Poll of the Week | June 28, 2016

Each Tuesday we pose a question to get feedback from you, our readers. Comments are welcomed. If your response does not conform to the answers presented or you would like to expand on your answer, leave a comment. Each poll opens on Tuesday and is closed the following Monday.

Results from last week’s poll, Do You Believe “Shared Parenting” Laws Must Also Be Accompanied By Changes in Child Support Law?: In the first ever 100% result since our polls began, every single respondent agreed that “shared parenting” laws like the one in Missouri must also be accompanied by meaningful child support reform. Indeed, if America is to continue to pat itself on the back for abolishing slavery, it must also abolish male slavery as it gives fathers equal access to their offspring.

Before taking this week’s poll, Do You Think Jesse William’s speech was meant to stir up racial enmity in the U.S.? watch the following clip from the BET Awards show this past weekend. Jesse Williams says “whiteness” is an invention, and that those who don’t agree with his views need to “sit down” or figuratively go to the back of the bus.

This Week’s Poll

Results from Last Week’s Poll

Do You Believe “Shared Parenting” Laws Must Also Be Accompanied By Changes in Child Support Law?


WINNER: Yes 100%
No 0%

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  • FunkSoulBrother

    A swell cheerleader….but short in the personal responsibility department, and with obvious pandering to the females. Where are the black leaders who will say what must be said about raising their communities up to a new bar for civility and dignity. You can’t be counter culture and mainstream at the same time. Equal rights demand equal obligation. Equal privilege demands equal responsibility. The blacks I know are mostly conservatives and they don’t cry out for equality. They just act like they already have it. That’s a clue.


    • personal responsibility in what sense ? we should all take responsibility for our lives, no doubt about that. but to deny that there is a form of supremacy/oppression in this country that is extremely deep rooted and systemic is indicative of either one of two things 1.) there’s a lack of knowledge or awareness on your part, which understandable. from an early age most people are told an almost distorted and fabricated narrative of american history from its nascency to now. if people knew the true underlying of why most things are the way they are (class, poverty etc ) and how they got to be the way they are they’d be shocked. or 2.) maybe you are aware but its just so hard to believe that the beautiful country which you love and adore so much is capable of anything less than equality and fairness for all. TRUE equality and fairness , so you deny it. so for every jamal or reggie that gets incarcerated , your confirmation bias goes off like a spidey sense and says ”SEE ! ITS NOT THE SYSTEM ! THEY JUST DONT HAVE ANY BLACK LEADERS INSTILLING THEM WITH DIGNITY ! failing to take into account that its the very system that will allow a starbucks to be built down the street but leave inner cities looking like nuclear bombs went off. not to mention the crappy schools and the conditions that theyre in. aesthetically and curriculum-wise. so how is one supposed to have dignity in conditions like this ? jesse williams has a strong basis for saying the things that he said. im not excusing stupid behaviour but dont be reductionist. im all for personal responsibility but sometimes it runs deeper than that.


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