Surprise! High Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease


Increasingly, science is showing the lipid hypothesis, the basis for the cholesterol scare to be invalid

New data released from a major University of Ireland study confirm a fact well-known to many who have studied the manipulation of the human diet by corporate and government interests over the last half century. After Congressional hearing on nutrition and heart disease in the 1970s, the public was shifted to a ridiculous lowfat diet, and immediately heart disease rates shot up. The main issue with eliminating fat in the diet is it has to be replaced by carbohydrate, because food has to be made up of either one or the other. As the consumption of carbohydrates, and worse, consumption of sugar shot up to replace fat in the American diet the arteries of many became clogged.

Cholesterol, villain it has made out to be with decades of brainwashing, turns out to be an essential part of the human diet and the human body. Some important facts follow which are seldom if ever emphasized in the media. An incredible 75% of people who have heart attacks do not have high cholesterol. This is only one of many facts that reveal oxidation of cholesterol, caused by high carbs and high sugar causes arteries to clog.

The findings in the new study put the usefulness of statin drugs in some doubt. Professor Sherif Sultan of the University of Ireland, who complied the data that show high cholesterol does not cause heart disease puts it like this:

Lowering cholesterol with medications for primary cardiovascular prevention in those aged over 60 is a total waste of time and resources, whereas altering your lifestyle is the single most important way to achieve a good quality of life.

Lowering cholesterol is always pushed as the solution to the fight against heart disease. However, without cholesterol in your body you would die. Here are a few ways cholesterol is an essential part of the human diet:

  • Hormone production: Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, aldosterone and cortisone are all cholesterol based.
  • Vitamin D production: Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and the prevention of rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.
  • Cell membrane support: Cholesterol is vital in the production and maintenance of cell membranes.
  • Digestive support: Cholesterol is essential in producing acids that help digestion and vitamin absorption.

Cholesterol is intimately linked with vital functions in our bodies. Turning cholesterol into public health enemy number one is a product of the corporate-government complex and medical-pharmaceutical establishment. The corporate-government complex gave us a food pyramid that says meats are bad and breads are good, when to many researchers the opposite is true. The medical-pharmaceutical establishment’s motives are summed up by Bill Maher, who proves even a stopped watch (like an über-left comedian) is right twice a day:

We won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick. Because there is a point where even the most universal government health program can’t help you. They can’t outlaw unhealthy food, or alcohol, or cigarettes. Just pot, sadly. Because, you see, the government is not your nanny; they’re your dealer. And they’ve subsidized illness in this country. They have to, there’s too much money in it. You see, there’s no money in healthy people, and there’s no money in dead people. The money is in the middle: people who are alive, sort of, but with one or more chronic conditions that puts them in need of Celebrex, or Nasinex, or Valtrex, or Lunesta. Fifty years ago, children didn’t even get Type-2 diabetes. Now it’s an emerging epidemic, as are a long list of ailments that used to be rare, and have now been…mainstreamed. Things like asthma, and autism, and acid reflux, and arthritis, allergies, adult acne, attention deficit disorder. And that’s just the A’s. Doesn’t anybody wonder why we live with all this illness?

Maher knows the corporate-government complex has been screwing with our minds for at least 50 years, if not 100 years. Since the days of Edward Bernays a century ago, propaganda ministers have been manipulating public opinion and creating demand for products people don’t really need to buy. The cholesterol goblin is just another example of how this tried and true system works.


Arguably, some doctors are nothing but pill pushers

Take a Magic Pill

As with many other health issues, the solution to heart disease in Anglo America is a magic pill. In this case, it’s the highly profitable statin magic pill. Statins have terrible side effects yet doctors prescribe so many of them Pfizer alone reported $12.4 billion in sales in 2008. This, in spite of the fact the list of potential side effects is quite serious:

  • Muscle pain and damage
  • Liver damage
  • High blood sugar
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion

The Mayo Clinic, of course, reinforces the medical-pharmaceutical establishment’s opinion with its bottom line on statin drugs. Take it for what it’s worth:

Although statin side effects can be annoying, consider the benefits of taking a statin before you decide to stop taking your medication. Remember that statin medications can reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, and the risk of life-threatening side effects from statins is very low. Even if your side effects are frustrating, don’t stop taking your statin medication for any period of time without talking to your doctor first. Your doctor may be able to come up with an alternative treatment plan that can help you lower your cholesterol without uncomfortable side effects.

