Have a Drink: Night Train


Many grocers stock Night Train, and it’s an affordable wine

Night Train Express wine | Relampago’s Rating: Star16Star16Star16Star16StarBW16

Classified as a “Bum Wine” (hahaha) Night Train is a fortified wine with up to 20% alcohol by volume. It was a favorite of the band Guns ‘N Roses back in their hell-raising days, so much so they wrote a song about it on their multi-platinum Appetite for Destruction album.

I’m on the Night Train
Bottoms up
I’m on the Night Train
Fill my cup
I’m on the Night Train
Ready to crash and burn
I never learn

Beyond its appearance on a classic rock album, Night Train was also part of the plot of The Blues Brothers, wherein it made Jack’s head hurt. Due to its high alcohol content, a headache may be the least of your problems.

Night Train is the type of wine you drink just to get drunk. This isn’t the choice of wine snobs or light drinkers. But bums everywhere agree, if you want an express ticket out of reality, just buy yourself some Night Train. All in all, it’s really not that bad tasting a wine. E & J Gallo winery in California makes it, although it is the bastard child of that admittedly low-brow winery. Night Train can make a fun diversion from the normal weekend drinking games. It retails for as little as $3 at your local grocer.

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One comment

  • Hi there. I’m facing some hard times to find a bottle of Night Train Express in Los Angles, could you help me out? Where can I find it?!


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