Wine and Milk: Male and Female Sexual Market Values


Jump on it, let’s do it, ride it, my pony…” Unfortunately today’s women have taken these lyrics from the R&B classic all too literally

Women have enormous power over men in their nubile prime, roughly from age 18-25. In the past, this would have been put to use creating the next generation of men and women and forming a strong family. Today, this fleeting window of beauty and fertility is typically pissed away carousel riding. Many fine young men are totally invisible when women are in their prime. However, nature is not without a sense of justice and a sense of irony. For the situation reverses as men and women age. One timeless pieces of wisdom from the manosphere summarizes this process well, in all its politically incorrect glory: Men age like wine, women age like milk.

Think of women having an expiration date, just like milk. They become wrinklier, saggier, and often fatter as time goes on, especially if she is into the Anglo American recreational eating phenomenon. Eating out and the next great meal have practically become a religion in a culture that is deracinated of many of the other pleasures of life. This phenomenon is known as The Wall. Once a woman has hit The Wall, men will privately say to each other:

Back then, I used to go to school with her and she was hot. But now I see her and I just feel sorry for her.

Using the metaphors of wine and milk, here is a timeline taking us through the tragicomedy Mother Nature has created for us as we watch women frantically trying to hold on to their beauty and youth, from which springs all their power, only to watch all three fade as the aging process set in. These models assume as variables the garden variety, carousel riding woman of today and the average Beta male who is mistreated by women but whom invests in himself and his future.


Take heart, men age like wine

Age 18-22

My shit does not stink sums up age 18-22 for any attractive girl. In the preceding years she has seen a meteoric rise in the attention she receives from young men. The constant release of endorphins due from the attention she receives clouds her judgment and puffs her ego. The milk is delicious and fresh, so naturally everyone wants a taste. She often uses her newfound power to torment Betas and lower young men on the totem pole, playing with their emotions as she teasingly dangles her sexuality over them. She can make Beta males do anything, and indeed a number of them go into orbit around her. These are not the men who are rewarded with sex, however. She saves that for men who treat her poorly or other men she sees as dominant. The well-documented female preference for Dark Triad traits: Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy is in full effect at this age.

On the male side, the grapes are just being harvested and crushed. At age 18-22 he is far from being the refined wine he will be someday. While legally a man, the male undergoes another decade of psychological maturation according to philosophers like the great Schopenhauer. There are lots of bumps and bruises ahead if the young man has is not guided by a wise older man who knows the merciless mating game, or taken it upon himself to learn about women. He is subject to all sorts of manipulation, and indeed many young men become walking wallets and doormats for women at this age. There is a fork in the road however, and by following the path less taken and learning the harsh reality about women, he can save himself a lot of hard knocks in the ruthless mating game.


All good things must come to an end, including women’s power over men

Age 25

The milk, while still creamy and fresh, starts to show the first signs that it might not always taste so sweet as women pass the age of 25. The Wall starts to come into view at this time. If she has worn a lot of makeup, the constant chemical bath her face has been under means she can no longer go around without her face paint on. Her breasts, while still firm and high are showing some signs they might someday begin to droop. Her butt is also threatening a similar betrayal. Depending on the amount of drinking, drug use, and carousel riding she has indulged in, she could be going into panic mode as the realization that her power trip is not going to last forever sets because these indulgences speed up the aging process.

Particularly in Anglo America, if she has indulged in the culture of food worship she might have packed on enough pounds that her SMV drops, further cutting the decade or so window of peak attractiveness she enjoys. In fact, over 60% of women in America are obese according to the Centers for Disease Control. Contrast that with only 13% of women in the rest of the world qualifying as obese. (Ed: Another reason I ran away from Anglo America. Who wants a fat, entitled woman who can own you in family court?) In spite of her fatness, thanks to the body acceptance movement which encourages sloth and poor lifestyle choices she will probably still think she is too good for the average man at age 25. Constant YouGoGrrl! chanting and careerism, instilled in her by feminism and the leftist education system also make her annoying to be around.

Meantime, the wine is just beginning to age. It still has a few tannins which make its personality a tad dry, but those will break down over time. The young man, still learning through life experience about women’s dual mating strategy and the pain of being either ignored or used and abused by women, as well as being tormented by nearly a decade of constant shit testing, is starting to realize the Disney fantasies sold to him about women are utter bull excrement.

While she has crested the mountain and it is all downhill from here, the man’s ascent to the heights of his SMV is just beginning assuming he exercises, eats right, and invests in himself and his own personal development.