While the establishment predictably criticized the study, and sends people back to those who hold monopoly over the magic prescription pad (there’s a lot of profit and pills at stake here) Dr. Malcolm Kendrick defended the University of Ireland study as “robust” and “thoroughly reviewed.” Kendrick even found evidence that the most “evil” version of cholesterol, LDL, is not as terrible as it is made out to be. LDL, much as cholesterol in general has been made out to be a bad guy in the public mind, while this study shows LDL is also correlated with longer life and less heart disease:

What we found in our detailed systematic review was that older people with high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels, the so-called “bad” cholesterol, lived longer and had less heart disease.

Indeed, it’s easier to throw pills at a “problem” like cholesterol than it is to look for a holistic solution to the problem, and get people to make vital changes to their diet and behavior. As is often the case with the medical establishment, the problem is doctors treat symptoms rather than eliminating causes of health problems. This is where nutrition becomes important. Chris Kessler, a well-known nutritionist, runs a company dedicated to helping people take back their lives from the Lipid Hypothesis myth by using ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. The program Chris offers to his clients confirms the findings of the University of Ireland study:

  • High cholesterol is not the primary cause of heart disease
  • Diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol do not cause heart disease
  • Consumption of so-called “heart healthy” vegetable oils is linked to heart disease
  • Statin drugs don’t reduce the risk of death for most people, and have dangerous side effects and complications

The picture painted by the puzzle that is slowly emerging, as studies like the one from the University of Ireland is combined with research in the entertaining and informative film Fat Head, and nutritionists like Chris Kessler provide successful alternatives to pill popping, is one of profit-seeking corporations and doctors often only want to make regular customers of their patients.

Rather than telling people hey look you fat slob, it’s your recreational eating habits and constant intake of sugary sodas and chocolate that’s destroying your health, and you need to make changes, it is my opinion doctors, much as any other business or organization in our society in which the exchange of money is involved tell their patients happy lies or half-truths rather than harsh, in your face realities. A statement like the one at the beginning of this paragraph may not catch many flies with its vinegary truth, but that is what is needed to truly solve many health problems rather than medicating them.

Personally, I would never take a statin drug even though my father died in his 30s of a heart attack. I opted for nutrition and light exercise. It’s really no shock to me that people have so many health problems like obesity and heart disease in Anglo America when a great many people eat like pigs and obsess over food. The truth of the matter is with food, much like money, it doesn’t take much for a man to live on. And, magic pills often do more harm than good.

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  • FunkSoulBrother

    I’m on the seefood diet. If I see food, I eat it. Ok, I’m kidding. One day I looked in the mirror and discovered all kinds of teeth. Cutters and mashers. Perfect for an onmivore. So all kinds of food it is for me. Variety and moderation is key. But I do avoid the processed stuff, fast foods, and the fakes. And some kind of exercise is key, Even daily walking is good if you can do a little distance. It helps keep your appetite in line with your goal of healthy living.


  • I follow the keto diet in order to keep lean when I don’t have the time to work out. Blood panels show elevated cholesterol levels as it is a high fat diet in nature – usually the body reverses this after a while, but the diet itself sure makes you feel healthier.

    With most scientific information, especially nutritional data, the media often skews the findings in order to mould a society. Crash dieting came and went, juicing too – it’s all nonsensical. Essentially we end up with arm chair nutritionists that then have the influence to mislead others.

    We have one body as a human. If you can exercise frequently, then that’s great. If not, then just moderate what you eat. Our ancestors had a diet extremely dissimilar to ours, extended bare boned, but they may have been okay with that.


  • Before I knew better, my doc prescribed me statins to control my high cholesterol. The side effects were….unpleasant. After 3 days of that, I decided I’d rather drop dead of a heart attack than go through that. I’ve since learned (and this post confirms) that high cholesterol isn’t a big deal.


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