The Panty-Moistening Allure of the Bad Boy


The ZFG guy gets to hit this for free, while the Beta lackey gets to jump through hoops and finance her consumerism

Any man who has been paying attention knows women throw their affections and their panties at bad boys. After all, Alpha Fux, Beta Bux is a maxim that proves necessity is the mother of all invention, and this colorful phraseology indeed provides a day in, day out play by play of women’s actions. Even as early as sixth grade I can remember a “bad boy” who came to our small town school from the big city and his presence causing quite a stir among the girls. We had school dances every Friday back then, and he was always the boy the girls wanted to dance with. Why? Because he was a little asshole.

Even in puberty, young women, classmates of mine, were falling over themselves to get access to this guy. What did he do? He teased them, taunted them, and they just spun their hamster wheels even harder. If only I had paid closer attention to the life lessons that were playing out in front of me maybe I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to transform myself into a meal ticket with college degrees/rubber stamps, etc. But, the indoctrination to sell kids on education as the magic wand that will solve all life’s problems is strong in the public school system.

As I later learned, a clean cut male image attracts gold diggers who think they can ply men with their vaginas and get material rewards out of them, while women who predate these men hope they will stay oblivious to the fact they often have an Alpha or Sigma bad boy on the side wearing it out while Beta boy is at work. My best friend and I have seen this tragicomedy play out time and time again with girls we grew up with. A husband of some girl we know will be hard at work, busting his balls at a blue collar job while his wife has “company” coming over to her house or meeting her for “coffee” during the day. She gets sexed by the bad boy and her Beta bitch brings her a paycheck to waste. It’s win, win, for her. Incidentally, women who aren’t homemakers make having the affair even easier, and further reduce the value provider of Beta drones. The takeaway lesson is the ZFG bad boy will get premium ass for free, while the Beta runs around with his ass on fire trying to find some way to pay for her. Just see it for what it is: two different male mating strategies.

After seeing how bad boy psychology affects women, I started using it to my advantage. When dating a girlfriend who signaled she was only with me for convenience or who was quietly working on monkey branching to another guy, I would find a side chick to have some fun with. (Remember: Watch what women do, learn to pick up on the markers, and act on that. NEVER listen to what they say. Women are gifted by nature with the talent of dissimulation.) Because I know women love bad boys, I would tell my side chick that I had a regular girlfriend just to see how she would react. Did she react in disgust? Hell no. I can testify that some very good looking girls got off on the fact they were screwing me on the side while I had a girlfriend already. Often, they would try to lure me into commitments with them and tell me to get rid of the girl I already have. They tried to undermine my current girlfriend any way they could. One of the hottest side chicks I’ve had even tried to lure me into a week long getaway with her just so I would leave my regular girlfriend. The web women weave is a twisted one.

The lessons that can be gleaned from this are simple and true, but politically incorrect. Women love to compete with each other, they love to steal valuable men away from other women, and above all they love a bad boy with an IDGAF attitude. Five minutes of Alpha is worth more than five years of Beta to the female.


I’ve had women from all different backgrounds, the one constant that never changes is Alpha (and Sigma) Fux, Beta Bux

Course Correction

Once a man gains life experience or is instructed in the twisted arts of human sexuality and romance by someone who has the battle scars to prove it, a course correction and even a complete paradigm shift can be made. Learning the female bag of tricks means men are no longer oppressed by women, who see them as nothing more than sex fiends and meal tickets. Men then hold the upper hand, as women believe men are so obtuse they can’t figure out the games they’re playing.

In my own paradigm shift, in my younger days I would pay for dates with women, pull out their chair, shower them with compliments, and play along with the bullshit script Western men are told to conform to. And, usually, I would get the hell used out of me and end up alone and sexually frustrated. Once I started indulging my bad boy instincts, developing an abundance mentality by virtue of having at a regular girlfriend and at least one or two chicks on the side, my life completely changed. Suddenly, I had control over my sex life rather than women. No longer was I constrained by chivalry and supplication to women.

After committing the bad boy mentality to long-term memory and behavior modification, a man can custom design his own approach. For me, it’s empowering to realize I can play the part of the Beta provider for one girl (which incidentally proves sexual barter for material items is what women want from Betas) and be my “true” Sigma self with my side chicks. Meantime, the girl after Beta money can’t figure out why I’m not spending it on her. Personally, this is my favorite method of dating women. A lifetime of use and abuse by women has removed any remorse I have for playing this game. After all, as the gatekeepers of sex women set the conditions of the sexual playing field, I am just a player in their twisted game.

Some additional wisdom for the man who wishes to repent of his Beta provider ways and make a course correction follows.

