Female Circumcision on the Rise in the West

Female Circumcision in Indonesia

A young girl screams during her circumcision, timed to coincide with the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

Just when women thought soft Beta men in the United States, Inc. were the scariest, most vicious creatures they could imagine, religious and cultural beliefs surface which say cutting the clitoris off women is important. The practice of female circumcision is already widespread in the Middle East and Africa, and on the rise in West thanks to large scale immigration and Diversity™. The CDC says as many as 150,000 to 200,000 American girls could be subjected to female circumcision as the religious makeup of the country changes.

The Christophobic left says it is Islamophobic to even link the practice to religion, when statistics tell us otherwise: 96% of women in Egypt have been clitoridectomized according the some reports, a country that is 90% Muslim. Obviously, the practice is deeply tied to religion, although religions other than Islam do practice clitoridectomy. The World Health Organization says as many as 200 million women have been circumcised, mainly in Africa and the Middle East. It is a widespread practice.

Female circumcision has been illegal in 1996 in America, but incidences of it have been rising sharply over the past decade. Mariya Taher knows first hand about the procedure, and spoke with reporters about the experience of having her clitoris removed at age 7 while visiting family in India. She was taken to another country for what those who believe in the practice call a “vacation cutting.”

I remember being taken to an old-looking building and going up a flight of stairs and going into the apartment building. I remember being put on the ground and my dress was pulled up, and I remember something sharp cut me.

Taher is now trying to get the practice stopped in those parts of the world that still practice it.

I wish I hadn’t undergone it, but I think because I did undergo it, I have this passion for gender violence issues that I’m able to be in a place where I can talk about it, I can do research on it. I have an insider’s perspective.

However, issues like religion-based female circumcision are prickly for the left, since they claim to worship diversity and often elevate Islam over feminism in their hierarchy of concerns. Women are to be pedestalized and empowered at the cost of those Evil White Men, that is, unless they’re Islamic women.


Female circumcision is often arranged by other females, making the issue more complex than feminists would lead people to believe


Critoridectomy has a long history going back at least 2,000 years, predating Islam, and as recently as the 19th century it was believed to curb female masturbation and female insanity, even in “enlightened” England. The issue was never viewed as an agenda item for cultural imperialism until today. Only in modern times when effete Western women try to push their agendas on other cultures has the issue received a lot of media attention. Here is how the practice works:

Typically carried out by a traditional circumciser using a blade. Procedures differ according to the country or ethnic group. They include removal of the clitoral hood and clitoral glans; removal of the inner labia; and removal of the inner and outer labia and closure of the vulva. In this last procedure (known as infibulation), a small hole is left for the passage of urine and menstrual fluid; the vagina is opened for intercourse and opened further for childbirth.

It is a gruesome practice by Western cultural standards. However, it is no less gruesome to chop the foreskin off infant boys, yet one can hear a pin drop when this issue is brought up. As the follwing image shows, male circumcision is an equally barbaric process. Caution: Image is medically accurate and graphic.

Despite wailing from Western feminists who try to stick labels like gender inequality on the practice, female circumcision is actually organized by females in many of the countries that practice it. They claim it ensures virginity, fidelity, increases male sexual pleasure, and even attenuates female sexual desire. Why do feminists refuse to respect the belief systems of diverse cultures? This interesting report shows men are often against the practice which makes it even harder to shoehorn into Western feminist narratives:

Anthropologist Rose Oldfield Hayes wrote in 1975 that educated Sudanese men who did not want their daughters to be infibulated would find the girls had been sewn up after the grandmothers arranged a visit to relatives.

Beyond women performing circumcisions of young girls behind men’s backs, the West African country of Guinea has massive female support for the female circumcision with 75% of women saying they approve of the practice. Since males are routinely circumcised in Islam, they feel its only fair that women are too. The United Nations stamped out this reactionary PC statement:

Non-excision of girls is considered dishonorable in Guinean society. Social pressure is such that girls may request excision for fear of being excluded or forced to remain unmarried if they do not suffer the practice.

Showing the nature of Western civilization to protect the puss at all costs, the practice is called female genital mutilation, while circumcising young boys has never been called male genital mutilation, even though the practices are similarly gruesome and painful for both parties. Growing evidence supports the claim it traumatizes young males and leads to less sexual pleasure for men, just as it does when women are cut. However, since men are viewed as sex-obsessed cavemen and utilities in Western culture, the issue of cutting the foreskin off infant boys in our own nation is never brought up while feminists froth over diverse cultural practices in other nations and religions. It’s a classic display of a uniquely Anglo American brand of misandry.

