Poll of the Week | June 7, 2016

Each Tuesday we pose a question to get feedback from you, our readers. Comments are welcomed. If your response does not conform to the answers presented or you would like to expand on your answer, leave a comment. Each poll opens on Tuesday and is closed the following Monday.

Results from last week’s poll: What is your biggest issue with women? By nearly a majority, men say today’s women in the West are basically the¬†relationship version of a core meltdown. Men could not pick just one these negative traits of today’s women: Predatory lifestyle, not marriageable, riding the carousel, married to career, psychological manipulation, using men as walking wallets, lying, betrayal, bad attitude towards men, and no interest in children or family. Respondents overwhelmingly said ALL of those traits are issues they have with today’s women. Feminism has brought about all these undesirable traits in Western women. Never is the question asked what can women do to make men happy, men are expected to do more and more to make women happy. This is one reason today’s woman carries so much baggage, making her undesirable for relationships, marriage, or motherhood to the discerning man.

Living a predatory lifestyle/taking advantage of men (such as in the Johnny Depp divorce ripoff) was in second place at only 11.76% of the vote.

This Week’s Poll

Results from Last Week’s Poll

What is your biggest issue with today’s women?


Predatory lifestyle/taking advantage of men: 11.8%
Not marriageable: 9.8%
Riding the carousel: 5.9%
Married to career/YouGoGrrl-ism: 5.9%
Psychological manipulation: 3.9%
Using men as walking wallets: 3.9%
Lying: 3.9%
Betrayal: 2.0%
Bad attitude towards men: 2.0%
No interest in children/family: 2.0%
WINNER: All of the Above 49.0%

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