You Have a 0.0012% Chance of Dying in a Mass Shooting


Much like the leftists of today, Mao knew the “rabble” could not fight back against authoritarianism if they were disarmed

All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party. That infamous quote comes from Mao Zedong, the autocratic leader of China who knew the power an armed populace wielded. The quote speaks to why he disarmed the Chinese populace before becoming the dictatorial leader of the nation from 1949 to 1976.

If you listen to the daily mind control propaganda from the leftist media in America, the guns you have in your home are liable to draw legs, walk out the door and go on a massive killing spree without warning. However, the Marxists who write and the spout this drivel ignore reality as much as they whore their already destroyed credibility for a gun confiscation agenda. The emotionally manipulative stories they give air time to ignore this simple fact: You have a 0.0012% chance of dying in a mass shooting.

An average of 27 people die in mass shootings each year. Around 15,000 people die of murders each year, but that statistic is just oh so boring to the media except when they can exploit it for ratings each February, May, July and November. (Pay attention to how sensational the headlines become in these months.) Around 38,000 people are killed in automobile accidents each year. A whopping 1,400 times more people die in cars (that they are probably enslaved by, making payments on each month) than in mass shootings.

Yet, predictably we do not hear the media going into overdrive when it comes to the 100 people that day EVERY SINGLE DAY in car crashes, but they do go into hysterics when half that many die in a mass shooting ONE TIME. This is not to diminish the tragedy of the Orlando mass shooting, but is it no less tragedy that double the number of victims die in car accidents every day? Let’s talk reality here, folks. Not only are you being manipulated to give up your rights, you are being manipulated to believe guns are evil when in fact they can and often do save lives. Here are some things you are more likely to die from than a mass shooting, with the average annual deaths attributed to each cause, from the CDC:

  • Falling out of a tree: 100
  • Falling inside your home: 13,000
  • Heart disease: 614,000
  • Cancer: 592,000
  • Stroke: 133,000
  • Kidney infections: 48,000
  • Suicide: 42,000

The media do not show you how dangerous trees are because it does not meet their if it bleeds, it leads mentalities. There is nothing more profitable for six corporate interests that control 90% of what you see, read, and hear than showing the sufferings and misfortunes of others on a 24/7 news cycle. Admittedly, this is what many people want to watch. But responsible journalism practices dictate that issues are not blown out of proportion or slanted to fit agendas. This simple concept is laughable in today’s out of control media world.


Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot might have been panned by critics but it provides relevant ideas of people defending themselves – even little old ladies like Estelle Getty

5 Times Guns Saved Lives

Stories of guns saving lives are well-hidden from the lime light. A person may not even know this alternate reality and view of guns even exists if they spend too much time watching sycophantic talking heads. Here are 5 interesting cases when a gun actually saved lives:

5. Security worker Jeanne Assam saved lives as a mass shooter opened fire when people were exiting New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Assam whipped out her gun and killed the shooter, saving countless lives.

4. Two intruders, one with a knife, entered Sarah McKinley’s home in Blanchard, OK after her husband had died of lung cancer. McKinley had an infant with her at the time. She got out her gun and killed one of the intruders, saving her own and the infant’s lives.

3. After hearing an intruder breaking into her home, 69-year old grandmother Ethel Jones fired three shots, wounding an intruder who was later arrested by police.

2. A pregnant mother of two shot at two intruders in her home in Ashtabula, Ohio after they broke down her door. She wounded one intruder and scared the other one off.

1. Another grandmother scared off an burglar when she fired a shot from her .357 Magnum. The man was breaking in while the 72-year old Jan Cooper and her 85-year old World War II veteran husband were inside. Needless to say, the attempted burglary ended quickly.

The Daily Caller reported in 2016 one study showed guns literally saved hundreds of lives each year:

Of the nearly 200 cases we analyzed, people carrying guns saved at least 283 potential victims, whether it was a man protecting his family from thugs or a 9mm-toting grandma warding off a burglar in her living room. In 60 of those cases, the single gun carrier was the only potential victim. In 43 cases, there were 2 potential victims. In nine cases there were three victims and in nine more cases there were four or more victims. In 74 cases, it was unknown how many potential victims were present but it can be assumed there was at least one. If the 74 potential victims followed the same distribution as the other cases, then the number of potential victims would actually be at least 335.

The fact stories like these are seldom given the emphasis they should receive by the media shows an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. In all likelihood, the agenda is one of nullifying the right to self defense and insurance against arising tyranny the Second Amendment grants. A disarmed populace not only becomes sheep for wolves such as thieves, rapists, and mass shooters, they also become sheep for tyrannical government of the type we are witnessing arise in the U.S. and Europe. The first thing dictators do is disarm the populace. Hitler also knew a population with guns could not be dictated to:

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.

Beyond the very real threat of tyranny once guns are overregulated or outright confiscated, the cost-benefit analysis easily works out in favor of guns when one considers how many people successfully defend themselves with guns. If the Orlando gay club had not been a gun-free zone, perhaps the mass shooter would have been taken down immediately rather than waiting for police to arrive.

Telling people they don’t need guns for protection is the equivalent of saying people don’t need fire extinguishers because there are fire departments. Crucial minutes and seconds count. The average response time for an emergency call to the police is 10 minutes. The crime in progress is likely to be over and done with by the time Johnny Law arrives.

Americans must never let their right to bear arms be trampled upon. It is the most important Amendment in the Bill of Rights, behind only the freedom of speech and assembly guaranteed in the First Amendment. Without the Second Amendment, there is no way to ensure the freedoms granted in the First Amendment.

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