Women age like milk

Age 30

The milk has an odor, but it hasn’t completely soured. Just the psychological impact alone of reaching the big 3-0 is enough to make women immediately start lowering their expectations. Suddenly, that guy she went to high school with who was invisible to her back then doesn’t look so bad anymore, especially since he has a job and resources she can consume to power her materialistic lifestyle. And the bad boys, well, they were a lot of fun but they have left her worn physically and psychologically through waves of pumps and dumps. The ravages of spreading her legs for so many guys are rapidly decreasing her SMV and burning her out psychologically as she is discarded after each trip around the carousel, as is the aging process. The Thousand Cock Stare often develops at this age. The biological clock starts ticking, and she goes into a panic mode if her family is asking: When are you going to give us a grandchild? She starts thinking this career isn’t everything it was cracked up to be as the corporate henchmen demand first 50 hours instead of 40 out of her life, only to later demand 60 hours.

Meantime, the wine is just starting to develop a rich taste as it ages. Assuming he is wise to the process or is a man who cares about himself, he has kept himself up physically through good diet and exercise, and has developed a cosmopolitan air about himself through his travels. By age 30, he has laid the foundation for a lucrative career and is starting to feel his own power. This power was not given to him by nature, as was the case with the female. This famous quote applies: A woman simply is, but a man must become. He has to earn every bit of it. So with his newfound power comes a humility that the female did not have when she was given her powers by merely reaching the age of sexual maturity.


An idealized Sexual Market Value model showing how fortunes change as the sexes age

Age 35

The milk is sour. It is increasingly hard to give the milk away. If the post-Wall woman has not yet landed a Beta provider, she has married herself to the corporation in hopes she will not be dumped when the next wave of mergers or layoffs come down the pipeline. Her hopes for having a family (if she hasn’t been brainwashed into not wanting kids in the first place), the fancy wedding and the princess palace are either driving her mad or she has quietly resigned to the fact she will never live the Disney fantasy. She has likely accrued a lot of debt and a lot of other baggage (possibly a few Alpha bad boy kids) that she wants Beta provider money to cover.

Meantime, the wine has never tasted better. The lion has his mane. It is rich and complex with its many flavors. Predatory Females increasingly want to take advantage of him, as he is a very promising meal ticket, hoping to exchange their worn out, and increasingly infertile anatomy to take his wealth, status, and power away from him. It worked in the past, but doesn’t work so well now that the milk has soured. No, only younger, thinner, firmer women are appealing to him.

She wants to use his wealth, status, and power for herself until the value provided by his life’s work has been completely consumed and he is left a dried out husk of a man, possibly enslaved by the court system paying her bennies for the rest of his life. But, he’s too smart to fall for that and is not the desperate for sex young man he once was. His power is peaking now, and if he has paid any attention to the lessons life has taught him or been a student of Game, the 35-year old man who looks 25 because he has taken care of himself is dating chicks that are at least 10 years younger than him.

The 35 year olds he went to school with suddenly look bad compared to the young puss he is banging now, and they are outraged he is dating someone a decade younger than himself! Like, oh my gosh Becky! He can’t date her! But their feminine wiles and former might have faded to a whimper. They are but an annoyance, and he wants nothing to do with them sexually or otherwise.


The puss pass doesn’t carry the weight it once did once women hit The Wall

Age 40

The milk is curdled. Nobody wants it. Women who are still single at this age often take up an interest in cats as surrogate children, or as we have seen in San Franpsycho women’s screaming maternal instincts are today satiated by putting dogs in baby carriages. A pet is a much better choice to the female solipsist than a “nasty” human baby.

Women’s sexual market value crashes at age 40 as their youth is gone, their looks without applying a cake of makeup are fading, and even with makeup it becomes increasingly difficult to hide all the lines, growing clearer with each passing year. The female window of fertility is gone at age 40 without the manipulation of a medical professional, and even then reproduction is very risky. So, beyond emotional manipulation and financial demands, the female has nothing much to offer a man by age 40. Women need to realize men do not care about the things women care about when looking for a mate. Careers, credentials, and being successful at work are not attractive.

Meantime, the wine still tastes great and lots of young women want a sip. A sip they will get, but not the entire bottle. The former Beta male has quite possibly become a lesser Alpha or better in the sexual hierarchy. Just as simple grapes can mature into the most incredible wines, so can men undergo incredible transformations. In other words, he has developed into a Smooth Operator.

