The Fall of Europe: 69,000 Migrant Crimes in 3 Months


New crime statistics support the sentiments of those who believe immigration is out of control in Europe

Invaders, labeled downtrodden “migrants” by the legacy media continue a crime and rape spree across Europe. New statistics show how the “refugee” surge has also caused a crime surge, threatening the safety and security of once great European nations. Immigrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan committed most of 69,000 migrant crimes reported in the first 3 months of this year, according to newly released statistics.

Reuters, a pro-globalist spin agency worried the crimes “could raise unease, especially among anti-immigrant groups, about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migrant policy.” It’s one more piece of evidence Establishment media support the invasion of Europe and demographic displacement of its citizens, and manipulate their news reports accordingly. News agencies downplayed warnings from police in cities like Cologne, before the tens of thousands of crimes occurred, that the groups were “totally uninhibited and aggressive” people who were doing everything from throwing bottles to groping the breasts and groins of young women.

Here’s how the crimes beak down:

  • 29% theft
  • 28% property crimes or forgery
  • 23% assault, kidnapping, and robbery
  • 7% drugs
  • 1% rapes

At first glance rapes do not seem to make up many of the crimes, but there are a number of other concerning public safety issues that were not an issue before the invasion. There is reason to believe rapes are being under-reported on purpose because of suicidal liberal tendencies to omit the race or ethnicity of sexual attackers in police documentation. Just in Cologne, hundreds of women said they were groped, assaulted and robbed earlier this year by men of Middle Eastern and African descent. Young German women told stories like these:

The men treated us like hunted animals – we were crying and panicked. It was horrible. [They] had fingers on every orifice.

Not far away in Sweden, which has seen more sex crimes than Germany, newspapers have said it is “racist” to even include the ethnicity of the attackers in news reports. There are indications police in both countries are covering up many sex crimes committed by the invaders, thereby manipulating the statistics. In fact, Stockholm Police Chief Peter Agren went so far as to say this:

Sometimes we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.

Internal documents in Sweden revel the sexual attackers are “young foreign men who come to Sweden without their parents.” Specifically, in that report many of them were from Afghanistan. Both German and Swedish authorities describe a phenomenon they have never seen in their nations before, rape gangs that encircle and then attack women. In the Arab world, this behavior has a name: Taharrush gamea. Girls often have their veils torn off burqas by the gangs, attacks which often end in rape.


Ephrem tadele Yohannes smiling in court after the brutal rape and murder of Swedish model Elin Krantz

Elin Krantz

In one of the more ironic and disgusting rape cases which could have served as a canary in the coal mine had it received proper attention, young Swedish model Elin Krantz who was a member of “We Like Diversity” on Facebook and a supporter of open door immigration policy was savagely raped by Somali “immigrant” Ephrem tadele Yohannes. When you see the pictures of how he left his victim, you may well be outraged Yohannes was only sentenced to 16 years in prison. Caution: Image is very graphic. Swedish newspaper The Local reported these facts about the rape:

Elin Krantz and her alleged killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood near Gothenburg in western Sweden. Shortly thereafter Krantz was raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop, according to information from the investigation. The violence was so severe that it also caused nerve damage in Krantz’s brain, resulting in a lack of oxygen. The 23-year-old is suspected of having raped Krantz by holding her down and forcing her legs apart. He then allegedly dragged her body over uneven ground and then placed it on a large stone block, according to prosecutors.

Before raping and killing Kratnz, Yohannes already had a lengthy criminal record in the United States for everything from hit and run to drunk driving to perjury. In spite of this, when he applied for “refugee” status Sweden immediately opened her arms and legs to let him in. This is just one case that has been totally ignored by the legacy media because it does not fit their multiculturalism narrative, even though it definitely fits their supposed feminism narrative.

In spite of this case, others, and the ongoing rape epidemic in Europe, multiculturalism and race trumps feminism to leftists in the hierarchy of ideologies, and indeed evidence is mounting that feminism was nothing more than a tool to remove women from the home to produce more taxpaying, corporate drones that feed into the system, nothing more.


Liberals continue to tell us to keep our heads in the sand

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

The low (1.1%) of reported rapes by migrants screams the statistics are being manipulated to cover up the crimes by Western governments that claim to be “pro-women.” Despite hundreds of reports of sexual offenses in Cologne, the Sydney Morning Herald reported not one man was charged with a crime. There is evidence the German government has had knowledge of the sex gang attacks but has done little to report the epidemic to the public and virtually nothing to stop it. The Interior Ministry sent out this message to police last January:

Rape, sexual offenses, thefts, robberies committed by a foreign group [are occurring and a group of] 40 to 50 people [who are acting] to the detriment of young women.

In one particular case of a “migrant” acting to “the detriment of young women,” an Algerian man raped a 25-year old German girl then later asked her if she enjoyed it. As reported in the left-leaning Daily Mail:

An Algerian man who almost killed his 25-year-old student victim shouted out ‘if Allah wills it’ in Arabic as he raped her in a darkened alley, a court has heard. The man, identified only by his first name Rheda, is accused of following the student as she walked home from a nightclub at 5 am in Hannover, Germany. Afterwards, with his victim badly beaten, he is alleged to have climbed off her and asked her if she enjoyed it. The shocking details were revealed at the trial of the 37-year-old asylum seeker from Algeria who has denied rape. Prosecutors say DNA evidence links him to the crime.

However, the media do not focus on incidents such as this. In an extreme show of selection of topics bias, stories in the U.S. regularly focus on how the invaders will be integrated into European society, how they’re downtrodden so-called asylum seekers, and how wonderful European politicians are for letting them walk in. Western governments regularly show preferential treatment to the invading “asylum seekers” and they know this. One immigrant told police:

I’m a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! Ms. Merkel invited me. You can’t touch me.

Despite the media trying to put everyone back to sleep, it is clear forced multiculturalism and the government’s attempt at race cucking Europeans is failing miserably. Germany’s new anti-immigration party, Alternative for Germany, has seen a rapid rise that has coincided with Merkel’s open door immigration insanity. However, once again showing extreme bias in the legacy media, the press roundly criticizes any attempt at Europeans trying to maintain the integrity of their borders and culture.

As in the United States, Europe, the ancestral homeland of Caucasians the desired outcome among the Establishment is less Europeans and more of everyone else. However, if the situation were reversed, Caucasians displacing people from other nations would be the nightmare to end all nightmares for the left. This shows leftists are racist against Caucasians. But not all Europeans are ready to commit suicide just yet, as nationalism is on the rise in Europe. Electoral gains have been noted in a number of European countries, with the biggest pieces of the pie being claimed by nationalist parties in Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark. Britain is moving towards voting to exit the EU.

The rise of nationalism is a good thing, but it would be nice to see it accompanied by a rise in libertarianism as well. Protect the borders and the culture of each nation, but the West also needs to move away from authoritarianism and micromanaging bureaucracies that have grown like cancers over the last 50 years. The trouble with left and right politics is that both sides lead to more centralized power and less individual control over our lives. In this author’s opinion, we need to press the “reset” button on government and start with a clean slate. The integrity of the nation state must be maintained, but inside its borders a return to the principles of freedom needs to accompany the renaissance. And rape and crime sprees must be stopped, no matter who it offends.

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