Comment of the Week | June 12, 2016


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Commenter charlessledge001 wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to You’re a Bigot if You Don’t Support Pedophilia, he discusses how the left pushing the pedophilia agenda may be a breaking point in the 50-year long Culture War it has been waging.

At this point the only option may be pushing the reset button, burn it to the ground. I wondered what was going to come fist bestiality or pedophilia I guess now I know. People thought that gay marriage wasn’t a slippery slope (why is beyond me) but everyone should realize now that leftists won’t stop until they have complete one hundred percent control and their ideology is one hundred percent enforced. One of the problems with classical liberalism is that it is a lukewarm and not a strong ideology. Meaning that classical liberalism provides a lot of room for tolerance and differences while leftism does not (despite thats all they drone on about). Things like islam provide the same dynamics making them such a strong movement. I guess the right’s version would be monarchism or Fascism or some combination, think God Emperor type. Lukewarm ideologies will fall before strong ideologies every time, they simply don’t take hard enough stands to fight against all or nothing ideologies. So while those ideologies like classical liberalism sound nice in air conditioned rooms and in our head when they meet the real world they break apart. That is why conservatives have failed so badly they are a weak ideology going against a strong one. Which is why the alt-right which embraces parts if not all of Fascism is such a threat to the new order. That picture combined with the Shakespeare quote was very well done. Indeed hell is empty and it’s our job to fight. The perverts, puppet masters, invading hordes, Feminists, and millions of other unfit are destroying our world. It’s up for men to take it back and pray it isn’t too late. If you are a man who believes in freedom and masculinity and the old ways (the natural order) then you are like those soldiers fighting the devils in the picture above. Outnumbered but brave. Stand strong.

Indeed, one wonders when there is going to be organized resistance to the increasingly sick and degenerate Marxist agenda and the havoc it is wreaking on a once-proud but now increasingly weird and strange Anglo culture in the 21st century.

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