Men’s sexual market value continues at its peak for as much as another decade, assuming he has taken care of himself and his life. The man with options will be able to snag women at least 10 to 20 years younger than himself, and he should not allow himself to be “shamed” for maximizing the utility he has worked hard for when selecting a mate. No, the washed up career girl is not as appealing as the sweet, feminine girl with her youth and fertility to put on the table.


Female and male power are inversely proportional

The Male Advantage

Mothers and grandmothers in more sane times knew the storyline. For 10 years or so of peak female beauty and fertility, males exchange their entire lives. The cost-benefit analysis actually works out in favor of women when the culture is guided by patriarchy.

Feminism strangely has empowered men (those men who are paying attention and become ruthless players in the game of life) more than it has empowered women. That is, assuming men adapt by learning tight Game, or investing in themselves as MGTOWs do. By the time a man is 40, he can amass quite a fortune if he avoids women and their ability to make him spend his money. The ability to amass a fat bank account even assumes a meager, median salary because of the power of living a life of minimalism and investing 50% or more of his income into good growth stock mutual funds. Travel is strongly recommended, even at a young age, so men can see that not every culture is quite as batshit insane and gynocentric as Anglo American culture.

Men start out with the deck stacked against them, and women with every imaginable privilege at age 20, but the situation reverses by the time 40 rolls around. Wine becomes richer with age, milk curdles.

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  • Absofuckinglutely wonderful article, my partner perpetually is pissed off by my red pilled state and I respond to her with a look of pity. Who cares, I deserve more than I currently get.


  • Women get old. Men get distinguished.


  • Very good article. Did my due diligence, saving and investing in my early 20s to late 30s. Save, invest, and avoid ALL non-strategic debt men. Let your $$ work for you through the power of compound interest, rental properties, or your own business or craft. I also lived more of a spartan, minimalist lifestyle. Oh I bought things I liked for my hobbies. As an added advantage, I lived in a location with a poor female : male sex ratio. Had a couple girlfriends but wouldn’t marry. I rightfully was terrified of the no-fault (he-fault) anti-male divorce laws in the US. Now, to cut to the chase, as fate would have it, my company finally gave me an awesome “forced” severance package. Was I worried? Heck no, I’d been studying and preparing for early retirement for over 2 decades, since college. Now I’m living in a new state and a college town with more cute girls around. And I plan to head overseas after fully establishing residency where I currently live (for tax purposes). And for sure, I’d further encourage each and every man among you (women too, no I don’t hate you) to keep exercising and eating right. Believe me, it only adds to the taste of the wine, as you will age more gracefully than others.


  • Hey Relampago, another great article…just wondering about ages 23 and 24…why didn’t you include them here and can you oder some insight on these ages… thanks.


  • I first heard the wine/milk analogy on a Jeff Dunham stand up skit. At the time, I passed it off as the ranting of a crotchety old man (his Walter character), but as I became more red pill, I realized he was speaking a grain of truth. I am 31 right now and I seem to be right where you describe I should be for my age. I have renewed my passion for lifting weights. I am upgrading my wardrobe to dress slacks, vests, and ties. I also picked up a few books on philosophy over the weekend that I will be delving into over the week (The Republic by Plato and The Prince by Machiavelli). I am starting to peak and women are taking notice, much to my wife’s chagrin.

    What men must understand is to become a fine wine, you must be crushed. You must go through hardships and emerge on the other side, stronger for them. Blue pill men don’t do this. They are sold to a narrative and any hardships they encounter are dismissed as bad luck, the government keeping them down, or not understanding women. I know because I’ve been there. It was until I started accepting the facts of life and understand women for what they really are that I really began turning things around.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I noticed it with women in high school who I never talked to suddenly showing an interest in me once I achieved a little success. And yes, the clothes make the man, at least in the female’s eye. Nice clothing is a good investment. Much like you, my life also changed for the better when I realized many of the things I write about.

      Liked by 1 person

  • I’m in my late thirties and I keep those facts in mind as I plan ahead.
    30s: Build fitness and wealth. Nubile lovers come for my fit body and devil-may-care attitude.
    40s: Maintain fitness and allow wealth to grow passively (can now work less). The ladies are attracted by my distinguished looks and the gravitas of my career.
    50s: Managed decline of fitness and cashing out of investments. Younger lovers may require some material compensation from this time on.
    60s: Like 50s but more so.
    70s on: Dirty old man.
    90s: Upload doddering mind into VR world and repeat.


    • Relampago Furioso

      What you just posted could actually be a follow up article. I am banging more 20 somethings in my middle age than I ever did in my 20s.


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