad about being guys and ladies feel distrustful. It’s an unfair thought that reinforces bad behavior. I know I wouldn’t feel good if half of the population were constantly eyeing me sideways. But as long as I had a female therapist and a lady adjusting my warrior pose, it was easy not think too much about it.

Unfortunately, this fear, which springs from a Puritanical Anglo culture and the social engineering since the days of Edward Bernays has been capitalized on and turned into misandry by those who manufacture propaganda designed to make straight men guilty until proven innocent, suggesting they are some sort of boogermen.

There are so many sexual harassment laws on the books heterosexual men are often afraid to approach women in school and at work. Just being a male and getting accused is enough to wreak havoc on a man’s life, even if the accusations are false. Many times, the accuser is not sanctioned even if the accusations are totally fabricated.

Depending on which set of statistics one examines, the false rape rate is anywhere from a whopping 1 in 10, as reported by the FBI, to a jaw dropping 1 in 3 as reported by the Geis study, which used estimates given by police surgeons after examining “victims.” Harris and Grace reported 11% of rape reports as malicious in intent. But we seldom hear about the consequences of false rape accusations on men, even if the falsely accused commits suicide afterward. As reported in the Daily Mail:

Jay Cheshire was cleared of rape in June. Allegations made against the 17-year old were withdrawn by the complainant just weeks after being filed, resulting in the investigation being closed. Yet, two weeks after the teenager was acquitted of the charge – and with his adult life still ahead of him – Jay was discovered hanging from a tree in his local park.

Further, with family court laws that institute the equivalent of slavery while rewarding irresponsibility in women, there is another mine field straight men must worry about if they want romance. The straight man definitely finds himself in the “out” group in Anglo America in the 21st century. As English journalist Michael Buerk wrote:

Manliness is out. Androgyny is in. Men have been turned into metrosexuals, preening, moisturizer addicts. Male heroes, once lions of empire, explorers or Battle of Britain pilots, are now camp TV presenters or wet footballers. Oddly, the only place where men are permitted to display caricature macho maleness is the kitchen.

While many men are becoming feminized metrosexuals, only about 1 in 50 are exclusively gay using the statistics above. (About 1 in 100 women are exclusively gay.) However, the media in America have become the unofficial church of the gay agenda. Rookh Kshatriya, a traditionalist scholar who lives in England and is opposed to feminism made these observations about why homosexuality is lionized in Anglo society:

Homosexuality can rightly be called an Anglo-American vice. Homosexuality is particularly prevalent in Anglo-Americana; many male entertainers, actors, writers, artists and intellectuals make no secret of their attraction to their own sex. Biological explanations of homosexuality are currently in vogue. While they hold some truth, they do not really explain why homosexuality is more prevalent in Anglo-American countries than, for example, the Hispanic world (where it is viewed with horror). After all, if homosexuality were entirely biological in origin, it should not be culturally specific. The fact that it is implies that culture plays a decisive role in shaping homosexuality in men.

No matter its origins, it’s safe to bet heterosexual men will find ourselves further marginalized by the media, boxed into a corner, and labeled sex-obsessed fiends by women until there is pushback against labeling us as evil. The fact the statistics are shifting not only reflects more open attitudes towards homosexuality, but also suggest the sexual market has become so difficult some men and women are giving up completely and are willing to try something new to get sexual satisfaction, especially when such a tiny fraction of respondents report being exclusively gay. This is the real reason homosexuality is up, beyond constant exposure to it in the culture.

Anglo-American culture is broken for straight people, broken by feminism and the marginalization of straight men. At least with the cultural narrative, homosexuality is lauded and heterosexuality hesitantly tolerated. It’s time for the pendulum to swing back in the opposite direction, and the marginalization of straight men to stop.

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  • charlessledge001

    I think the push for homosexualization is another tactic to use against masculinity. These people know that masculinity is just about their only true threat and the one thing that can throw a monkey wrench in their infernal machine. Like the quote manliness is out androgyny is in. Feminism, homosexuality, being ashamed of your Western heritage all planks against masculinity. A revival of masculinity is the only thing that can stop this and even then it might be too late for the majority of Western societies.


  • This is a disturbing trend, but what’s the solution? Feminism and SJW ideals are easy to dismiss because they are logically unsound, but this? How do we combat this trend both on the macro and micro levels?


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