Beta nice guys are boring. Men need to know women only commit to Beta males for material benefits and as a matter of safety and security. Taking the money and riches approach to landing a woman will surely get a man used, as many well paid but pathetic men never figure out. Old reliable pays the bills, buys the Lexus, and protects her as he goes off to dangerous industrial jobs and fights wars in which nearly 100% of combat deaths are male, but he’s boring because he has to be in order to keep a job, good credit, and develop the reputation he needs in the community in order to provide her this lifestyle. Conversely, a man with options, i.e. an Alpha or Sigma bad boy who women try to extract commitment from, will not commit to women and this drives them nuts. Hamster wheels spin until smoke spews out because every other man throws his commitment at her feet – why won’t this one?!

Beta nice guys are expendable. Betas are the male equivalent of a prostitute – they will give their affections to anyone. Just as men don’t value women who give their puss to anyone, women don’t value men who easily give their commitment away. This demonstrates low status when a man is willing to commit easily. After all, what man with many appealing options is going to willingly commit to one chick?

Never listen to what women say. Before feminists tell you they Don’t Need a Man™ to do anything for them, watch what women do instead of what they say. Women will not have anything to do with men who provide no benefit to them, i.e. women never marry or get in relationships with men who are equal to them. (An exception is when certain bad boy losers know how to prey on women’s maternal instincts.) Women always reach upward when landing a mate. And they always look for a massive divorce settlement and financial rewards from used up and discarded Beta males.


Bad boys often get two for the price of zero while good guys get to pay for dates, homes, and shopping and get no nookie in return

Why Women Love Bad Boys

So, why do women get wet over bad boys while nice guys leave them as dry as the Atacama Desert? Beyond exhibiting the Dark Triad of personality traits which is, unfortunately, what it takes to be top dog in a vicious world, there are three reasons women love bad boys.

Challenge. Women see men who are hard to get as having scarcity value. Needy men have low value. Since men are constantly throwing themselves at women, the value of the average man in female eyes is very low. There is a huge supply of potential suitors, but she only needs one. However, a man who is approached by women instead of him approaching women demonstrates high value in the limbic brain that dominates female psychology. By virtue of being a challenge, this shows the man must have something about him that makes him better than the other men. Since men are all sex-obsessed simpletons in the minds of women, if he doesn’t want her sex he must be getting it from other women. This instantly boosts his sexual market value in the female mind.

Unpredictability/excitement factor. Women love being taken on emotional roller coaster rides. In fact, they are so given to and controlled by their emotions (the aforementioned limbic brain) any man who can provide steady entertainment and/or a high level of emotional ups and downs will dominate her attention. Bad boys are perfect for providing short term thrills as they do all sorts of things the good guy can’t, like buying blow then taking her to a desolate area by some sea cliffs to screw her brains out. (Speaking from experience here.) Women love a man who challenges them rather than being a predictable little manlet who does what he is told.

Put themselves first. Perhaps more than anything else, men who put themselves first communicate strength, control, and dominance. A man who runs around with his ass on fire trying to jump through all the hoops she throws out is seen as the weakling he is. Women want a leader and not a follower. A leader is a man who is self-interested, a follower is a man who does what he is told to do. Here’s a crucial Game tip: Always put your finances, life goals, career goals, and freedom goals ahead of your goals of getting laid. As paradoxical as this seems to the uninitiated, once you do this women will naturally gravitate towards you.

Aren’t Jealous. This is a major Beta tell. Women often probe men to see if they’re jealous. A man who has many options, many plates spinning won’t give a damn about one particular woman. This goes back to the idea of scarcity value – a man who isn’t jealous knows he can easily move from one vagina to the other if need be. A jealous man who clings to a chick as though he will be her last gives all his power over to her, rather than the IDGAF guy who could scarcely care if she comes or goes.

Bad boys flip the script. Perhaps most importantly, bad boys make women fun sex dolls in their minds, but nothing more. As “sexist” as this will sound to feminists, there really is no other way around this basic principle. Becoming a man slave, as many feminists and White Knights claim is the best thing for men to do, is a one way ticket to oblivion. Women love being dominated and told what to do, no matter how much wailing fat and unfeminine feminists go into. Feminists want to dominate men, but women get off when they are dominated by men.

The moral of the story is simple. From the time I was in grade school, up through my suffering phase of life as a young nice guy, to the uncaring jerk women have turned me into in my middle age, the lesson here is be the bad boy. Don’t be a human dynamo that only exists to aggrandize female lifestyles and consumption. Get off the treadmill, even, no especially if it means turning into an asshole.

Chicks dig jerks and assholes, not nice guys.

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  • charlessledge001

    Knew this was going to be good when I saw it in the feed. It’s funny that many men (even some “game” proponents) push getting rich or looking like a good mark as a way to get girls. Men are actually trying harder to be taken advantage of. It’s ridiculous. Currently reading a romance novel that deals with the bad boy theme for research purposes. Similar to what many have done with 50 shades and such. It’s funny how many game tells they have but then women will turn around and tell men how they don’t like that type of man (despite just masturbating/fantasizing) about that type of man from a book ten minutes ago.


    • Just read until the first shag in the romance novel. This shows how women like things to ‘just happen’ with a mysterious stud muffin. The rest of the book is the stud falling madly in love with the heroine and all the drama thereof.


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