Develop a Killer Instinct to Improve Gains and Be a Better Man


Developing a killer instinct is crucial for fitness success

If you are like most people, you have probably tried different diets. You may have tried a positive attitude, and might you have tried visualization. Have you ever thought that there is one thing that you are missing? I have the answer to what you are missing:a Killer Instinct.

People tend to shy away from this topic because they are scared of what other people might think about them, but that’s a mistake. A hardened, killer instinct will take your life and body to the next level. Killer instinct is the will to win, the desire to finish the job decisively, and forcefully. Notice the the words decisively and forcefully. How many times have you trained with force, decisively squeezing the muscles and pushing yourself? If you are like most people you have never done that. This is because you lack conviction. To make gains in the gym and in life, you have to start using your killer instinct and developing it.

How to Use your Killer Instinct:

  • Decide from this day forward that you are going to dominate and that you will never let up.
  • Decide that you will live and lift with conviction and own everything you do.
  • Train with force and decisively.
  • You have to decisively finish each set and workout.
  • You have to train with authority each day, and live with authority.

These bullet points are a lot to process and you won’t have a killer instinct overnight. However, if you follow these steps I outlined you will have developed a useful killer instinct. This will eliminate laziness and allows you to execute your lifts and other tasks during the day with force, and conviction. A killer instinct will get you further than any drug or supplement. You have to use aggression and intensity during each set. Another step to developing your killer instinct, is to train yourself to despise weakness. All big, bad athletes I have seen despise weakness in themselves and in others.

Action Exercise:

  • From this day forward decide to reject weakness forever.
  • Decide to live with strength and conviction.

Notice I said decide again. I continue to use the words decide on purpose. To develop your killer instinct you have to be decisive, make fast decisions with no hesitations, and you have to commit to living decisively. The most decisive people out there make a decision and they see it through. This means that if you set a physique goal and a target, you achieve it no matter what. You decide to dominate each task, and each workout. This will increase your personal energy and people at your gym will think you’re an intense guy or girl. They will think that you’re on steroids and will say that you are. All you do when you hear this is laugh. Laugh at them for making those weak and cowardly excuses. While cowards make excuses, winners get results. Here’s an example of when to use your killer instinct.

Squats: 1 set of 20 after a heavy single

  • On this squat set, you have to decisively and convincingly get 20 reps breaking parallel.
  • You can reset after the 10th and 15th rep.
  • If you get it done convincingly, you will know that you tapped into the killer instinct.

Teach yourself to do everything convincingly, and decisively. This will lead to more confidence and aggression. But, this doesn’t give you the right to become an emotional idiot. Emotions are overrated, and need to be kept at a minimum for this to work. Become so focused on executing with force and conviction, you don’t have time for emotions you are focused.


Both men and women can benefit from this self-discipline

Self Discipline

I have noticed that men and women need to know about this incredible resource that is available to them. Everyone has a killer instinct and can develop their own. It takes two things to develop a killer instinct.

  • Discipline
  • Decisiveness

If you are indecisive, you will never have a killer instinct. If you are undisciplined, you will never have the emotional control necessary to develop it. Since developing this skill will require patience, you need to be stoic. I’m a big advocate of making unemotional, cold decisions to minimize errors. There are other ways to activate the killer instinct. The most efficient way is to become slightly agitated. If you become enraged, you will be ungrounded and your killer instinct won’t be directed correctly. If you focus on doing things with more force and conviction this is the fastest way to begin using your killer instinct. You have to finish the workout with authority and rip it apart. You also stop holding back.

What’s holding you back from going all out in the gym and leaving nothing in the tank? Most likely, ego and fear are holding you back. Your ego holds you back because you don’t think you need a killer instinct. Fear holds you back because you’re afraid you will get injured or lose control of yourself. This is the time to show no mercy and dominate the workout as well as the rest of the day. This means that you live and act with force, authority, conviction, and decisiveness.

How much better would your gains be if you trained this way? If you are like most, the answer would be that you would look great. This killer instinct is an aggressive attitude, this means that you play offense. Instead of focusing on, say, improving health, start telling yourself that you are focused on taking your physique to the next level. You have to focus on finishing in decisive fashion. That means that the aggression needs to go up at the end of each workout. Here’s a routine you can use to activate your killer instinct:

Squat and dead-lift super set:

  • 10 sets 10 reps:
  • Clean and Press super set with dips: 5 sets 10 reps
  • 20 sprints

This routine is tough as nails, but it will build muscles. If you have the courage to complete that workout with dominance and conviction, you will know that you have used your killer instinct. This workout is not to be done more than once per week. I call this the whatever it takes method.


  • Men and women need their killer instinct.
  • It is hidden deep within you, and you need to have the guts to use it.
  • Living with decisiveness and authority will activate your killer instinct
  • Being indecisive will keep you weak, if you set a goal, accomplish it before giving up
  • Lift with force, and conviction.
  • You have to finish each workout convincingly and decisively.
  • This will take your training and live to the next level.
  • Hold nothing back in training and stay in attack mode throughout the whole entire workout.

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