Papi Chulos and Users of Women


Papi chulos and charmers flip the script on women, exploiting female resources or those of their Beta providers

Here in the Caribbean there is the well-known practice of females who land gringo boyfriends and then use their money to maintain “papi chulos” on the side. It is a cuckolding form of the Alpha Fux, Beta Bux phenomenon and provides an interesting perspective into female psychology, sexuality, and the attractions women have. Far from uncommon, the practice is quite widespread among women of all ages and levels of attractiveness. And, the practice is not just seen in this part of the world, even though it certainly reaches quite a level of sophistication here.

Many women down here on the islands obviously want to land a gringo for the money and status benefits he provides. Often, this is normal female hypergamy and once her instincts to date or marry up are satisfied she plays along in a satisfactory manner. However, a certain percentage of Beta gringos with more money than common sense often finance expensive lifestyles for their new girlfriends without realizing much of their money is being funneled to a younger buck who is wearing her puss out on the side. In the extreme form of the Papi Chulo practice I have seen young women selling sex (legal here as in much of the world) and bringing the money back to their chulo.

This practice doesn’t only exist here in the Caribbean, however. I witnessed it back home with a female relative of mine. Suffice it to say she had a successful Marine Sergeant who was crazy about her and wanted to commit to her, but she spent her time dumpster diving for trashy bad boys and shitting all over the soldier boy. In one example of how insane her behavior was, she drove across the U.S. from San Diego to Virginia to visit family with a broke, ugly, and lying bad boy in tow. He told the family he had a Master’s Degree even though he was waiting tables as a chain restaurant.

Well, that would have been nice if it were the truth. In actuality, he had no degree (of course) and no job. She was feeding and clothing this man while he lived rent free at her apartment. He couldn’t buy himself or her a burger at McDonald’s along the 2,000 mile cross country journey. The relative of mine ended up getting pregnant by the bad boy and kicked out of her own apartment by him before she realized what a user she had gotten herself mixed up with. Of course, she toyed around with the young Sergeant but he was never given the access the loser bad boy was. Tragically, a story like this is all too common as women step all over good guys while they spread their legs, and break their backs and their wallets for bad boys.

These case studies prove some men are exceptionally well-skilled at taking advantage of women’s maternal instincts, and others are so good at dominating women they get them to spend their entire paycheck on them, and the paycheck of her gringo Beta boyfriend, too.


One wishes there was a nice way of dealing with women, but there isn’t

The Asshole Wins, Again

Nature is not very kind to the nice guy. Unfortunately for civilization the asshole usually wins the day, especially when it comes to women. In a way, this can be amusing because it flips the script. Rather than women taking advantage of men for material gains using sex, some men, the charmer/abuser type as they’re sometimes referred to, take advantage of women for both sex and material gain. It literally turns women’s game of extracting resources from men 180 degrees.

According to psychologists, the charmer specifically looks for women who display one or more of the following attributes:

  • Low self-esteem (i.e. liberal women)
  • A traumatic past
  • Emotional neediness (i.e. liberal women)
  • Fairy tale type thinking (i.e. liberal women)
  • Rebellious attitude (i.e. liberal women)
  • History of relationships with other charmers

These traits make women easy for charmers to manipulate. Charmers are often psychopaths, and indeed the psychopathic personality type not only plays well with women, it often ascends to the heights of society. The CEO of the corporation you work for is likely a psychopath, according to several studies. This type of pathological charmer is described in Malignant Self Love by Dr. Sam Vaknin:

The narcissist is confident that people find him irresistible. His unfailing charm is part of his self-imputed omnipotence. This inane conviction is what makes the narcissist a “pathological charmer”. The somatic narcissist and the histrionic flaunt their sex appeal, virility or femininity, sexual prowess, musculature, physique, training, or athletic achievements. The cerebral narcissist seeks to enchant and entrance his audience with intellectual pyrotechnics. Many narcissists brag about their wealth, health, possessions, collections, spouses, children, personal history, family tree – in short: anything that garners them attention and renders them alluring. Other narcissists broadcast the message: ‘I am actually one of you, just like you, struggling and failing and, sometimes, accomplishing things, so I am trustworthy and likable.’ Both types of narcissists firmly believe that being unique, they are entitled to special treatment by others. They deploy their charm offensives to manipulate their nearest and dearest (or even complete strangers) and use them as instruments of gratification. Exerting personal magnetism and charisma become ways of asserting control and obviating other people’s personal boundaries.

In short, charmer/abusers are Dark Triad men who go the extra mile and decide getting endless sex from women is not enough, they’ll go ahead and take some resources from them, too. One has to admire this adaptation in men on one hand, while at the same time realizing that women usually make terrible relationship choices when left to their own devices.

In the past, women’s decision making was guided by patriarchy and family. But since feminism demonized this millennia-old system, we have noticed an increase in women destroying themselves and society, and I have repeatedly watched it play out with first hand experience detailed at the beginning of this article. Users of women have virtual carte blanche in modern times. Some men use women for sex, others use them for sex and money, and other men may use women for sex, money, and as a baby factory.

Usually papi chulos and charmers have a short shelf life, as women, solipsistic as they are get tired of giving up their sex and money to men who obviously are worthless, or the charmer moves on to another target. The existence of this class of parasitic men reveals quite a bit about female psychology and how male psychology has evolved to exploit it. We see yet another example of the Beta provider as nothing except a walking wallet to the female, as she will only use him for his resources while her romantic interests are dominated by Papi Chulos with Machiavellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic personality traits. Sadly, it’s another example of how the good guy is maladapted to the sexual market once the Law of the Jungle returns to a society.

Personally, I do not enjoy being an asshole to women but life experience and careful observation, such as watching the papi chulo/charmer scenario play out before my very eyes in totally different parts of the world and in different cultures proves to me there really is no nice way of dealing with women. As sexual gatekeepers, women make the rules, all we can do as men is play the game with the rules given to us.

Once again, it’s my duty to report to you, that again, the asshole wins the day and the nice guy finishes last.

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One comment

  • So what happens when every man becomes a Machiavellian asshole? Modern society vitally depends on trust and cooperation between men to function. I think we have some very dark times ahead in the form of some sort of apocalyptic event or another.


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