Progress: What Are We Progressing Towards


Turning people into corporate-government controlled happiness machines is the goal of social engineers

The all important code word progress is a regular feature of saccharin political speeches and hypnotic language used by the puppet masters that run the United States, Inc. The word progress comes from Progressivism, which has been called the New Communism in some circles. Representative Allen West spoke about how these New Communists influence Congress before he was drummed out of his seat by his “friends” in the RINO party.

I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party. They don’t actually hide. It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

It’s no surprise the Democrat party has been infiltrated by globalists and far leftists. They constantly bellow about what they think is progress, but it’s important to ask the question what are we progressing towards? Because not all progress is good progress. One can be progressing to a lower level of hell, for instance. It largely depends on whether you agree with the direction our corporate-government complex is taking us, and for many with common sense and a desire to retain their humanity and not be turned into a unit on the corporate profit farm and government tax farm, the direction of the country and world have become very worrisome for many.

Here are a few ways progress will play out, given current trends.


There’s more to life than consumption, despite what you’ve been told


No Culture Except Shopping and Eating as Expressions of Ourselves. America has already been following this path for the better part of a century, thanks in large part to methods devised by Edward Bernays, and still used today to manipulate desire by marketing gurus like Clotaire Rapaille. Notice that in modern times the only acceptable pastimes in America are ballgames, with a good dose of shopping and eating in between that vicarious form of recreation, and the now average 47-hour work week for full time employees.

Going back in time to illustrate the beginning of today’s pervasive culture of profit-producing Happiness Machines and how it developed such a lock grip on us, we find a vintage advertisement in which Bernays used a 1920s female aviator, Mrs. Stillman to push this idea of consumerism on the women of the day. This was a fundamental change in advertising as it went straight for the limbic, emotional brain rather than appealing to reason in the higher cerebrum.

There’s a psychology of dress, have you ever thought about it? How it can express your character? You all have interesting characters but some of them are all hidden. I wonder why you all want to dress always the same, with the same hats and the same coats. I’m sure all of you are interesting and have wonderful things about you, but looking at you in the street you all look so much the same. And that’s why I’m talking to you about the psychology of dress. Try and express yourselves better in your dress. Bring out certain things that you think are hidden. I wonder if you’ve thought about this angle of your personality.

Even today this is the method used to push products on the masses: a celebrity product placement with a good dose of emotional manipulation. Everything we buy is connected by marketers to an emotional drive inside our limbic brains rather than rationalizing the usefulness of each purchase, as in the days before Bernays.

No Heterosexual Sex. The year by year, gradual, straws on the camel’s back approach to the marginalization of heterosexual behavior is not by accident. It is becoming ever more dangerous to deal with females by the year in Anglo America for a reason. It will further cut birth rates and isolate people even further. Without families, people become the human equivalent of silly putty in the hands of big government. Whether it be false rape accusations, YouGoGrrlism, slut culture, misandry, child support penury, or alimony slavery, there are cultural and legal obstacles to getting laid and forming a family everywhere. Every sort of degeneracy is lifted up by the media as having a superior virtue to the old-fashioned penis in a vagina of your parents and grandparents. Pop music regularly pushes the LGBT agenda, and paints men as ready made slaves who exist only to power female shopping power. It may be a stretch of the imagination to think of a world in which heterosexuality is outlawed, but the intent of feminism is to blur the lines between the sexes so there is no basis for attraction.

Being Chipped and Controlled (Cattle Tag). Expect RFID chip propaganda to take off in the years ahead. Already, a few mainstream media outlets are pushing the idea as a way to be “safe” without bringing the worrisome privacy issues and threats to liberty to the forefront. This is the linchpin in a system of centralized control of the masses of people. Like many changes, it will be instituted by degree rather than all at once. First, we started chipping dogs. Next, we need to chip our kids so we can find them if they get lost. Next, why don’t we just go ahead and put your MasterCard on that chip. After that, let’s just get rid of cash altogether so your entire financial existence is in the hands of banksters and friendly agencies like the IRS. The road to hell will be paved with continuous levels of permission seeking from government masters until the entire world is one big electronic collective. Slaves best not step out of line if they want to stay on the good side of the grid.

No Individuality. This is the true meaning of collectivism and true democracy. A true democracy means 51% of the population can boss the other 49% around. The U.S. was supposed to be a republic for this reason, but how often do you hear that anymore? Were you part of the 49% who voted against making heterosexual intercourse illegal? Well, tough. The social engineers were able to manipulate the 2% of people they needed through the Phallic Penetration is Sexual Abuse campaign. No longer can men insert their phallus into the sacred shrine. This example is a bit hyperbolic, yes, but it is to illustrate a point. The individual no longer will matter, only the decisions of the collective will be important. We are becoming the equivalent of the human batteries that power the Matrix, a people who exist only to produce profit for corporations and government. The stated goal of many in Silicon Valley is for man to become one with machine. This is dehumanizing and damns our biology in search for an unattainable Utopia, which will actually be more of a dystopia than the society we are already living in.


Stormy cultural waters are here

One Degree of Separation

These nightmares are on the horizon, one can see them playing out daily in the media. These ideas are not figments of the imagination as much as they’re extrapolations of current trends that have already been set in motion by social engineers and those who manipulate the sheeple that believe in the power of authority more than their own sense of self-awareness.

When steering the ship of state, only one degree of separation over the course of time will lead to the society going thousands of miles off course over a long period. Progressives and other Marxists have steered Western Civilization into a cultural Category Five Hurricane. They got us here because the left is patient as they shove one small change in our face at a time. Traditionalists and conservatives have gotten so used to bending over the barrel and telling the left please use a little lube as you rape society that resistance and pushback against this agenda is not being seen on a large enough scale to make any meaningful course correction. Soon, all those little changes wind up being a severe deviation from the course intended by society over a long enough period of time.

There are two paths the ship can take as it progresses. It can progress towards a cultural singularity, a black hole in which the ship will fall and never be seen again. Or it can immediately reverse course and pray like hell is reaches a modicum of normality. We may be progressing, but progressing towards hell is no kind of progress for the man who thinks the new ways are not necessarily better than the old ways just because they’re new.

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