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Commenter undefined wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. In response to It’s Not a Conspiracy, It’s Oligarchy, Psychopathy, and Greed, he posted a essay’s worth of valuable information on psychopaths. Indeed, they are some of the most successful members of the human species due to their ruthlessness. The problem is they crush other people and often entire nations under their heel in their quest to be top dog.

Excellent post. I came here after reading your post on ROK, which was fantastic. It’s clear that you can cut through the doublethink, see recurring patterns, and are willing to ask the hard questions rather than accept your indoctrination.

At one time, I came to the same conclusion that a conspiracy was not necessary to explain what could be motivated by human greed and power. Common interests, in game theory could create schelling points where people in power cooperate when it serves their mutual interests. Naturally psychopaths, craving power, would tend to gravitate towards and form disproportionate groups within positions of power.

However, as I’ve researched the topic further, I no longer think it’s an acceptable explanation. The study of psychopathy is difficult for most non-psychopathic people to comprehend due to our inherent normalcy bias. It’s difficult for normal people to relate to the desire to torture or inflict pain and suffering on others, or the inability to experience emotions or relate to other humans that is endemic to psychopaths.

It’s a dark topic of research, but it helps make clear a lot of what is happening culturally and geopolitically in the world today. Mark of Sanity by Cleckley, preferably 2nd edition or earlier is a good primer on the topic, though I believe Political Ponerology by Łobaczewski is the best resource. Learning about the nature of psychopathy will allow you to more easily identify psychopaths through what they read and write.

Works such as “The Grand Chessboard” by Brzezinski or Kinsley’s writing on sexuality will reveal their psychological makeup.

On Kinsley: “What is even more worrying about the experiments, and certainly Kinsey’s own ability to interpret basic human distress is the descriptions he gives associated with infants and children during and after orgasm: “sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children) … extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting …,” “pained or frightened” expression, and “violent attempts to avoid climax …” [4] Testament to Kinsey psychopathology or ambition (or both) despite these reactions, he concluded that children, “derive definite pleasure from the situation.””

Aside from psychopathy, another required geopolitical topic is the Hegelian dialectic, or problem-reaction-solution. The creation of engineered crises in order to present the desired solution.

And related to the Milgram experiment, compliance is not only related to authority figures. Also look into the Asch conformity experiments.

Our indoctrination begins before we are born. Our parents, future friends, and future society have already been crafted to accept an official narrative and to reject heretical narratives. To go against that narrative goes against all of our social programming. It’s a risk of social capital and sometimees personal safety to do so, but for some of us, it’s all we have. We’re the anomalies.

The psychopath is so successful and so invisible in our society one has to see him for what he is – a supremely adapted man to the cruel world in which we live. The problem is he destroys the world around him if he and his psychopathic friends get too much power for too long. Which is why the tree of liberty must be replenished with the blood of patriots from time to time, to quote Jefferson.

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  • Thanks, I’d ask that you take the $5 and invest it in the site.

    I made a number of typos:
    – 3rd paragraph: “Mark of Sanity” should be “Mask of Sanity”
    – 3rd paragraph: read and write should be say and write

    Anyway, I’d encourage you to continue your research into psychopathy, oligarchy, and the history of civilizations/religions. It’s a lot of material to get through, but it bears the sweetest fruit.


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