Female circumcision is also an example of how the left’s love of Diversity once puts it at odds with its so-called platform of women’s rights. You can’t have both practices under the same tent. You either respect religious diversity or make religions conform to western cultural practices. Bettina Shell-Duncan, an anthropologist of the University of Washington has been pushing Western cultural mores on African and Middle Eastern societies for a decades. She explains how the practice is deeply embedded in some ethnic groups’ belief systems and marriage customs.

Different ethnic groups do it differently. Among the Rendille, they do it as part of the first part of the ceremony. The wedding ceremony spans years. There’s the time where the bride is transferred to the groom. This is a nomadic tribe. They live in huts that are made from branches. And what they do is they take apart the hut of the mother and father and they divide the branches. They get green branches. They divide them in half—half the old branches, half the new. And they build two new huts. It symbolizes two new homes, sort of a fusion of the two. And when they have the new hut built, they have a procession that goes from the groom’s family to the bride’s family and bring the groom to the bride. And then they have a ceremony where the bride is transferred to the new home. The morning part of that is the circumcision part.

As much as Westerners are taken aback by this practice, this testimony proves female circumcision has deep historical and cultural roots. Leftists and feminists cannot claim to be multicultural if they’re are trying to force feminist beliefs on other people. The hypocrisy of those who push multiculturalism while trying to steer people to the “right way” of treating women, i.e. letting them walk all over men like they do in the West is evident.

So, which will it be, leftists? Enforcing Western feminism on diverse religions or letting religions defy what feminists claim to believe in? This is quite the conundrum. Personally, I think it’s a backwards practice, but I respect other people’s beliefs as long as they choose to practice them in their own society. If they immigrate to the West, they should expect to conform to Western cultural customs. Feminists also have no right to impose their beliefs and an agenda of female superiority in other sovereign nations. After all, isn’t acceptance and tolerance of other beliefs and practices what multiculturalism is supposed to be all about?

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  • “However, it is no less gruesome to chop the foreskin off infant boys, yet one can hear a pin drop when this issue is brought up.”

    You are comparing apples to pineapples; thinking they are the same because the word “apple” (or here “circumcision”) appears in both.

    Start chopping off the glans head of the penis routinely and you’ll hear just how barbaric it is, too. Cutting off the clitoris is not analogous to a male circumcision; cutting off the clitoral hood is. Cutting off the clitoris is genital mutilation. The exact same mutilation if the head of your penis was removed under the guise of “circumcision”. Never mind what the equivalents of the rest done to those girl children and women would be for a boy child/man.

    Learn your freaking human anatomy before writing an article available to everyone (vs. behind a pay wall where only your echo chamber would have access) thinking you have a valid opinion about it. Especially when that opinion is a lame duck attempt to somehow make it a political issue instead the basic human rights issue it really is. You have zero excuses to be so willfully ignorant in 2017 and with access to Google.


    • Dear commenter who claims male circumcision is less gruesome than female circumcision. You are ignorant as fucking shit stuck on a farmers boot. I was circumcised as a male and suffer from extreme psychological distress and depression. My penis was disconfigured and now suffers from extreme loss of sensitivty. How is this not different than that of a women losing her sensitivity? It is not, exactly. And to be honest, male circumcision is more barbaric than female circumcision because of how popular and “sane” it has become. If you seriously think i would be okay with my dick being cut and misshapen you are stupid. I hope you get your clit cut off feminist cunt


  • Esther Bunny Brown

    Not to mention, that FGM/C is also Satanic, according to this website.

    Also, I have a thought, that many or at least some people may find controversial (I’m looking at you, Africans and South Koreans): the idea of a curse being attached to the act of removing external genitals, both male and female.

    As Bob Larson, the Exorcist says (when it comes to Deliverance, of course; I’m not really into the term exorcist), a curse isn’t broken until it is broken in the Name of Yah’shua the Messiah.


  • rsonally, I think it’s a backwards practice, but I respect other people’s beliefs as long as they choose to practice them in their own society. If they immigrate to the West, they should expect to conform to Western cultural customs. Feminists also have no right to impose their beliefs and an agenda of female superiority in other sovereign nations.

    im 95% with you, even when they immigrate, they should be able to do it if they choose to. But others should choose not to.


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